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Jun 1, 2010

Disengage and Detach from Physical Suffering

The Dream of Disengagement
and Detachment from Physical Distortion and Pain

WESAK Full Moon Friday 28 May - 6 pm

Please download free voice transmission of the language of light

Divine Father has asked that a special meditation be channeled for this Wesak Full Moon which in Bali is honoured on 28 May – to assist all lightworkers to detach from the pain of humanity – and to be taken to a place of safety and connection with the divine - through receiving connection with the godstreams which will raise our consciousness above that which is lower - so that we may be effective in the days that are ahead, free of the distortions of the collective – with so many dispensations given which are of such importance to enable us to cope and to handle the pressures and the forces as the world continues to change and so many are impacted by that which is ahead.


There is a special mp3 voice transmission which you may download to accompany the activation.

From the Celestial Sounds of Transfiguration CD’s, My Soul Returns to God repatterns the God Gene, the master cell within the pineal gland – and repatterns and restores the DNA – and has many dispensations of grace and healing from Mary Magdalene to assist every area of your life.


On this Wesak day which celebrates the spiritual year, a time of special blessings for each of us, a great cosmic download of light is made possible for all lightworkers to receive to support us in our lives, enabling us to open to renew our intentions and our heart’s goals and dreams – and to receive the next level of our service contract for the coming year, receiving all the assistance that we require for the year ahead, as we surrender for release our deepest fears and challenges.

As the worlds divide, and as the chasm between the third dimensional world and the higher realms we are now inhabiting deepens – and while we are still called upon to live in the third dimension – we are given a great tool today which will assist us in all of our daily life.

A crystal of disengagement will be received by each of us, placed within our energies during this activation – and you are given opportunity to receive a raising above any challenges that you are encountering in your life at the moment – so that you may learn to make use of your new ability to take your consciousness above anything that is lower, that is distorted, that is creating pain, or opposition, or disempowerment or fear.

‘You are in receipt of that which you require – which is of detachment from the masses – and attachment in full to the godstreams – and you need only open your heart and extend your energies
in entirety upwards, with your intent extending your energies to the godstreams - that you are taken out of any distortions of the physical – and enabled to ride above.’

Two weeks ago, on the evening after the last Dreaming the New World group meditation, two wondrous looking beings from Arcturus made quite a theatrical show of placing a crystal in my crown chakra – which sent me into hours of bliss. On later asking what was the purpose of this crystal, was told it was a Crystal of Disengagement – and since that time I have been practicing its activation – and have found myself taken quickly from any lower reality, away from and out of any distortion or challenge. It has been necessary to remember to ask for its activation each time a challenging situation presents.

During Galungan eve, when I was in a little dread to be surrounded in the village by the killing of pigs for the temple celebrations – I found myself instead in a place of peace and bliss – and though I know there were happenings ‘out there’ that would normally have distressed me so – I was taken to the godstreams – and fully unaware of what was occurring in the 3D world. Shaking my head with wonder, I learned to accept and to trust.


The time has come for us to be serious about our roles as divine ones on earth and to remember who we are.

Our role is to anchor great light and love to the earth plane and all her inhabitants – and to be as pure vessels of light – and we are not able to be effective unless we have the capacity to take ourselves out of the distortions of the collective, and this is not possible unless we are holding ourselves in utter purity and truth.

We are being asked now to be in our fullest integrity and truth and to come into the habit of never forming a judgement or opinion or criticism of another – for each time that we take our attention into the energies of another, in distortion, in judgement, or in idle talk – we lower ourselves to a place where we are then susceptible to being caught up in what is occurring in the third dimension.

‘....each time that you lower your guard and slip into third dimensional thinking – each time you gossip and hold yourself not in the highest of integrity and truth – then you allow self to slip down and back into third dimensional thinking – attached then to the common denominator – and it is in this way that forces which are not of the highest are allowed to enter……

This is your key – to hold clarity, peace, purity and non-judgement of any other – and in this way you will detach from third dimensional thinking and third dimensional distorted reality ….. and will soar far above that which is of lower, that which is pain and suffering – will learn to disengage and to disattach – and will find such true bliss in the doing and in the being.’ I Am Divine Father


We join our energies in this meditation to turn the tide of the devastating outpouring of oil in the Mexican Gulf – and to open ourselves to support those who will bring to earth new methods in the use of natural energies which do not deplete Gaia’s resources, nor create havoc, pain, suffering and war in the use and control and manipulation of these resources. The distortion in the use of energy has seen the downfall of mankind – in Atlantis it was the war to control Source energy – and in Lemuria it was the distortion of the energy of love – and as lightworkers, we have been here before at the very moment of mankind tipping into freefall – and we hold our intents and our minds firm and our hearts open with our knowledge that on this occasion we will turn the tide and hold humanity safe within our hearts.

The Path of the Mystic 7 day sacred mystery school this year is on 7-14 July – a beautiful intensive communing with the holy ones and restoring remembrance of own divinity, with the release of the woundings and pain of the past, and with all processes put in place for full restoration to divine blueprint. Love to share this week with you – for more information


With Joseph, Jean Manuel and Malika – we will be hosting a most beautiful 7 day non-profit retreat, Yoga 2 Peace, on Tiger Island, off shore from Jakarta from 18 – 25 June this year – crystal clear waters, beautiful reefs, organic food, gorgeous accommodation, rustic and inspiring. A synergy of energies to bridge the physical and the spirit – through 7 days of yoga, breathing, meditation, light body restoration, divine sound transmissions, and sessions to bridge the soul, body and mind - awakening the flow of the body’s own potential for healing.

Click the image for more information.

With all my love and all my gratitude,
Astrea Sri Ana


‘The dark moon meditation took me almost 2 hours … Loved meeting my divine child. She was so happy and full of trust and excitement. Not a care in the world and fully going with the flow. When all the veils were taken from me I turn into a golden dancer. During the anchoring of the template of divine vulnerability my divine child was physically repatterning me with her fingers. Putting all the trust back into place. With the template of purity I was very happy to feel that my purity was allowed to be here, like a birth right. Before I felt somewhere that it was not allowed to come through all the time. I had a lot of shame, guilt and fear regarding my purity (that I had to feel ashamed and guilty about being pure).
Thankfully it went away.

With the grid for the divine children I noticed all these dark old ladders falling down from the heavens. My own divine child leads me into burning them and then a geometrical grid is formed with golden ladders to connect all the grid points of the children. This way they can automatically get to their grid point and are still connected.

With the questions I could ask the family of light … I was guided to answer questions for them. All in terms of 'Are you
ready for....?' Agreeing to all of them shifted the timelines and made it possible for my needs to be met.
Amma’trisha, Nederlands



Dear ones, accept an alignment of your beings within the timelines which allow your physical presence to be with those holy ones of all realms and dimensions who join energies in presence with you within the holy Wesak valley in Tibet – for the celebration of the spiritual year which honours the enlightment of Lord Buddha and which is set as that day upon which spiritual blessings may be gained by all workers of the light – when your requests are known and heard and honoured – and with many cosmic downloads of divine spiritual energy offered those who meditate and attune their energies with those of the beloved ones who enter the Wesak valley in sacred remembrance of the divinity within each.

As you are placed within pyramid chambers of purest Source light, open now your energies, your chakra columns, to the heavens, and to Gaia – and receive reconnection in full between heaven and earth, safely, securely anchored between parallel worlds, and able in this place to have all of your needs met.

Your great hearts expand – and your heart flames link with each other around the world, those who are Dreamers of the New World – and linked with the Flower of Life – and with the individual grid points of the Lemurian Grid – and with the Star of Creation – and reconnection to the grids of light – and with your energies anchored in Gaia, reconnect also with her grids of love, light, power and creation – and with the galactic portals which hold importance for you – receiving assistance to fully connect and to anchor your energies safely and securely.

Breathe so deeply in expansion and connection, peace and joy, as angels from all of the higher realms of light commence now to attend to each chakra, each crystal, each diamond plate and body of light – restoring each and all dimensions of your being to divine blueprint and to original divinity.

Connected with all realms of light, with the family of light in close attendance, surrounded by your own Councils of Light, those who guide and support and care and love you – receive the transmissions of cosmic blessings that are yours this day. Open your beings to receive all which will take you to the next level of your life journey and path of light – and on this day it is possible that you be waived the completion of initiations within which you may be ‘stuck’ and unable to move forward – those challenges which no matter how you try to move forward, hold you fast in disempowerment, pain and fear and sadness.

Acknowledge and accept where you are stuck and challenged and troubled – without judgement of any other, allow yourself to accept the limitations you hold, the patterns of behaviour that have resulted in situations of distortion and of pain and struggle and fear and doubt and lack of love of and trust of self – and ask to be released.

And if you are given vision or knowledge of the solution that would bring most grace and ease and joy into your life – then ask for this solution to be offered. Without limiting the rights and free will of others, ask for what will bring peace and solution to your challenges.

And where you are experiencing relationship challenges – with lovers and family and friends, loved ones and workmates, or within bureaucracies and in business dealings – and there is conflict and misunderstanding and anger and bitterness and lack of communication – allow yourself to see the judgements of these ones that you hold – the blaming of others – and the defending of your own actions.

You are asked to act within your divinity, as a high initiate of light – and to look for and to accept your own part in these current challenges and conflicts.

What is it that is your own particular pattern – that has attracted conflict into your life? What are you being shown by this conflict………….......................?
That you give too much – or not enough?
That you are resentful, holding grudges and fears of non-acceptance by these ones? That you are in fear of painful consequences in your life – that things will go wrong and that you will suffer?
That you are in fear of failure – of being blamed and shamed – of making mistakes and of being blamed?
That you fear you have acted in error and in haste – and created harm in your relationship – and feel you must cover your back and project blame onto another to bring internal balance?
Is your mind spinning and endlessly making its judgements, explanations, stories, criticisms, blames, recriminations?
And are you exhausted by the force of the conflict that takes all of your energies?

And again, you are asked – what is your part in this – what are your patterns – what do you hold that has attracted these challenges and forces?

And where you have wrongfully judged another – and find that you have been, even partially, to blame for conflict – but have defended yourself in righteousness – not able to accept your own wrong doing – unravel your actions now and account for your own errors and mistakes of judgement and blame of another – and own your own part in all conflicts that have been playing out in your life.

And in owning the patterns in yourself which you have identified, the Karmic Board now offer for release the original records of your akasha which lie at the core of the distorted patterns of behaviour you have accepted in yourself, with full release and with karmic absolution across all timelines – in special dispensation on this holy Wesak day.

And where there is recrimination and lack of resolution – and where you still judge another – or others hold judgements against you – where you are misaligned and wrongfully judged, and judging – and there are recriminations still held, and bitterness and judgement – then with the assistance of the angels this is your opportunity to accept your own part in that which has occurred and to bring to resolution all that is outstanding in personal relationship with others – as the angels clear the distortions from your being – the energies of unrest and unease, of being swept up by the mind’s desires to be right, to explain, to justify, to blame, to judge – or of being judged unfairly by another – as all is cleared from your being – and you are given a platform of peace from which to now in this moment make resolution with those ones with whom you have unresolved issues – to apologise – and to give forgiveness – and to receive apology – and to ask that the cords which have bound you to another because there has not been completion between you – be cut – freeing your energies from the whirlwind of blame, shame, recrimination, justification, anger, bitterness, regret, solitude and loneliness – with karmic absolution – and release of the original core akashic records.

And that which is asked of you is that you not enter, at all, or ever, into gossip or thinking of another which detracts from that one – and never in judgement – and though you observe and acknowledge that there is distortion in another – to withhold the need to descend to the level of the third dimensional energies of the common man and of mankind in general and to judge and to discuss that one – for it is when you lower yourself, just an iota and for just a moment – then you are susceptible to the lower energies you have entered – and it is this which is their entry point into yours as a type of virus which then lowers all of your frequency and divinity, for you have been besmirched by lower entity thoughtforms – and so you have lowered your frequency.

And so that which is asked of you is that you – never or at all – judge or lower yourself to the viewpoints of others which are of discussion of that which is lower – that which is judgemental, that which is of gossip – for each time that you do this, you enter a lower world and it is when you are then susceptible.

And it is when you are freed of lower energies that you will know, so fully and well, that you have succeeded in holding divinity, purity and child-like innocence of the divine – for you will be free of energies which are of lower thoughtforms which are negative and destructive and which seek to lower your presence and effectiveness within divinity.

And so each time that you are faced, when talking with another, to discuss one who is judged to be lower or judged to be negative, or who has an interesting story to be shared which detracts from that one – all that which you discuss which you would not if that one was sitting with you – then you are to know that you will be reminded of that which you are encroaching upon in detraction and judgement and discussion of another – and you will learn to hold only purity, and attract only innocence and clarity and peace and purity into your life and within all areas of your life.

This is your key – to hold clarity, peace, purity and non-judgement of any other – and in this way you will detach from third dimensional thinking and third dimensional distorted reality – and will come to love your purity, peace and clarity – unbesmirched by any of that which is of a lower reality – and will hold the highest of realities, highest of integrity – and will soar far above that which is of lower, that which is pain and suffering – will learn to disengage and to disattach – and will find such true bliss in the doing and in the being.

Dear ones, having received explanation of how it is that you slip into third dimensional thinking and outcomes – and making your intent that you will hold yourself in truth and integrity, purity and non-judgement of any other – accept placement within your crown chakra of the Crystal of Disengagement – which allows connection with the godstreams – and detachment from the clouded and distorted thinking and reality of the masses – of mankind in general, and its distortions and fear.

And as the crystal is placed dear ones, enjoy now the detachment from the realities of the third dimension – and detachment from the fear-based pain matrix of humanity – as you connect with and flow with the godstreams – opening your heart and extending your energies upwards – just with your intent extending your energies upwards to the godstreams – enabled to ride above any distortions of the collective physical.

And merge with these energies and enjoy this blissful state of full connection with the god realms – and flow in these energies of bliss and love and of disconnection from any care or struggle or fear or concern.

For some time, you may flow and enjoy this state of godliness, for it is your true divine state – and you are only receiving that which is yours to enjoy…………………….………………..

And now lower your consciousness again – and your mind will quickly assist – by bringing to your awareness that which has been of concern, that which has created worry and stress and sadness and disappointment, disempowerment, struggle, fear, anger, conflict, bitterness, judgement.

And feel how quickly you – and your mind – fall from the godstreams. And compare the reality dear ones – how quickly you have fallen back into the third dimensional reality of physicality and of the common man.

And now activate again your Crystal of Disengagement ….

‘I activate my Crystal of Disengagement’

…. or ‘Disengage’

and open your heart and take your awareness up and above the third dimension and your cares and concerns and struggles – and connect with the godstreams – and experience the bliss of this and the lack of care and the freedom which is peace and bliss. And again enjoy and flow in the godstreams ………………………………………………………

And again, allow your thinking to descend – and for your mind to come into play once more and to pull you down into lower thinking, lower realities of worry and stress and fear and struggle.

And observe how your mind makes the shift.

And accept that you have learned to observe your mind as it shifts into lower realities and ways of being.

And as you have learned to observe your mind – make your decision now that you will use this gift – and each time you find your mind and your emotions slipping into despair, into sadness and pain, fear, stress and struggle, into judgement and distortion and gossip and any pattern which is negative – that you will expand your heart and activate your Crystal of Disengagement – and be enabled to ride above distortion and pain and struggle which connects you with the fear-based and pain-based collective grid of humanity – into the realms of disconnection and disengagement from pain and distortion – and to the realms of peace from care and pain.

Let us once more activate the Crystal of Disengagement – that you may again flow in the energies of bliss – as the angels assist your being to have memory and knowledge of this new ability, new gift, new Crystal of Disengagement which you hold, which will hold you in good stead in that which is ahead – and allow you to disengage from any suffering that may occur upon the earth plane, as much is still to change on this realm – and it is our lightworkers who will be brought to a safe and secure haven – protected and guided and held in safety – as much changes all around.

Such love for each of you beloved ones – and you are asked on this Wesak day of celebration to accept the assurances that are given you – that you will be held in security and safety – as the ancient memories of past experiences which are of catastrophe and disaster, of pain and suffering are taken from you – lifted from the chakras within akashic records – to enable you to be freed of fear and of dread – and of burden and responsibility at that which may be asked of you.

Each of you shares that which is held most easily and gracefully – and you are not asked to offer any but that which comes so naturally and easily from your heart.

It is your frequency of love and of heightened connection with the divine which is your divine role in the times to come – for it is from sharing your frequencies and from raising the consciousness of the earth realm with the love that you emanate from your hearts – that you allow so many to likewise shift to these frequencies of light and of love and of safety within connection with the divine.

And from this place of knowledge of that which you are, and of trust and acceptance of that which is ahead within the divine plan, accept within your beings the pulsing and the flooding of lighted radiance to transform and repattern each dimension of your being within divinity and original divine truth – and of connection with the godstreams - as the Divine Template of Disengagement is now anchored through you and to the earth plane.

Open your hearts and your beings as the divine ones that you are – and accept the anchoring of the new Universal Template of Disengagement, singing the mantra to allow the Crystal of Disengagement to anchor through you - and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –

Divine Template of Disengagement
and Detachment from Physical Distortion and Pain

I activate the Crystal of Disengagement
and Detachment from Physical Distortion and Pain.
I open my heart, and take my awareness up and above the third dimension
and its cares and concerns and struggles of fear and suffering
– and connect with the godstreams
– experiencing disengagement and detachment from lower reality suffering and pain – - and bliss, peace and freedom from care
- as I safely flow in the energies of the divine.



As the divine ones that you are, in purity and trust, connected with the godstreams and with the divine, disengaged from the third dimensional fear-based grid of pain and suffering - share, with your voices, this anchoring of the Divine Template of Disengagement and Detachment from Physical Distortion and Pain - toning and sounding and making your Oms - to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms and with humanity - allowing knowledge of your safety and security to be known and accepted, and trusting and accepting all of the support and the love that is given you as those who as leaders and dreamers of the new world bring such heightened frequencies, such heightened possibilities sufficient to bring all of humanity home with you – receiving disengagement from the suffering of lower realities – and raising above into the godstreams as you flow within these – and open yourself to receive the next level of your service contract for the ensuing year – with all blessings put in place to receive success and fulfillment - and make your requests, and receive from the Masters and from all of the family of light who stand guard around you – all that you require for fulfillment, peace, joy and bliss – to sustain every area of your life.

And open your beings and your hearts and your minds to the possibility of your joined energies holding full capability to turn the tide of the happenings in the Mexican Gulf – and to nullify the pumping and dispersal of Gaia’s resources of oil in distortion – and for a major heart opening to occur within humanity – whose effulgent outpouring of love and care of your earth and your sea life, your birds and animals and coastlines and waterways – affects and changes the reality.

And we call for all assistance, all support for those ones who will bring to earth new technologies of using natural energies – we call for those to come forth - those which do not deplete and empty and annihilate Gaia’s resources – but those which are freely available from the elements, having no need to be ‘owned’.

We call for an end to the manipulation and control of energy by those who seek to own and profit from the rape of our mother earth – and we open and expand our heart flames – and call for the outcomes we have demanded.

I am Divine Father with Gaia.


‘The earth changes may receive their culmination when a percentage of 30% of humanity is in heightened reconnection with the divine within, and the relentless nature of the continuing destruction-based onslaughts will, by the great heart opening that occurs in sadness at the continuing levels of huge pain and loss within brother and sister that results, bring heightened levels of divinity which may reach its timely commencement with the hallowed time of such speculation (2012). And so it is not the destruction that occurs that is the prime reason for the losses, but it is the heart opening and softening and love of one for another, one for all, that is the fulcrum which, in rising from disillusionment towards sad love of others, lifts all from the percentile reached, and indeed the fulcrum of love and hope propels all upon their journey Home.’ Lady Ashtar

We all play our role in this great heart opening that is occurring,
sharing our love and our wholeness with humanity
that the hearts of all may open, and we may journey Home.


The sacred sound transmissions of the angelic symphonies and Tibetan bells take you on a journey with the Ascended Masters and all of the family of light. As you sit in meditation or lie quietly, the sacred sounds will release records of the akasha - distortions, memories, experiences, beliefs, patterns, programs - and repattern and transform your twelve body system, restoring every dimension, circuitry, chakra, cell and DNA to your original divine blueprint.

While listening to the voice transmission, offer up your challenges and sadness and allow all to be released – as the angels repattern and restrand your DNA to divine perfection – allowing disconnection from the collective web of fear and pain.

Allow time to integrate the healing and be aware that distortions in their release may create disturbance. The activations will create change which is ongoing, so go gently, take adequate rest and hydrate your body with adequate fluids.

My Soul Returns to God


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more.

Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the code as the healing is ongoing.