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Mar 24, 2009

the dream of truth


New Moon Friday 27 March … 5pm local time

We continue to ride on the immense spiritual energies in Bali in the past weeks. On 26 March is Nyepi, Bali’s day and night of silence when all stay indoors for a day of contemplation of good versus evil. In the days preceding Nyepi all of the dark energies in Bali are gathered up and purified in ceremonies, culminating with the day of silence. Even tourists stay inside their accommodation, only candles are used for lighting and the airport and all roads are closed. The clarity and purity which results on the day after Nyepi is palpable.

Much of Hindu Bali walked on foot to the holy mother temple Besakih in a 150 km pilgrimage for the 10 yearly Panca Wali Krama ceremony to purify the universe and to become in harmony with all creation, with great ceremonies continuing for several more weeks. The energies in Bali of recent weeks have been unprecedented, with the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation much in evidence to use these energies for the highest good in recreation of the New World in Bali.

Thank you for the feedback from many and your willingness to join energies around the world and link with us in Bali.

Feedback from last meditation:
‘This meditation so in Paris I AM spreading this days energy all over ... the trees and bushes and ripples of wave on the Seine are dancing and spinning. The sky is filled with grinning sylphs and wispy clouds that are not invasive but stretched lightly across the sky like pencil sketches ... People are smiling! That's enormous! Sending Deities of LOVE from every space in and between these worlds...the announcing angels hovering in every dimension around your beautiful little island shouting... BEHOLD! There gather here the energies of creation’s own light! Here there opens a door into which all will be offered entry. Come and drink these waters free for they are blessings for our very souls.’ Jua Amir, Keeper of the Deities of Love, Paris


’Such a beautiful meditation, so powerful … strong energy, almost feeling as if my heart was opened wider and larger than ever. Went on a journey thru a forest, met with spirits of plants and a small animal, fairy or deva, they all were pointing upwards to the sky … was walking thru the forest when an old wooden chair appeared, I sat and it began rocking, there was a download of strong energy for a while.......then I found myself in forests charred by fire (have recently traveled thru bushfire areas in Gippsland, Australia) … found myself traveling thru the charred forests, sent love and light to all, witnessed some restoration … came upon the ruins of houses … a blackened human body, doubled over, appeared, I sent it love n light, it responded, returned to white fresh skin and stretching arms out wide in a joyous expression of returning to past splendor (spirit of a victim or a spirit of the forest). As I traveled I sent more love n light, twisted tree trunks turned into lovers embracing, slowly life was returning … brief visit from Lord Ashtar … felt that we were successful in our mission of returning some balance to these realms. Was indeed a unique and powerful meditation’. Merlin’qwa, Keeper of the Realms of Magic and Mystery, Bali and Australia

‘I am watching a shape come into form, it consists of six silver lines, crossing each other at the middle, and so forming a star shape. Each line has two colours at its tip, gold and magenta red, sparkling lights. As I continue to watch this formation, it begins to spin, creating fractals upon fractals emerging from the colours, until it becomes a huge pulsating gleaming whirling mandala, of such a kaleidoscopic beauty and magnitude. It turns like a wheel, I watch it encompass our planet, and at the same time the fractals seem to separate, into thousands of mandalas, each spinning like tops. I see each one simultaneously weaving through the light body of each being, all mandalas anchoring through the different kingdoms and matrixes of our earth, into the heart of Gaia together. I can feel the sensation of this and see one of these mandalas spiralling through my own system, wrapping itself through my field, twirling round and round as it makes its descent and anchors through me, carrying the Christ light, transmitting such love, such peace. We have received a great gift as has our mother, as our hearts opened in total unification of unconditional love which created this doorway to open widely, enabling a clear passageway for this healing energy to anchor through us, helping in the restoration of those areas in need of healing. I feel this is a Divine dispensation for the global work embarked upon by so many lightworkers at this time.’ Amora, Keeper of the Angelic Rays, United Kingdom.

Portals to be opened - as pathways to the divine
Honour innocence
Disconnection with the divine - resisted and restored
Remodel all dualities
Dalliance with the devil - denied entry
Relieve all suffering
Truth - reinstated, reformed, returned
Honour all creation
Laws – unlocked
Impeach the predators of the land of all elements of creation
Dalliance with the devil - denounced - cease permission
Insincerity – abolished
Restore order and balance
Unite all species
Respect all creatures - Great and Small
Crisis of faith – desists
Remodel religion to cease desecration of spirit and form
Impoverishment of spirit - no longer
Disallow dishonour
Return order
Resist and resolve impeachment
Honour all creatures - Great and Small
Harbour the humble
Harness creation to the desires of the innocent and those humble of heart
Reform restored – truth returned

FAERY LORE - 7 faery laws of nature for humanity
As you sow so shall you reap
The path is steep, the incline divine
Do unto others as you would wish done unto you
The path to wholeness is filled with good intentions
The scent of truth intoxicates
In Oneness, merged with the Divine, all is possible
The open heart serves as measure and indicator of deservedness and worth.

This series of activations will continue all of this year on Dark Moon and Full Moon
and important days of planetary alignment, based on the requests of the devas to us
as the physical beings who have the ability to intercede on their behalf
and to create changes in our own lives that will have repercussions for all of humanity, opening ourselves to connect with these great guardians of our earth
who hold such wondrous keys for the unfolding of the New World.
Such a privilege for us to play this role to co-create such wondrous change.


We open our energies, our heart, our chakra column and our body of light to the Source realms, calling to the angels and the Ascended Masters and emissaries of light and love from the higher dimensions to connect with us and to hold us in love. We call to the devas and the elementals, the faeries and elves and gnomes and to the ancestral guardians of inner earth and all realms to be with us.
We align our energies with the directions and the elements and call for our family of light to be with us and hold us in their love as we are placed within a pyramid of golden light which reaches upwards to the heavenly realms, and a pyramid of golden light which reaches down to Gaia and to the inner earth realms, sitting within a golden diamond of restorative light and receiving strong pulses of pure love energy from Source and from Gaia and all dimensions simultaneously, transmuting and restoring any distortions of your being to original divine blueprint. As you open your crown chakra and column of light and all of your being to the flows of love and light which flood through the sacred portal within which you sit, your energies are revitalised and you are filled with clarity, inner truth and joy.
So strongly and surely connected between heaven and earth, receiving all that you need for your earthly life, we connect now with the realms of the devas, elementals, sprites and faeries, and the portal keepers and guardians of ancient knowledge and lore, and with the angelics and the emissaries of love from the higher dimensions. We connect energetically with those others around the world who join us, energies aligned same place and same time … and the devas gather together in their thousands to work with us.

As we journey into the temple of your heart, Divine Mother offers dispensations which allow your energy and your heart to be purified, and gently opened. Lord Buddha offers dispensations for the mind to allow clarity to fill you and many angels come now to assist you to have an overview of your life, showing you those places where your life does not fall within integrity and full truth, for as high initiates the highest ideals of truth are asked of you, and all assistance is given this day to reward your courage in looking deeply at every aspect of your life, identifying each circumstance where your life is not lived in full truth and clarity.

Sitting within the temple of your heart, you are shown those areas of your life where truth does not reign supreme, where are held illusions and delusions and small and large discrepancies which fall outside of the parameters of total truth and sincerity and integrity.

The angels bring to you those with whom you have relationships … and you are assisted to see each instance where your attitude and behaviour is not of the highest level of self truth and honesty … where you are in illusion … in fantasy … not in your integrity … those falsehoods … lies … errors of omission … the stories you tell which are not in alignment with honesty in all of your relationships … with your lovers, your family, your workmates, neighbours, your dealings with bureaucracies. You are assisted to see clearly where you are not in sincerity with your love relationships, where you are not aligned totally with the truth … those lies and falsehoods you offer as a means of dealing with circumstances you find challenging to deal with, and lie to yourself and to others to smooth the situation.

You are shown those areas of your life that you are unable to face, feeling unable to address what feel to be impossibilities, unable to face or to deal with those issues which have become so large in your mind that they blot out all possibility of living in truth and sincerity.

We call to those ones with whom you have not always been in complete truth … in relationship we call to those ones who you have slighted, lied to, treated with less than complete honesty and integrity and respect and honour. These ones are brought to you by the angels within your heart temple, a place of purity and truth where such healing is possible.

You are given the opportunity now to speak the truth, to make amends for each and every time when you have been not in truth and honesty and full sincerity … times when you have not been faithful and true, have created pain in another through your lack of sincerity and truth … when you have attempted to avoid hurting another because of your transgressions by not admitting your errors of judgement … all of the hidden deeds and misdeeds, avoidances and stories which are not truthful…………………………………………………………………....

Within the heart temple higher truths are able to be accepted and known and shared and received … and those ones who receive your heart’s burden of regret and lack of truth open their hearts to you in acceptance and gratitude and forgiveness, for they too receive their ability to be in truth, for deeply within they have held knowledge of the hidden nature of the lies held between you … and receive their freedom from being held bound in their own doubts and fears and lies to themselves as their means of avoiding the truth known within, that their relationships are not in full purity and sincerity, honesty and truth.

Ah, such freedom is experienced back and forth as all lies are dissolved, forgiven … and the truth truly intoxicates with joy and freedom and peace. Divine Mother and the Karmic Board offer absolution to all concerned across all time, all space and all dimensions in special dispensation for your willingness to release from your life and your being all that is not of truth.

You are assisted to see where your love for another holds impurity, where you place burden on another through the needs you have, that which you ask and expect of another in fulfillment of your needs which are not of the purest … to identify each instance where your love is tainted by your own personal needs. And there are those patterns and behaviours and needs and desires of the feminine collective, and of the masculine … those that relate to being attached to another through fear of being alone, unloved … the compensatory nature of your love for another which fills those empty places in you and those needs you hold … fear of supporting yourself alone and living alone, of being without intimacy and affection … of accepting a love which is lesser because it is that which is known, and being unable to walk away from a love which does not hold you in full truth and love and joy.

The blind spots are uncovered that you may see every instance where you are hiding from truth.

The angels hold you in love as you look to all areas of your life where you are not aligned with truth and integrity … where your life is not lived in accordance with your higher purpose … where you are not living according to the highest of principles of self truth … where you choose to hold lower levels of truth and integrity as a means of coping with life … not in alignment with your higher purpose and life mission, choosing not to step up, or unable through inertia or fear to leave behind old ways of being and reacting, The angels assist you to see the patterns which do not serve you as a high initiate of love and light … the addictions, the lower forms you take, when you have higher realities that are there for you to step towards and embrace in joy.

Divine Mother and the angels hold you in such love … and you are given now the opportunity to choose to be aligned with your highest truth, highest reality of embodying your divinity on earth to take you to a higher way of living and being and honouring yourself, and others.

Whatever you are not able to face in yourself, the struggles to be aligned with your highest truth and divinity … ah, much assistance is given you as you are held in love by so many … and you are offered opportunity now to step beyond the past … and to choose a higher path and lifestyle, to reconnect with your own truth and to choose to live according to this truth … to step away from situations which are not of the highest for you … relationships which are not of truth and harmony and love … ah, to receive the assistance that is given to be set free of all that is not of highest truth and love and personal fulfillment in life … and to choose higher levels of integrity, self truth, and ways of relating to others, lovers, family, friends and acquaintances. As you surrender in willingness to open yourself to your full truth, we call to the devas and all beings to lead you to new truth, enabled to see the possibilities of these higher realities.

We receive assistance to let go of all that is not of the highest truth, all that is illusion and delusion and not acting at the highest levels of truth and purity. We acknowledge what is not truth … and let this go, and choose to live a higher ideal, living at the highest potential for truth and peace.

We call for assistance for higher ways of living in truth for humanity … where all are honoured for the role they play, where there is justice, equality, and honour for all beings and for our earth, our water, our air, our plants, our animals and our planet. We call for higher ways of living in truth, honouring nature and the elements in gratitude and love for all, choosing to live in truth in every area of life.

We call to the devas to honour our resolve to live our lives in truth, integrity and honour and give them our promise that we choose to live in truth and integrity and cooperation with all beings, all realms and that we will create a pocket of truth in our own homes, own lives, choosing to live at the level of divine truth in every area of our life … and our pockets of truth will connect to surround and hold our planet earth.

We open ourselves to the truth of the divine kingdom, new world, a place of joy and harmony, and allow the truth of this kingdom to flood through us in knowledge and love. The great love within which we sit allows us to open our hearts fully in truth and joy … and the gates of truth hidden deep in the earth are reopened.
Humanity in fear locked the doors of truth … but the yearning and love that emanates from us allows the gates to open with our intent, with our purity of heart and our clarity of mind.

We call to Archangel Michael to allow flows of divine love and wisdom to flood through our planet earth so that truth may be restored to us. The star dolphins and white tiger clan and all angels hold us in love as truth is returned to us individually, according to our highest ideals and yearnings to live in peace and harmony and love … and our individual truth holds all of our relationships, each incident of our lives … and is shared with humanity to create a great raising of consciousness, allowing truth to be the principle within which we live and love.
Within the new purity in which we now choose to live, the faeries and devas and elementals and guardians and ancient ones are enabled to return to our gardens and neighbourhoods, our sacred lands and air and mountains and rivers … and to share with us the keys of wisdom and love for the rebuilding of the New World.

I open myself to choose to embrace the highest ideals of truth in all circumstances of my life, receiving assistance and karmic absolution to release all that is not of truth and integrity. My heart opens in purity and joy to the truth of the divine and the gates of truth receive their re-opening for humanity. I call to the devas and faeries and elementals and guardians and ancient ones to return to the gardens and neighbourhoods, sacred lands and air and mountains and rivers and to share with us the keys of wisdom and love for the rebuilding of the New World.


And we tone and sound to anchor these realities through our own being, connecting in our sacred places around the world and anchoring deeply in Gaia … sounding as the energies travel along her grid lines and lei lines and dreaming lines and to her love, light and power grids and encircle and hold our planet earth.

I Am Divine Mother, loving you so well.

An additional sacred mystery school The Path of the Mystic will start on 5 May.

The dates for this year are: May 5-12 July 7-14 October 10-17.

While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more. Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

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