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Oct 3, 2010

Templates of Earth Grids - and Universality

The Dream of the Divine Templates
Of Earth Grids – and Universality
Dark Moon Thursday 7 October 5 pm

Since March 2008, when Divine Mother gave me vision of Bali devastated by catastrophe, and the Dreaming the New World series of activations and codes of sacred geometry was commenced as a means of assisting the prevention of such loss and devastation - we have been joining our energies, linked around the world in this work of creating new morphogenetic fields of possibility for Bali, and for mankind, and we now reach the final activation in the series of anchoring new Templates of Universal Law, able now to achieve and override all that stands in the way of wholeness, peace, plenty, abundance, equanimity, universality and natural order – through the morphogenetic field that we create in our joint vision and dream – anchoring the final new Templates of Universal Law which form holograms upon which the new order receives its foundation as the universal laws upon which the New World will build – and each of us has played role as divine vessels through which the new templates have anchored.

Lord and Lady Ashtar a year ago gave these 130 new universal laws as those we would anchor to earth, to underlie

‘a new world order, focusing on harmony, peace and self-fulfillment – healing first from within, so that the outer manifestation of that self-healing will bring emphasis upon the reversal of society’s ails and ill … and you will form a new world government based on principles of oneness and harmony and fulfillment, peace, simplicity, justice and sharing.’

And as we anchor the final templates today, we look back and realise how much transformation and change has occurred for each of us in these months – the advances we have made personally, the increased lightness and positivity and trust – and noting the acceleration of time, the quickening that accompanies the gains we have made.


After last month’s activation, in the early hours of the following morning was shown that

‘there has been a shift
– you have shifted higher than the forces of darkness
– and humanity has shifted with you’.

And was shown so clearly that a separation of the worlds is occurring, with a separate world creating which holds all of the templates and holograms of perfection – a new etheric body for Gaia which holds the ideal and dream and possibility of perfection. And so there will be differing realities depending on the reality that each of us chooses.

And for those who hold trust, truth, love as the ideals of perfection from which they expand their energies outwards to live the life of their dreams – we leave behind the old world and its many distortions – and start a new world which is based on the principles of truth and love. And some of us indeed live this reality in Bali, comparatively easy to live within the bubble of our own love and desire, unknowing of the disturbance and distortions that are experienced worldwide – and we are forming a hologram of the new world in its perfection.

Each of us needs to continue to break free from each instance of distortion that we find in our lives – to break free and to live the life of our dreams. A great shift is occurring – and there is much joy and peace that accompanies the realisation that dreams are coming true – as we pull our dreams to us now, in expansion and possibility – to live our fullest dreams of life fulfillment.


And so we offer our gains today to the earth grids which receive their transformation through all dimensions – and we receive our connection with the new etheric grids of Gaia– and achieve and accept our universality, our connection with the universe, with our star homes and brothers and sisters of light – and open ourselves as Dreamers of the New World in readiness to receive the gifts from all realms which are ours for that which we have given – and so we walk our own paths of restoration to wholeness – and share our wholeness with all, with so many gifts and blessings given us in exchange.


There will continue to be newsletters and activations to anchor to earth a new series of sacred geometry - 100 Holograms of Divine Perfection, original creation blueprints of divine wholeness which have been given – to be anchored by each of us as divine transmitters of light to Gaia – and these holograms of perfection are enabled to be duplicated, holographically, and to spread and to multiply – and to be accessed by all who desire – creating a great shift in frequency on the earth plane – and transformation for each who works with the holograms.


Each stroke of geometry is shown me in my third eye, in sequence, and the intricate intersections and placements are drawn quickly as they are given – and I then convert the quick outlines into geometrically accurate and beautiful holograms - this is where my background as an artist comes into play. Again the complexity and the beauty of the divine plan is shown in all its glory – as each step of our path over our lifetime is necessary - and all gifts we have gleaned, and all experience obtained – and though some projects may have seemed to have ended without success – so many times I am shown that nothing in our life experience is wasted – and when we reach our destiny path, we pull in all of the gifts and experiences we have developed along the way.

Because I am shown so clearly each stroke and line and curve of the thousands of codes of sacred geometry that are given me - those which were the geometries given me to bring about my own healing and transformation, those codes which are the tools of sacred mystery school, and the many hundreds of codes drawn as part of the Dreaming the New World activations – I have such absolute trust and certainty in the transformation they bring – divine presence, higher power, is at play.

As one of the Elohim, with the gift of creation, who assisted in the creation of all reality – and now upon the earth plane, with the gift intact – through the original blueprints of creation that are brought to earth through me, reality is able to be recreated, to a higher reality, overriding all that is lower, and all that is of distortion and pain and suffering – overriding the distortions of the dualities experienced across the aeons - stroke by stroke I am shown the geometries and blueprints of creation by my divine presence - holographically recreating to a reality of original wholeness with god – to bring about new realities and paradigms of peace, perfection, wholeness, plenty, serenity, fulfillment, love and joy. This is my work, and my life.

And when repatterning energies of clients and students, always I am shown the circuitries and chakras and vortexes and diamond plates that are required to be restored to original divine blueprint – and with hand movements, and sound, the angelic language of light, I draw into the etheric body the blueprints to restore the divine state – overriding all distortions that have arisen across the aeons since original creation.

Once our soul gifts anchor, they are available to us so easily – it is just the refining process within divine timing that prevents their access.


The holograms as they were drawn, created such vast shifts in me and in my close beloveds whose energies are linked with mine in Bali, and they will bring to each of us who shares in this Dreaming work the highest frequencies of transformation.


There will be spontaneous newsletters and channeled activations to accompany the holograms – a series of 9 activations – but intermittently, rather than fixed and regular Dark Moon offerings. More and more a sense of play and spontaneity in me replaces the former responsibility and burden that was sometimes felt.

The holograms have been drawn in all of their beauty and perfection and will be shared over the next year.


The building at the Temple of Heaven site is moving quickly again, with the second storey commenced – and the foundations of the building completing now - after a lull of a week or so when the local workers were busy with an important temple ceremony. The circular floor plan is based on the god gene code of geometry - and the energy on the land is so serene and beautiful. Offerings are placed daily in the small shrines that have been erected to the Hindu gods and to the nature spirits to ensure the energies remain balanced. The energy of Siwa (Shiva) is strong close to the temple which sits high above the river ravine – and a shrine dedicated to Maha Guru Siwa in his manifestation as the guardian and keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge is planned.

Each day at dusk I walk to the land – so touched by the beauty, ever changing – and the huge skies and the wide expanse. Swallows swoop and dive and repattern the lei lines and dreaming lines, and the sacred herons fly overhead in convoy. There are some recent photos which may be viewed on this link


So looking forward to the last The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school for this year which starts 9 October. Have not yet scheduled next year’s program of workshops, but there is likely to be a 7 day mystery school on 7-14 July 2011 – and several 3 day intensives, and one or two for Japanese.


Excited to add a new SPIRITUAL BALI section to my website soon, a project that has been awaiting the divine moment. So often I am contacted by those who want to come to Bali and to touch the magic and the beauty and the softness and love of Bali – and to connect to some of the divine moments in the temples, to have purification by water in a sacred place of nature, and to access the ritual of receiving blessings from the priest in beautiful Hindu temples – and walks through rice paddies to organic restaurants and along stunning ridges which hold ancient Lemurian energy, and to cafes with stunning views of volcano chains, and excellent dining experiences at favourite restaurants, and hours of indulgence at a spa where all materials are made by local Balinese women from natural flowers and plants.

So many times I have agreed to meet with these ones who come to Bali, and find myself always with pen and paper drawing maps and noting phones numbers and addresses of ‘must do’s – but am no longer able to meet those many who are coming to Bali – but still with the desire that many are assisted to reach to the core of the beauty of Bali, and to touch the magic and healing of this place. And so have been working on a series of small tours led by a local Balinese guide. The Masters gave me the idea for this concept 2 years ago and the name EAT PRAY LOVE BALI was given (well before the film was ever filmed in Bali!) The name subsequently lost its frequency of purity – but the project is ready to commence now with a new name ‘SPIRITUAL BALI’.


Most evenings at 5pm Bali time I connect with the godstreams in Awakening to Transcendence transmission sessions of healing and transference for those who request this - to heal and restore, to transform, to reconnect each with their own godstream - transferring light, healing, assistance, support, love, transcendence, and connection with the divine within each.

To be added to those who receive in session, you can make a donation through the Paypal link below as an energy exchange - and email me your name- and a short sentence that describes your requests ( The god realms are unlimited.


May your dreams manifest with grace,
Astrea Sri ana

Using to convert 5pm Bali time to your local time, by tuning in and meditating with us at the exact same time, you will receive heightened frequencies and much bliss.

‘Thank you so much for these divine templates and activations for it will not surprise you to know that again these are what I have been bringing in to my life over the last weeks.

Last Friday there was an 'incident' with my boss (co created so divinely) that when I journeyed it I discovered that I was now truly at peace with giving in my notice (without having somewhere else to go!!) I have been working towards this all year and have peeled away each layer with love of myself!! To come home last week and journey the events of the day and find my absolute self trust in knowing that I create all things in my life and that I now choose to be in my truth ... to walk my talk ... and to do that leap of faith with absolute knowing that all will be so beautiful. For now I create from my heart and self love ... not from fear ... one of the big things I was allowing was releasing myself from the binds of servitude (not service :) ) for it truly is time for me to BE MY DIVINE BLUEPRINT ... and the last week or so has been amazing.

I'm 'jumping out of my skin' with excitement at what is being manifested now ... accepting myself totally as God ... when I did a channel …. I had got the heading … it was 'self responsibility' … I did it last night … and when it was done I smiled because of course I had just done the journey myself of accepting my absolute self responsibility ... knowing it for so long of course ... but not 'feeling/living' it ... two different things.

Astrea thank you for what you do and for our beautiful connection and confirmation to me that I am absolutely attuned to the universal love as each time I have received your emails it has always been what I had already been receiving, experiencing and allowing.

Your new temple sounds 'divine' and I feel the joy and excitement of it. Sinoux, Australia

Could not wait to do the NM Meditation till tonight, all was so quiet and peaceful this morning so I knew it was right to do then. It was so beautiful. Oh how these past meditations have been so on line for me. When I had first skimmed through it several days back I thought - well I am past all that and totally clear, but this morning travelling in my godstream in bliss and joy I realised there will probably always be some issue I need to work on and ask for assistance to continue to keep clear. How I love being apart of this wonderful Dreaming of a new world. As soon as I start the energy build and builds until I feel nothing but bliss. All I know is - that is where I belong and want to be. I know that as long as I totally trust, surrender and hold joy in my heart and follow my dreams all will be brought forward effortlessly. Cor-Inne, Australia

Thank you so much for the dark moon activations. I did the meditations and anchoring last night and again this morning. As with all the others, it was full of truth, wisdom and love and resonated in many ways with me. So much cleansing and releasing for me over the past months. Feeling more detached and free from this dimension. Barb, Australia

Your last newsletter was so appropriate! and lovely, it was a great boost to receive the light that came in the newsletter, thank-you. I'm shedding onion skins at the moment, letting go, I didn't realise I held so much attachment to family, being mother and wife and security, I spent the last few weeks trying to re-create and hold onto what is, and of course I can't, today I woke up better realising that all that is going is what I don't need, what the universe wants me to keep will stay, and that I'm no longer responsible for the children, as they are adults , or my "almost X's" behaviour, or my mothers loneliness, I'm responsible only for myself, and a great weight has lifted. I just can't wait to get to release whatever is left, and the Sun is still shining! Lynn, Sth Africa

Had a good meditation yesterday. I was excited to participate in this beautiful meditation, lighting some candles and a joss stick. It is so huge to do this knowing and the feeling I am connected with so many Lightworkers around the world and knowing I am one of them makes me very happy and grateful every time again. Alone in my bedroom, it is different than being in Bali in your Temple, I do admit I long to be there as well at that moment. During the meditation it went deep in me, I felt Holograms/Templates slide down in me at the end. "Flowing in blissful streams receiving so much love and light”...I felt this quite strong and did not want it to end! I loved it and saw magenta and pink colours coming to me and at the end the colours turned into White Light. And this made me be in bliss and joy. Anneke, Amsterdam

The dark moon meditation went very well. I was blessed to guide the Dolphin Star Mystery school group into the meditation. The lemurian temple space felt so soft and sweet. You could feel the templates swirl down and we truly connected to the godstreams. Happy both worlds met in such a lovely environment. The rest of the day was total bliss. Amma’trisha, Nederland

I must tell you what happened today! I've been busy .. and had developed flu, yesterday I was in bed most of the day, at lunch time today I thought I'd use your karmic release, and within an hour or so, the flu had gone! I felt so much better, no aches, I have the odd sniffle but its improving all the time. The hologram is also a flu cure... smile .. it obviously helps release the stagnant energy too, because the aches all went, I haven't taken any medication since. Love and gratitude, Lynn Wincott, Sth Africa

The Dream of the Divine Templates
of Earth Grids – and Universality

Beloved ones,

Accept the diamond of purest Source light within which you are placed as you breathe deeply and allow your energies to connect with the starry and celestial realms, and for your energies to be deeply grounded within the core of Gaia’s crystal heart. Accept the flows of purest Source light containing all of the rays of colour and healing and restoration – as you open your heart, and your central chakra column of light – connected so securely and safely between heaven and earth – as your energies transform, filled with purest light of the highest frequency, and all distortions, blocks, obstructions, doubts, fears, sadness and disempowerment are shifted from you by the intense flows of light which fill each of your chakras and each and every dimension of your body of light.

Breathe deeply and receive reconnection with those realms of illustriousness which bring to you your reconnection with your divinity, and with your divine soul gifts – and accept alignment with the divine plan, within your own soul purpose and destiny path – with willingness to step forward beyond the fears and doubts and distortions – which you freely offer up now, in surrender – as all is lifted from you which holds you from your fullest divinity.

Bathed in purest light, aglow, and with heart flames open, activated – connect now with the individual grid points of the Lemurian grid – and with the sacred places within the grid which hold relevance for you within your own land of residence – and with those places of destiny which hold promise for you – and expand your hearts in fullest joy – and connect your heart flames with those others who meditate with you this day as Dreamers of the New World – all connected, timelines aligned, same place, same time – and expand further, as your group blueprint and hologram of light is formed, revered by your family of light for its beauty, aglow with love and desire for perfection – as the Divine Templates of Universal Law are now received.

Divine Template of Sustenance
Where you are depleted in energy and in abundance – where you find that your needs are unable to be fully met – and where you are stressed, in lack, in fear – and where your fears block the true ability to receive the sustenance of the universe – offer up for surrender the blocks and fears and obstructions and memories of experiences past which have resulted in your poverty consciousness and in your doubts that you will have enough – enough money, livelihood, income, opportunity, or love – and acknowledge the fears and doubts and lacks that you hold – and acknowledge the memories of experiences of lack that have left trauma within your field – of times when you have suffered from not enough, experiences of pain and limitation, failure and disempowerment – and acknowledge that these experiences were the playing out of karmic balancing, mirroring and drawing to you the experiences that you required, that the inner wounds and records you held from ages and lifetimes past may be known, accepted, acknowledged, and healed and surrendered and released.

Ah, and breathe deeply dear ones, and accept the setting free of your memories – as the initiations of lack and of doubt and sadness and emptiness, of poverty, despair and hopelessness are released from you – as Dreamers of the New World – and as the karmic records that lie at their core are in special dispensation released from you across all timelines and all dimensions - so that you are enabled to have your fears and doubts and memories overridden – by the Divine Template of Sustenance which enables you to receive the nourishment that is your due as one of god’s children – as the duality of lack is overridden – annihilated, vanquished.

Divine Template of Plenty
Given to all humanity who live from the heart and in desire for true co-operation and sharing and peace – is the Divine Template of Plenty – accepted by each of you as Dreamers of the New World – and holographically then enabled to be duplicated and shared, and anchored to the grids of Gaia – and received by all – for all of the bounty and prosperity of the earth is more than sufficient to care for each of her children – and the Divine Template of Plenty enables a true sharing of the cornucopia of plenty upon the earth plane to be received by all.

Divine Template of Abundance
The duality of Scarcity receives its overruling – as the Divine Template of Abundance is received by each of you, anchored to the grids of Gaia, and shared with humanity – that all may share in the abundance and beauty of beloved mother earth, and in her bounty in all of its manifestation of beauty, splendour, nurturing, extravagance, and lush abundance.

Divine Template of Equanimity
Beloved ones, where your life is in disarray, in confusion and chaos, where you are out of control, unbalanced, unable to steer beyond lack of clarity and through the path of initiation which holds you bound in struggle and disempowerment – acknowledge each area of your life where you are in struggle, and without direction or clarity, where there is confusion, uncertainty and disorder and disarray – and offer up for release all that holds you from self control, balance, centeredness, calm and composure – as the blocks, obstructions, records, memories and experiences which you hold across all timelines, those which see you fall so often into the mirror of what you hold as karmic record and memory, is released from you, as the akashic records of your soul are transmuted, with karmic absolution, and released. Breathe deeply, as all is taken from you that holds you from calm and composure – as the Divine Template of Equanimity is received.

Divine Template of Natural Order
With joy, the Divine Template of Natural Order is received by each, enabling all perversions of humanity to be dissolved, annulled – enabling each of you to be restored to peace and calm and natural order in your own lives – without the pulling back to the memories and experiences of disorder and inequality and injustice and lack of fairness – as the records are released from each of you that hold you in separation from the divine and from true equality as god’s children. And as the Template of Natural Order anchors through you, it enables true equality to be holographically shared with all humanity, so that all are equal, and all receive equally that which they need – as the natural laws of creation are restored to their original divine blueprint, bypassing and overriding all distortions and dualities of the intervening aeons since the inception of original creation.

Divine Template of Earth Grids
In allowing the Divine Template of Earth Grids to be received, and with your energies securely anchored between heaven and earth, you bring to effect the restoration of the earth grids through all dimensions, allowing the distortions and earth memories, of times of chaos, of war, of desperation and madness, of murder and mayhem, of acts of gross violence and against the beauty and freewill of life to released – overridden by the Template of Earth Grids which restores the grids to original creation blueprints of wholeness and of sanctity. With your breath, accept now your linking and reconnection with the earth grids in divine perfection – as your reverence and gratitude overflows and fills you, spilling over in love to Gaia and to her grids of light, enabling a drenching of the grids in divine love which fills you and the grids with divinity restored.

Divine Template of Universality
Reconnected to the earth grids in divine perfection, accept now assistance from the galactics and angelics who assist in your reconnection with all realms of the universe, multidimensionality restored to purest divine intent, and connected to all realms of light that hold importance for you. And receive reconnection with your starry place of origin – and with your brothers and sisters of the light – and in special dispensation for your role, accept now the gifts of creation that are yours to receive from all universal realms of light.

Divine Template of Divinity
Aflame and aglow with the purest flows and pulses of divine light, accept the original Divine Template of Divinity which overrides all of your experiences across all dimensions and lifetimes and aeons, those which have taken you from your original divinity, releasing the karmic wounds and records - overridden by the template which restores you to your original divine blueprint of creation.

Divine Template of Creation
In you as the model of perfection, accept the Divine Template of Creation which restores you to your divinity – and allows all to likewise receive holographically that which you anchor to Gaia’s grids of light and love and power and creation. Accept your creation as one who has wholeness and oneness with god – and open your great hearts as you acknowledge the divinity in each of god’s children, no matter their actions – and acknowledge the divinity in all creation – the divinity even in the dualities which were desired as experiment – and acknowledge that the age has been reached when the dualities have be overturned, overridden – and that the karmic plane may receive its annihilation – and that peace may again prevail – and the goal of all may be achieved, that of the return to oneness with god – and the fullest effulgent flow of love may be received between each of god’s creatures and children, restored to original creation blueprint of love and divinity and wholeness with god.

As your original divinity is now experienced in the fullest flows of love, and as your path of magnificence opens to you, with such assistance and support given in all areas of your life, in wholeness and oneness with god, open your hearts and your beings to receive the Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light.

Divine Template of Sustenance

Divine Template of Plenty

Divine Template of Abundance

Divine Template of Earth Grids

Divine Template of Universality

Divine Template of Creation

Divine Template of Natural Order

Divine Template of Equanimity

Divine Template of Divinity

And as the worlds separate and shift, the new etheric body for Gaia is achieved, holding all of the templates and holograms of perfection, holding the ideal and dream and possibility for perfection for each of her inhabitants. And open your hearts and your beings in willingness to live your reality as one which interconnects with Gaia’s highest reality – in the ideals of trust, truth, love, sharing, equality, justice and plenty from which you will expand your energies outwards – to live the life of your dreams. And as the shift occurs, and the old world with its many distortions is left behind – accept your placement upon your destiny path as a Dreamer of the New World, one who lives a higher reality of all possibility within the deepest core of your highest heart’s dreams. And make your intent, in willingness to continue to break free from every distortion that comes into your life, to live the life of your fullest dreams of fulfillment on earth and in completion of your divine life contracts.

With joy and love, in wholeness and bliss and empowered as Dreamers to play your role as divine models and holograms of divinity, share with your voices the anchoring of the Divine Templates as the worlds shift and move and all possibilities are put in place - toning and sounding and making your Oms - to share with humanity the new realities made possible by your group work, and with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity.

And as you flow in the blissful streams of godliness, receive all the support and love that will sustain all of your days within your life plan as leaders and Dreamers of the New World – flowing with the godstreams - as you make your requests, and receive all that you require for fulfillment, peace, and connection with the divine that will sustain every area of your life. You are revered for your roles and all that you request as that which will bring most ease, grace, fulfillment and love is given you.

I am Divine Father God.

In October we complete this series of Dark Moon meditations, linking our energies around the world with our hearts’ dreams for personal peace, fulfillment and joy creating the foundations upon which we will dream and build the New World. The monthly activations will be based on the Templates of Divine Perfection, codes of sacred geometry, which Lord and Lady Ashtar have requested be anchored to earth ‘to recreate the foundations of physical life according to new universal laws of creation’, and these will be the universal laws of justice and freedom and love and plenty upon which the New World will build. Each of us acts as the divine vessel through which these new templates may anchor.

Lord and Lady Ashtar listed 130 new universal laws which will underlie ‘a new world order, focusing on harmony, peace and self-fulfillment - healing first from within, so that the outer manifestation of that self-healing will bring emphasis upon the reversal of society’s ails and ill ... and you will form a new world government based on principles of oneness and harmony and fulfillment, peace, simplicity, justice and sharing.’

The templates are grouped into monthly activations –

Heart, love
Heart’s dream
Support and assistance
Heart’s Dream, Life path
Children of the Divine
Soul groups, New World
Divine order

Ask that your energies be aligned with those of us in Bali to receive the templates … I will be singing the language of light to allow these templates to anchor through each of us and you may receive by asking that the timelines be aligned so that you are connected with our group in Bali and with others around the world who join hearts and dreams together.

From the devic kingdoms we will receive gifting of the keys of manifestation to create the New World based on the common desire we share for peace and plenty for all, ‘supported within divine plan by the universal laws as the fulcrum upon which the laws of creation may receive embellishment based upon love, altruism and the return of divinity for all humanity … to allow the ascension of planet earth.’

‘The earth changes may receive their culmination when a percentage of 30% of humanity is in heightened reconnection with the divine within, and the relentless nature of the continuing destruction-based onslaughts will, by the great heart opening that occurs in sadness at the continuing levels of huge pain and loss within brother and sister that results, bring heightened levels of divinity which may reach its timely commencement with the hallowed time of such speculation (2012). And so it is not the destruction that occurs that is the prime reason for the losses, but it is the heart opening and softening and love of one for another, one for all, that is the fulcrum which, in rising from disillusionment towards sad love of others, lifts all from the percentile reached, and indeed the fulcrum of love and hope propels all upon their journey Home.’ Lady Ashtar

We all play our role in this great heart opening that is occurring,
sharing our love and our wholeness with humanity
that the hearts of all may open, and we may journey Home.