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Nov 2, 2011

The Energies of 11:11 - and the New World



The Energies of 11:11 – and the New World

Several weeks ago I was taken to the Doorway of the New World, and without hesitation, walked through – and immediately began to pull through those who are my beloveds, that we would be together in the New World. I pulled through the beloved poddies from sacred mystery school, and those for whom I have channeled akashic records and keepership readings over the years, and those who have been part of the Dreaming the New World meditations – it was such a very beautiful experience.

But quickly, it became apparent that many were not yet able to hold the frequencies of the New World – and as I was holding the energies holographically, I began to embody their distortions that these may be transmuted – enduring some times of great pain and heaviness. Holographically all was being transmuted and brought to wholeness.

And later, great waves and levels of despair, failure, hopelessness and heavy sadness and grief then buffeted me for days – embodying the lost dreams and lost hopes of so many lightworkers as a result of the nature of their varying experiences across the aeons of physical life.

Holographically over the course of some weeks the distortions and hopelessness were transmuted – and the wholeness then embodied was then bounced back and holographically replicated. A great awareness arose of the splitting of god into the monads – that god may know himself in a larger way – and this great wholeness also is received by all.

Recently, the peace that surpasses all has been known and enjoyed – and this is the New World – where from peace, wholeness, joy and love we are enabled to manifest the realities of our dreams. Interestingly, there is no desire or attachment – only that this peace may be never-ending.


I have been asked to share two very powerful techniques that have been given to me by Father God – for in the New World we have now attained the gift of manifestation.

1.Technique to take yourself out of a lower reality – and to shift to a higher reality

If you are troubled by something or lessened by something happening in your life, you intend a new reality - and you write it - what this new reality is that makes your heart sing and overcomes any challenge - and you continually shift to this new reality - with your mind and will - and align yourself with divine will - and when you are aligned with divine will, you automatically are raised to a higher frequency that matches your own destiny path and joy path.

Our time of struggle need not remain – and it is for us to change our thinking and our reality. It is for us to find the solutions – to switch from struggling with a reality – and to see the solution.

As Dreamers of the New World, it is for us to initiate the results we desire – to create these, to see them so clearly – and to bring them in. Rather than struggling and hoping – it is for us to find the solution – and to write this down.

With our hearts open, the solution is given by the divine – and in writing the solution, the higher reality which is given us by the divine, expressed through our heart – is then brought to the physical realm by the physical act of using our creativity to write the solution.

The solution is then achieved for it has passed beyond our will and heart – and is brought to the earth plane – and the universe mirrors and manifests the reality we have chosen.

It works!

2. The method of manifesting and bringing in your reality

If you have a challenge or a problem - and for instance it may be that you have a dream for your life that you feel unable to manifest because you don't have the money, opportunities, people, resources etc ... then you write down the dream, in all the details you can visualise. And if there is a problem, then you write the solution.

Will use an example I offered to a beautiful young man who holds keys for the New World:

‘I want to live in the forest in a nature sanctuary where I am in total joy to be in connection with the beauty and the nature forces and the sprites, pixies, faeries, elementals, trents, unicorns ... are in absolute joy with me to be in such a place that stirs our hearts with inspiration ... and I would like groups to come to me ... and I would love to teach these people how to see into the dimensions and the nature kingdoms and to connect and work and understand and see and hear the wonders of these kingdoms. and so on...

And then you write:

Solution: I am living in (the rainforest in the Byron Bay area) or (in a cool area high on Bali's slopes) or whatever ... I am invited to share in a nature sanctuary resort (or whatever your heart comes up with as a solution or an inspiration) ... or ... I meet wonderful people of purity who are inspired by me and by my dream and who work together to bring my dream into reality ... or ... the funds are given me to buy the land to create the sanctuary and wondrous people come into my life as builders, landscapers, marketeering experts, website designers etc. to work with me in the physical roles of making this dream come true. Because my heart and soul are so pure and true and because I am aligned with my life purpose totally, magnetically my destiny partners and life partners come to me and are met and we begin to create the wonderful project, with all resources we need (and write down what these are, what you need, as exactly as you can) and the children and adults who will learn from me ... and write here what it is you want to teach them, in detail ... are magnetically attracted to me, and they come. And there is reward for me and my group, and plenty and abundance, and joy and fulfillment, honour, justice, truth, unconditional love, trust, respect, equality, freedom and all of our needs are met (and write what these needs are).’


Once you have written the blueprint there is a wonderful feeling of openhearted trust - for you are creating your own dreams and have fully opened and surrendered to the universe. It is in this moment of joy, surrender and trust that miracles occur.

Once the universe knows what you want and how and when, then it will bring it to you. Often it will be brought in ways that you didn't plan and it will be a different dream, but it will be fully aligned with your life purpose and will still delight you.

And as you know more of what you need, then you write the dream again, always refining and enlarging and enhancing and adding the details as you work them out.

It does come true. And then when it does, sometimes things are a little out of order or there are things happening that do not bring you joy - and then you write a new sub-chapter about those things - to create them the way you would like them to be.

Always you are refining your own dream and are master of your own destiny rather than a victim to a life.

We are the creators of the new world - it is from our own dreams and ideas for our life that the new world is created. And you can also share this technique of working with your dreams to manifest your reality - to others - the children will love it. They can create through art, or play, or role modeling or music or drama, whatever is their gift they can use to bring in their dreams and the new world. a technique to always shift to a higher reality.

If you are troubled by something or lessened by something happening in your life, you intend a new reality - and you write it - what this new reality is that makes your heart sing and overcomes any challenge - and you continually shift to this new reality - with your mind and will - and align yourself with divine will - and when you are aligned with divine will, you automatically are raised to a higher frequency that matches your own destiny path and joy path.


11:11:11 is a numerical alignment which holds great importance – for it opens the doorway through which the New World emerges. There is such a desire among lightworkers to participate on this day. Many have contacted me, wishing to join together our hopes and dreams. So beautiful to see this re-emergence of trust and hope and participation – for the path has been long and arduous – and it felt that many had been lost. But there is a re-emergence of hope – and the worldwide uprisings against control and injustice have seen us re-ignited with positivity – that we do have a voice – and a choice – and we WILL achieve a New World.

I share below a beautiful meditation that we will use in Australia for ceremonies to activate interdimensional portals and centres of light – at 11am and 11pm. There is a group at the Temple of Heaven holding the energies for Bali – and in Los Angeles, Michael Liss will be anchoring the Blueprints for the New Human in a group workshop. We will be linking with other groups around the world – and you are so welcome to join with us - for there are possibilities on this special day to create these places and portals of interdimensional access in our sacred places – and to bring about creations of beauty and change.

In bliss, peace and joy, we share our love - for the New World

Astrea Sri Ana


Meditation for 11:11 – and the New World

We connect with those meditating with us around the world on this important planetary alignment. We link with Australia … and with Bali … and in Los Angeles where the Blueprints for the New Human are now anchored to the United States … creating a triangle of light between Australia, Bali and the United States … and we link our own countries of residence and our sacred places … and offer our love and our energy as the fuel of transmission which the Galactic Federation will utilise to form the Grid of the New World.

We connect through the portals of our physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth … connecting through our own diamond body of light … connecting the portals of our light body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, connecting with the galaxies, aligning with the galactic portals, aligning with the Great Central Sun and with our own planet of origin … with much assistance given to enable this connection …… and connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth … fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection … connecting with individual grid points of the Grid of the New World … and with Gaia … and with the Flower of Life … and with the Realms of Grace … calling for assistance that we be fully and divinely connected and aligned to the highest potential for transformation, for love, for joy, for peace, for truth and freedom … for abundance … and for change of the highest order.

We call to the beloved family of light, calling in all angels, Archangels, Elohim, cherubim, seraphim and thrones of angels … we call to the Ascended Masters of Shamballa and the Great White Lodge … to the Sisters of the Rays and Rose … to the Galactic Federation and to the Ashtar Command … calling to the emissaries of love and light of all of the higher dimensions, calling particularly to those from Sirius and the Pleiades, from Arcturus and Andromeda, from Venus, from Alcyone, from Chiron, from Lyra, and from Maya of the Pleiades … we call to the faeries and the elves, the gnomes, the sylphs, the salamanders, the devas, the elementals and those of the crystal kingdom … and the nature kingdoms … to be present with us and to grace us with your love sufficient that greatness may occur this day.

We call to the ancestors and the guardians of the land and ask for your blessings, as we open ourselves to be the conduits of your desire for the reclamation of the sanctity of this land and of its return to innocence and wholeness … all distortions released through the flow of the love we share this day.

We call for the anchoring of an interdimensional portal of light and a grid point of the New World in this sacred place.

We ask for the anchoring of the Divine Templates of Perfection and of Universal Law and the Holograms of the New Human and New World to be anchored and activated in this portal and grid of light.

We open our hearts and our bodies of light and offer ourselves as vehicles for the divine.

We open our hearts and our beings and connect our energies with all other grid points of the Grid of the New World … and to Australia and Bali and Los Angeles … and we allow the energies to flow between us and to each other … and to all grid points.

We call to the Keepers of the Realms of Grace … and ask for the transmissions of your rays and templates of grace to flow through each of us, and to this portal and to the Grid of the New World … as we open ourselves as the conduits … to receive on our own behalf, and on behalf of all.

We call for the 7 Rays of Divine Love of Bali to pour forth over each of us, and this sacred place. We offer for release to Source all wounds of the Lemurian age, and all ages … receiving purification by the 7 Divine Rays of Love of Bali of the Divine Masculine Body, Solar, Lunar, Divine Feminine bodies, Body of Divine Will, Soul and Spiritual Bodies, allowing God Presence to be aligned and to activate through this portal … receiving full connection with the Flower of Life and the Web of Light and with the Realms of Grace, healing all disconnection to Source and to God, so that in the divinity last experienced in the Lemurian Age, the full flow of love, abundance, prosperity, peace and wholeness and connection with God, supported by the synchronistic connection via the Flower of Life to All That Is, may be experienced … restoring to innocence, wholeness, unconditional love and interconnectedness with all.

We call to Gaia and to our Family of Light and ask for the full anchoring of the Flower of Life to this portal, and to Gaia, and to our planet earth.

We call for assistance to anchor an interdimensional grid point of light to this land, as a place of love, purity and greatness … and as a sacred place which assists in the strengthening and stabilisation of the entire grid … and a place from which love and Source energy may be accessed by all. And so it is.

We call for the freeing of the faery kingdom and elementals and devas, and release from their entrapment. We connect to each grid point of the grid of light and call for this for all of our planet earth.

We call to the guardian keepers and ancestral holders of truth and wisdom of this land and offer ourselves as conduits of love sufficient that the distortions of the earth and all dimensions and realms … the memories and the abuses and the sadnesses that this area and surrounding areas … all that has been experienced of pain, suffering, death, disempowerment … be released through the intercession of the angelic forces of light who are present with us this day … as we allow the flows of love to fill us and to pass from us and around us in circle … and emitted as frequencies of love to enable the release of all distorted earth energies … as we open our hearts in forgiveness of all that has occurred, in our wish and desire that the karmic plane find its release and annihilation … and that all may return to their heavenly Home.

We hold the highest ideal of love, of equality, of justice, of freedom, of truth in its highest ideal of integrity and love … releasing all hatred, greed and egoic need for power and control

… between man and woman
… between man, woman and child
… in government
… in courts of justice
… in bureaucracies
… in religion
… in politics
… in business …
… in financial dealings
… in ownership of our planet’s resources
… between our world powers

We call to the animal kingdom and open our hearts in love of these companions upon our earth and give thanks for their role. We call for the planetary forces that may assist our animals in their own evolutionary journeys, calling for all assistance. For the animals of this earth who are suffering and in need, hungry and diseased, in pain and fear … we call to the angels to assist these ones, to allow them to be freed from their suffering … and as these ones receive the support they have been denied through our own disregard and the lack of honour and compassion of mankind, there may be a mass raising of the consciousness of this planet earth and of mankind … raising the consciousness and frequency as a result of this mass heart opening … and we make our vows to continue to hold our animals in our hearts and to offer these ones our continuing love and support and assistance.

We call to the Karmic Board with our plea that all karma be transmuted, dissolved and released … and that all are freed from the karmic wheel. We ask that all outstanding karmic debts be dissolved. We ask that the karmic experiences playing out in wars between nations and religions be dissolved, allowing peace to take the place of war. We ask that the karmic plane now receive its annihilation, with grace … replaced by the Holograms of Divine Perfection and the Templates of Universal Law.

We call to all women, and ask that they receive honour for their beauty, their grace, their caring and nurturing and ability to love unconditionally. And we make our vows that as women we will honour and love ourselves for our qualities of grace and love. We give our vow that we will hold all women in honour and gratitude for all that they do and all that they are … calling now for all oppression of the feminine to be vanquished, dissolved.

We call to all men, and ask that they receive the honour that is their due for their strength and grace, for their love of their loved ones. And we make our vows that as men we will honour and love ourselves for our strength and grace and love.

We align our divine feminine with our divine masculine

We honour all men and all women for their divine nature, and ask that all be restored to their divine blueprint, with the release of their karmic wounds which have been incurred across the ages and aeons of physical life.

We call to all children and honour their divine nature and innocence, their trust and childlike wonder at this adventure which is life. We offer our apologies for the wrongs done to our children in the past. And we make our vows to hold our children as divine, and to hold them in their innocence, with our request that our children be allowed to remain in this natural state, free of the harshness which has led them to close their hearts and their minds to their own qualities of such beauty and intelligence.

We open our hearts and our beings and hold our highest ideals of truth, justice, peace, plenty, freedom, equality and love … and we allow the energies of this special planetary alignment to transform us and all of mankind. We pulse from our hearts our love for all mankind … and we call for the manifestations we have demanded.

And so it is.