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May 11, 2010

The Dream of the Divine Child - and the New Children

The Dream of the Divine Templates
of the New Children ~ and the Divine Child
Dark Moon Thursday 13 May 5 pm

As the world continues to change, and as devastating and catastrophic earth changes continue, many of us as Dreamers have been ‘living’ the lead-up to today’s activation, in the need to rise above and detach from the third-dimensional collective consciousness which is of fear, distortion and negativity of many kinds. It is in the knowledge of our own innocence, truth and integrity that we may heighten our consciousness sufficient to rise above and be unaffected by all and any distortions and lower realities … and the activation today offers so many dispensations of assistance … for our roles are as great ones of light with the ability to anchor positive frequencies of heightened consciousness … unaffected by the distortions of the collective … and it is necessary that we hold the ability of detachment and disengagement from all that is negative … so that we may be effective …and play the roles which are ours … of Dreaming the New World.

‘There will be … rolling waves of devastation – to impact a total surrender of all, to enable the quick moving through of these final of steps which mark the clearing and annihilation of the old age of darkness, depravity and distortion – and as all is replaced through the enablement of light to shine upon all endeavours of altruism and truth. With darkness replaced by light, there is no restriction, obstruction or delay to the force of the path of light, which may freely create, based upon purest intent of love … and all that which is of distortion, darkness, duality, materialistic and egoic depravity and actions against, and not founded upon, the Universal Templates of Divine Order will fall away, and be lost. It is upon the new foundations of simplicity, altruistic desire for service within the divine plan, of love, sharing, community, equality, truth, honour, justice and full measure of sharing all resources of Gaia in equality, that the new Bali will arise … to bring a unity and cohesive matrix of light beings who work, live and share together to form the basis of the New World, new Golden Age, which will holographically then be enabled to duplicate worldwide…. … this is that which you bring to the horizons of the New World … purest light within truth and purity and love of the divine in its purest form … that which will sustain so many with its energies of light and of altruistic service in love of the divine.’ Divine Father


We welcome the New Children to the new world – and many of us also are as new children who have paved the way to allow the divine young ones to bring their mastery to earth and to create such change for humanity and for Gaia. Our paths have sometimes been long and arduous – but it is within the perfection of the divine plan that we chose to unfurl our own mastery, and to release from the soul monad the distortions of the whole – so that the new children may, in innocence and joy, and without the hampering of the distortions within DNA and physicality – bring new paradigms of innocence, trust, sharing, unconditional love and interconnection with the divine – to earth for all to share. Many blessings are received today for the new children so they may gracefully connect with their grids of light and with their soul families, and receive the benefit of the initiations and levels of mastery achieved by those of us who have paved the way for them.


Using to convert 5pm Bali time to your local time, by tuning in and meditating with us at the exact same time, you will receive heightened frequencies and much bliss.


Preparing now for the The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school on 7-14 July – just once each year now do I offer this full week of heightened connection with the Masters, an intensive of many activations and journeys to ancient lifetimes within the earth and the galaxies, with activations of the language of light - healing and releasing the akashic records of the experiences of these lifetimes, as well as the patterns of pain and disempowerment of this physical lifetime – and disconnecting from the fear-based collective consciousness- through setting in place all processes which find their release - activating and restoring the higher dimensional bodies of light - restoring the DNA to divinity – receiving keepership and channeled reading which enables stepping more fully into knowledge of divinity, mastery – and completing with a portal journey to the sacred volcano Gunung Agung where we receive the blessings of the gods, the Masters, the ancient ones – as we pray in the beautiful temple Pura Pasar Agung – and each sings the mantra of the keepership code they have drawn – to anchor their keepership to the earth realm and to activate life mission.

Such an intense and very beautiful week of intimacy with the holy ones and with our own origins as those who are divine. Would be overjoyed if you would like to join with us for this week.


Yesterday in Bali we celebrated the arrival and presence of the ancestors and the Hindu gods who will remain for 10 days, a time of great beauty, excitement and celebration – the highlight of the Hindu calendar – and such a blissful time of heightened energy and radiance. The village of Penestanan on the outskirts of Ubud in which I live prides itself in bringing new waves of beauty within the Hindu culture – and we are surrounded by such splendour and lavish beauty. To walk around the village streets and to see the beautifully dressed temples in every family compound, and the penjors swaying in the breeze against skies of brightest blue, beckoning to the gods at the entrance to each household – and the children dressed in their new clothes, and the women in new styles – and the men so very handsome - ah, such bliss and breath-taking beauty – mixed with sadness to observe the distortions in the pursuit of the approval of the Hindu gods for health, wealth and wellbeing – and the extent of the expense of the ever increasingly lavish offerings - while many are not willing to take full personal responsibility for their actions, and giving all power to the gods.


Ruby, my beautiful cat, loved by many, is fully recovered from illness. She is photographed here with Malika, and the God Gene pendant, which is now able to be purchased and soon on my website. This pendant holds the holograph of wholeness and is a template of ascension, bringing all parts of self Home – through repatterning the God Gene, the master cell within the pineal gland. It holds a high frequency of love, connection and protection and is such a joy to wear. Click the image for more information.


Beloved Charisa Rochelle’s website, another beautiful creation by Jean Manuel Nadeau, is now on line, offering her many gifts of the highest of frequency in service to the divine – and to the new children and all humanity


With Joseph, Jean Manuel and Malika – we will be hosting a most beautiful 7 day non-profit retreat, Yoga 2 Peace, on Tiger Island, off shore from Jakarta from 18 – 25 June this year – crystal clear waters, beautiful reefs, organic food, gorgeous accommodation, rustic and inspiring. A synergy of energies to bridge the physical and the spirit – through 7 days of yoga, breathing, meditation, light body restoration, divine sound transmissions, and sessions to bridge the soul, body and mind - awakening the flow of the body’s own potential for healing.

Click the image for more information. You can contact me or Joseph if you are interested to join us for what will be a wonderful retreat, and the profits are used to sponsor under-privileged children in need.

With all my love and all my gratitude,
Astrea Sri Ana



‘The dark moon meditation was a true bliss for me. For the first time I did it on the actual time of Bali. I lay down and put on the recorder and received. Wow! The connection with the soul monad and sharing of all the holographs and gifts was so powerful. It was so special to share all I could and receive also from the other poddies. What a divinity. I saw each of us in a bowl of light. All individuals (each person was wrapped in a golden wave of light in a golden ocean of light) and also connected. Later on we were connected in a rainbow circle, all folded separately in the rainbow ring. Then yellow light comes down from the heavens and we all receive and share this light. We all get loosened up, as if something is pulling up the top layer and making more space. My entire body is tingling, I feel very much alive.

This time the hearts dream of oneness stepped forth. To share oneness, to receive love and then restore to full power. 'All that I am to become me and all of me'. I find myself in the centre of a spiral of light, connected to all of the realms and kingdoms that hold my gifts and powers (connected like a golden star). I feel all of this. Then I get placed on a white path of light in the middle of the universe. With a torch I wave away the darkness, then I see the worlds of light on and through my path. Rainbows everywhere, light and softness. My highest hearts dream is to be one with the light and the angelic realms. My torch has become an arch of light (like a halo above my head). Above those arch light cities are built. I smile and radiate.

During the entire activation and for hours and hours I felt total bliss inside and outside. And when I tune in again I can still feel most of it. For days I've been continuing to receiving gifts and initiations past from the soul monad. Tuning in when I remember. It helped me when I had to give a big presentation at work. I realized I didn't need to feel stressed, for it was a choice. I mean, one of us must have passed that initiation in a lifetime or two. All stress and anxiety went away and I did great

It was also special that I could help my mother this weekend. She was in a lot of pain and I transferred light and initiations past from the realms of light to her, holographs. I do think we have to remind ourselves all the time to keep tuning in to these gifts and holographs of perfection. Then they can work for us. Am still working with my higher self and it is making me feel so much more peaceful. During boring meetings I just open my column of light and so much love and energy streams down. I feel everything expand so I can stay in my vibration all the time.’ Amma’trisha, Nederland

‘I did tune into you all, during my daily meditation, and it was so beautiful, the familiarity, security and that inner peace one feels when one has arrived back home…a settled and complete feeling of Oneness.....’ Amora, UK.

‘Your writing is once again relevant to my current position and I am grateful you shared and entrusted us with some of your personal story with us too. I was moved by your note about "not being able to extricate self and pull away from your current life, because of fear of moving forward into the unknown – and of leaving places and people behind." …..I have not yet decided … I just know I have to move out of this place where I have completed so much of my past processing. So I am leaving people and places ... and stepping into the unknown. Thank you for the sense of accompaniment which your writings provide along the way.’ Mary, Melbourne



We call in to be with us the New Children – those who are already present with us in physical incarnation – and we include those who are soul walk-ins, those who have chosen to take presence within physical vehicles in recent times, rather than travelling the timelines of a full birth experience, those who as master beings come to earth in service to the divine – and calling to be with us, to receive through the growth and evolution that has already been achieved by those who have walked already through the earth experience, and made great gains – those who are still to enter, but who ready and near – to receive with us, all together – as those who are the Dreamers and the Leaders of the New World.

As you open your columns of light, extending your energies through your crown to the Source realms, and through your lower chakras and down through the earth star beneath your feet to Gaia and to her crystal heart, securely and wondrously connected between both the heavens and the earth, you are each individually placed within pyramid chambers of purest light, into which pours all of the love and healing and restorative radiance of the heavenly ones.

Your higher presence connects with you – and descends dear ones, to align with you, and to merge in lighted splendour.

And your great hearts of radiance open and expand to receive this reconnection, restoration to your divinity – as you each now extend your heart flames to each other around the world, all aligned in the same place, within the same timing – and extending your hearts and your beings to each individual grid point of the Lemurian Grid – that the grid may receive your divinity and the radiant flows of light you anchor to earth. As a great flower of light you appear to us in merged and joined splendour around the planet earth.

Angels restore to your connection with the Flower of Life – as this connection is anchored through each of you individually – and anchored also to your place of residence – and in this way you bring such heightened possibility to your surroundings and to all who share with you within your country of residence. Breathe deeply as you accept this reconnection with the Flower of Life and with the divine.

Dear ones, you are asked to acknowledge within yourself that you embody divinity – and to acknowledge and accept that that which you hold which creates in you a barrier and obstacle to your knowledge and embodiment of mastery and divinity – that which is of pain and disempowerment and distortion - results from the nature of your past physical lifetimes, particularly those of service to humanity in the times of Lemuria, Ancient Egypt and Atlantis.

Offer up for release that which you hold which obstructs your knowledge of yourself as divine, gifted, capable of bringing such special gifts to the earth plane – offer up and surrender all that holds you back – and obstructs your progress – all that which saddens and grieves and confuses you – and acknowledge that the core of your woundedness lies in the akashic records of your soul which have resulted from your earth lifetimes in service – and those which you have inherited within your DNA. And as you offer up and surrender all that creates sadness and pain – Divine Mother and the Karmic Board, in special dispensation to you as Dreamers of the New World, offer the akashic records of your soul for release in transmutation of all which is of distortion and all that detracts from your full magnificence – so that you are freed from that which holds you back from your mastery and from peace – that you may take your place, in empowerment and deepest joy, to play your role in service to humanity and to the divine.

The child within – the Divine Child – appears – that one who holds true innocence, purity, truth – that one who has not suffered – who holds not regrets and bitterness or confusion or pain – that one who is divinely gifted, so closely attuned to the divinity of god in wholeness and oneness with the divine. Open your heart to receive reconnection with the divine child within – and allow your heart to receive the return of its innocence – as that which is of darkness and doubt, distortion and disability is taken from you, in layers releasing from your being, taken by the angels of love – revealing the divine one who is you, in truth, innocence and purity.

Accept this as your reality dear ones – raise your awareness above and beyond the reality of the limited third dimension which is fear based in its collective consciousness – for indeed your path is one which is not of the collective – but of the divine – and your reality is not that of the collective – but as one who brings change and heightened frequencies of love and possibility.

Accept your place as one of the Leaders of the New World – and know that your place has been chosen by you before ever you stepped within the physical world – and with your council of light to guide and inspire and assist your connection with the divine one who is you – and who offer such dispensations of assistance – who relieve you of that which is of distortion of ancient times – and that which is of the collective – who assist in your separation from that which is of fear, pain and of negativity – open your hearts to your divinity, and to your innocence – and accept yourself as those who are leaders and who dream the new world, bringing such heightened frequency and dreams and goals for equality, sharing, justice, purity, truth, abundance, right livelihood, honour for all of the resources of the earth, connection with the divine, altruism within love in community, peace, plenty, joy, love, ease and freedom from worry, and freedom from the collective fear based consciousness and matrix of oppression and control.

And from this place of knowledge of that which you are, accept within your beings the pulsing and the flooding of lighted radiance to transform and repattern each dimension of your being within divinity and original divine truth - as the Divine Templates of Perfection are now anchored through you and to the earth plane.

Divine Template of Vulnerability to the Divine
Accept transmissions of Trust dear ones – trust in the divine plan, trust that you are cared for and supported, loved and guided, and that your needs will be met – allowing the wounds of the past, of times when you have suffered in physical life – to be taken from you – the belief that to be human is to suffer – as this is taken from you dear ones – so that you may fully open to and surrender to the knowledge that within the divine plan you play a role of beauty, and that though the path has been long and arduous, that your glory days lie before you – and that until this moment you have been merely passing through and beyond your time of karmic cleansing and balance, and passing through your initiations of mastery that will enable the embodiment of higher dimensional bodies of empowerment and magnificence.

You are held by thrones of angels dear ones, to enable you now to surrender to the divine and to trust – and to hand over your struggles and worries – your perception that you need to do all for self, alone, without assistance – and allow yourself to be vulnerable to the divine – and to your own place within the divine plan – knowing that there is such perfection there – and that your own role is one of such beauty and fulfillment

Angels attend to all dimensions of your being – that your struggles that arise from your life to date may be taken from you – and that your path may fully open before you, in vulnerability to the divine.

Divine Template of Innocence
Allow your perception of self as wounded, tainted, injured, with baggage and with memories of times of hardship and pain – to be released from all dimensions of your being, as the angels take from you all that holds you back from full knowledge of the divine innocence you hold at your core. From all dimensions, from all timelines, the memories and the experiences and the records of the akasha of your soul are taken from you – those which together contain all of the harshness and struggle, pain, disappointment, anger, bitterness and failure that you may have walked through – each level and dimension of your being is restored to divinity – and as each level of distortion is unraveled and released – it is as an unbinding of your energy and your being – as the unraveling reveals the divine one who lies beneath the struggle and the endurance of physical life.

Within the temple of your heart dear ones, there is a blue lake within the lotus crystal heart – and as divine ones, you may enter this vibrant lake of rejuvenation and wash away those which are your experiences of all of your life which result in your tiredness, stagnation, doubt, mistrust, disappointment, failure, anger, disbelief – washing away all expectations of repeated experiences of pain and hardship and struggle.

And as you increasingly feel buoyed by hope and trust as the experiences of the past wash away – that one who emerges from the lake within the lotus crystal heart – is of pure innocence, peace, trust, and quiet bliss in the knowledge that within the divine plan you play a role of beauty, and one which will bring great fulfillment.

Divine Template of Purity
Where there is your perception that you are impure, that you have failed, and that your actions have been tainted by materialistic ego and greed and desire to have your own needs met, where you have made mistakes and errors of judgement and created suffering for yourself and for others – and where you have placed your own needs ahead of others – and have suffered for this – dear ones you are to know and to acknowledge that you hold importance within the divine plan for all humanity – and it is when you hold yourself in knowledge of your divinity and in trust that your role holds importance – that you may accept and allow the placement of self as your priority – and to accept that your own needs are of importance. It is self-love rather than selfishness – and you are given permission to love self as divine and to accept self within knowledge of your purity.

Divine Mother with the angels brings a white cloak of purity for each of you, and this is tenderly placed around your shoulders and its folds are smoothed down and around you, that you may receive acknowledgement of your purity – enshrouding you in innocence and original purity – as the experiences of degradation and distortion and disempowerment, selfishness, manipulation, of violence and of anger – all actions which may have tainted your own knowledge of self as one who is pure – are taken from all the dimensions of your being. All that is asked of you is your desire that innocence returns to you.

Divine Template of Divine Child
The divine child within, in innocence and purity appears before you – and this one knows himself as divine, holding no wounds of distortion or darkness – this one holds original divine truth. The angels assist as he merges fully with you, and his qualities are imbued within – those which are of original truth and knowledge of self as divine, and divinely attuned to all of life and all creation.

Divine Template of Children of the Divine
We connect now with all children of the divine, those who as new children enter the earth plane in service to the divine. We offer to them connection to the grids of the new children, that they may attune and align with these grids which will support them in their physical path. The grids of the divine new children are anchored in readiness - and each new child is now supported and assisted to interdimensionally align with and anchor to the grid most pertinent to their physical path – for it holds the gifts that will make physical presence more filled with grace – and they may connect and align with those who are their soul family, already aligned within the grid – those who have already anchored their presence and who have much to gift those who are to come – having passed already through many initiations of mastery – so that those who enter – and those who near – may receive the benefit of all that which has been put in place for them – so that they may, with grace and ease – ‘hit the ground running’ – and bring their mastery and their divinity to humanity - that the New World may commence in purity and without struggle and without degradation and distortion.

We each open our heart flame in love of the children of the divine – and make our vows that we will hold our hearts open to them as a constant source of the fuel they require, which is love and acceptance – to sustain and support each of these.

And we acknowledge ourselves as children of the divine – and open our hearts to receive our own portion of that which we require which will sustain us and hold and support and fuel us in our physical life and mission.

Divine Template of Wholeness
Where you are not whole, acknowledge this lack – each area of your life where you feel yourself to be incomplete – where your feel not confident, without capability – where you feel your intentions are imperfect – your needs too great – those which are creating pain and disappointment and sadness for you – acknowledge each area of your life and your being where you feel yourself to be incomplete, without wholeness – and offer up and surrender these lacks – as they are taken from you and released, and the fears and doubts that lie behind these lacks are also taken – as akashic records of your soul which create in you this perception of your lack of wholeness.

And where you find yourself in lack and in need of the love and attention of another – the feeling that you are incomplete without the love of the other – and where you suffer in solitude, loneliness, disappointment and bitterness at the belief that you are denied this that you seek and require – that you are without the solace of the intimacy of typical and normal physical life - acknowledge that the universe is shining upon you the mirror that presents itself to you as your perception that you are not whole alone – and needing another to bring you to completion – and acknowledge that in your desire for another to complete you, you are merely yearning for the god which is you to receive completion, in fullness and wholeness and oneness.

And many as spiritual initiates of the highest - feel themselves to be denied physical love and intimacy – and this creates a splitting between the physical life and that of the spiritual – in feeling oneself to be denied that which is the normal intimacy of physical and family life – and there is sadness in this, and bitterness and great disappointment.

You are asked to acknowledge yourself as divine, dear ones and to disattach and disengage - with assistance given now by the teams of angels who attend to you and to the dimensions of your being - from the needs and desires of those who are the common man, those who are of the consciousness of the physical collective – and to acknowledge your differences, differing paths, differing needs – and to accept as possibility that it is the nature of your path of karmic cleansing in preparation for your embodiment of mastery which may preclude you from the possibility, at this moment, of the physical relationship you yearn for, yearning to share the love you hold, love at such a high level of glory and love of self and others – but that your path to embodiment of mastery is not yet fully complete – and that there is possibility that that which you may consider that you are being ‘denied’ – occurs in fact from the nature of the planetary alignments that you have chosen to incarnate within – having set your life path within timelines – and given time within the planetary alignments to walk through and to complete the release of all that holds you back from your mastery, and to also anchor your higher dimensional bodies of light – and having set in place within timeliness the ability to synchronistically come together with that one who is your divine life partner.

You are asked to accept and to acknowledge your own divinity, and ownership of your own chosen life path – and to let go of now and to surrender all beliefs of being denied love and intimacy – and to take responsibility for the divine path that you set in place, and to accept this with equanimity and with trust that all is divine and perfect, and that there will be full satisfaction in your physical life, enjoying all of your life and all of the blessings and abundance of Gaia.

Divine Template of Health
Acknowledge now the tendencies of ill-health that you display, the ailments of physical distortion – the illnesses, the weaknesses in your physical body – and accept and acknowledge that these illnesses act as mirrors within the universal law of reflection, which show you that within your physical body are held distortions which mirror the parallel distortions of the patterns and behaviours which you have inherited as genetic imperfections, and those which you have brought in from previous incarnations – seeking to heal the core wounds which lie at the root of the physical illnesses and ailments which present themselves as mirrors of disquiet – to bring to your awareness the nature of that which you hold as imperfection and distortion.

Dear ones, as special dispensation, Divine Mother with the Karmic Board offers for release the original core records of the akasha of your soul which lie behind each ailment and illness and physical imperfection. With karmic absolution across all timelines, the records are released from those areas of your physical body which you have acknowledged are imperfect and not in full health.

It is in the acceptance that your physical body is the mirror of your attitude and behaviour – that healing may occur, with grace dear ones given you, that all may release that holds you back from the full radiance and flush of health.

Divine Template of Connection/Interconnection
Accept restoration of your interdimensional bodies of light, to allow connection with your own planet of origin, and with the parallel places within the cosmos which are those which will replenish, restore, inspire, guide, support, sustain and care and assist you in your physical life – those which will interconnect you with the spiritual sustenance which will allow you to embody your full radiance, mastery and divinity – and support you in your physical life and upon your life mission. With your breath, open yourself to receive the putting into place of all processes you require which will restore your interconnection with the realms of the divine.

Divine Template of Connection with the Divine
Your own divine presence steps before you, that one who is complete, without wounding, without distortion or pain – that one who is wholly connected to the divine. With joy and with love, open your heart to reconnect with this one, and with the family of light who gather around you – and make your connection with each of the members of your council of light, and ask of them that which you require in guidance and support and love – and receive mergence with your divine presence, as your bodies of light magnify, expand and grow in such full-blown radiance. And bring your attention to your central column of light, and extend this, with your breath, down through your lower chakras, and through your link chakra between the knees, and into the earth star chakra beneath your feet in the earth – and down to the crystal heart of mother Gaia – as your connection with the divine is anchored to earth – that all may share in the radiance you bring.

Divine Template of Communication
Your council of light and team of angels surrounds you in circle that you may have knowledge of their presence. Breathe dear ones, and open your beings to receive the putting into place of the processes which will enable your soul gifts to be restored to you – calling for the ability to open your channel of light to connect with the divine realms and to receive the divine messages and pulses of energies and love from your beloved ones of light – and for the restoration of your gift of ‘knowing’, the angelic gift that allows you through intuition to step forward in trust and faith in your decisions and your directions in every area of your life.

Divine Template of Guidance
Accept as yours from your family of light, the angels, the Masters, the Archangels and those of the Ashtar Command and from the higher dimensions of light and love, and from your own council of light – the interconnection you require – and the guidance for your life. And ask for that which you are requiring of explanation of your path and your life – and where there are stalemates and stagnancy and where there are decisions to make and life choices which await your decision – open yourself to the divine ones who support you in your physical life, and receive the guidance you require – opening yourself to receive through your ‘knowing’ and through sight and sound and inspiration – from dreams and from the synchronistic observation of the nature realms and the birds and animals. And Trust is given you, that you may believe and act upon the messages of guidance that are given you. So often that which is observed by you to be your mind’s wanderings – are indeed the whispers of the angels and the holy ones who guide you – and it is only Trust that is required – so that you may truly listen to and hear and act upon the guidance which is given you.

Divine Template of Inspiration
Divine inspiration from the realms of the holy ones, the Masters, the avatars, the bodhisattvas and enlightened ones, that which has brought masteries of creation to earth – and that which is required for daily life to enhance each decision, each direction you take – is given you dear ones – as you open to receive from the realms of the divine the pulses of wisdom and love which inspire you to the highest path possible for your life – lifting you above the denseness of the third dimension and its restrictions and obstacles – so that you may know yourself as truly divine, divinely inspired and gifted to bring creations of new paradigms of the highest mastery to earth, with such fulfillment and joy.

Divine Template of Support
And where you feel unsupported, where you feel yourself to be alone, and in lack – identify and acknowledge each area of your life where you feel yourself to be struggling and without support – and offer these lacks you have identified, and this loneliness and struggle and perception that you are doing all alone, and without the receipt of that which brings joy and fulfillment and balance to your life – and receive the release of the original core akashic records which lie at the core of these lacks and beliefs – those which come from lifetimes of service to the divine in ancient times where you have suffered so, and truly been in lack and without the care and sustenance and support that you required to ease your life. Accept karmic absolution across all timelines as the records release from your chakras and from the crystals of each dimension of your bodies of light.

Your council of light and the angels and Masters gather closely around you, in such honour and love of you – and give their vow of their unstinting support of you and your life and your creations, with such care and love of you. And ask for that which you require – ask for the lacks to be filled and identify each area of your life where you are requiring direction, guidance, support.

Divine Template of Sustenance
Where you are in lack – of finances, of resources, of friends, opportunities – identify and acknowledge these areas of your life which are requiring the propping up and addition of the resources of assistance which will sustain you, in joy, in balance and in full personal fulfillment, in your physical and spiritual life.

Where there is dullness and lack of joy – identify this and surrender it – hand over to the angels and the family of light with your request that you receive the sustenance that will bring completeness, peace, joy, opportunity, advantage, plenty, freedom from struggle and from pain and from lack of direction, from stagnation – dear ones, you are heard – and need only identify those areas where you are in lack – and ask for assistance.

So many believe that the angels must know of their needs, and are so often disappointed when their life continues unaided, as they walk through stagnation and struggle and limitation and pain. But dear ones, it is necessary, as masters upon the earth, that you acknowledge your mastery, identifying those areas where you are in lack and in need – and ask, with specifics, for that which will fill your needs and release your struggles. As masters upon the earth and as leaders of the new world, you are asked to take yourselves, and your life paths, seriously – and to seriously request the specifics that will ease your creations to earth with grace.

You are each asked to write of your heart’s dreams, your desires and goals for the life of your dreams, that which will bring you most joy, ease, fulfillment, abundance, and mastery in your life. It is in the anchoring to earth of your desires for your highest dreams that the universe may coincide and work in parallel time with you, to connect you with the planetary alignments, the synchronicities and opportunities that may be put in place, and to assist you to connect with the Flower of Life, that interconnecting web of sustenance and abundance and synchronicity which brings the mirror of your desires to you.

Open yourselves now dear ones, to make your intents clear, and to write of your dreams and your requirements within the next days – and receive the sustenance and support that is yours, so deserved as those of god’s children who are the leaders of the new world.

Open your hearts and your beings as the divine ones that you are – and accept the anchoring of the new Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –

Divine Template of Vulnerability to the Divine

Divine Template of Innocence

Divine Template of Purity

Divine Template of Divine Child

Divine Template of Children of the Divine

Divine Template of Divine Child

Divine Template of Wholeness

Divine Template of Health

Divine Template of Connection/Interconnection

Divine Template of Connection with the Divine

Divine Template of Guidance

Divine Template of Communication

Divine Template of Inspiration

Divine Template of Support

Divine Template of Sustenance

As the innocent divine ones that you are, in purity and trust, connected with the divine, in health, radiance, wholeness, supported and inspired, guided and loved - share, with your voices, this anchoring of the Divine Templates of Vulnerability to the Divine, Innocence, Purity, Divine Child, Children of the Divine, Wholeness, Health, Connection/Interconnection, Connection with the Divine, Guidance, Communication, Inspiration, Support and Sustenance - toning and sounding and making your Oms - to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity - allowing knowledge of your innocence and divinity, and of the support and love that will sustain all of your days within your life plan as leaders and dreamers of the new world – to flow through you – as you make your requests, and receive, all that you require for fulfillment, peace, and connection with the divine that will sustain every area of your life.

I am Divine Father with Gaia.


In September we complete this series of Dark Moon meditations, linking our energies around the world with our hearts’ dreams for personal peace, fulfillment and joy creating the foundations upon which we will dream and build the New World. The monthly activations will be based on the Templates of Divine Perfection, codes of sacred geometry, which Lord and Lady Ashtar have requested be anchored to earth ‘to recreate the foundations of physical life according to new universal laws of creation’, and these will be the universal laws of justice and freedom and love and plenty upon which the New World will build. Each of us acts as the divine vessel through which these new templates may anchor.

Lord and Lady Ashtar listed 130 new universal laws which will underlie ‘a new world order, focusing on harmony, peace and self-fulfillment - healing first from within, so that the outer manifestation of that self-healing will bring emphasis upon the reversal of society’s ails and ill ... and you will form a new world government based on principles of oneness and harmony and fulfillment, peace, simplicity, justice and sharing.’

The templates are grouped into monthly activations –

Heart, love
Heart’s dream
Support and assistance
Heart’s Dream, Life path
Children of the Divine
Soul groups, New World
Divine order

Ask that your energies be aligned with those of us in Bali to receive the templates … I will be singing the language of light to allow these templates to anchor through each of us and you may receive by asking that the timelines be aligned so that you are connected with our group in Bali and with others around the world who join hearts and dreams together.

From the devic kingdoms we will receive gifting of the keys of manifestation to create the New World based on the common desire we share for peace and plenty for all, ‘supported within divine plan by the universal laws as the fulcrum upon which the laws of creation may receive embellishment based upon love, altruism and the return of divinity for all humanity … to allow the ascension of planet earth.’


Enjoy the ride, and may all of our deepest dreams come true.


‘The earth changes may receive their culmination when a percentage of 30% of humanity is in heightened reconnection with the divine within, and the relentless nature of the continuing destruction-based onslaughts will, by the great heart opening that occurs in sadness at the continuing levels of huge pain and loss within brother and sister that results, bring heightened levels of divinity which may reach its timely commencement with the hallowed time of such speculation (2012). And so it is not the destruction that occurs that is the prime reason for the losses, but it is the heart opening and softening and love of one for another, one for all, that is the fulcrum which, in rising from disillusionment towards sad love of others, lifts all from the percentile reached, and indeed the fulcrum of love and hope propels all upon their journey Home.’ Lady Ashtar

We all play our role in this great heart opening that is occurring,
sharing our love and our wholeness with humanity
that the hearts of all may open, and we may journey Home.