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Jul 30, 2012

Hologram from the Miraculous Realms ~ Miracles ~

Wednesday 8 August 2012

We receive the gift of Miracles in this activation – taken upon a journey deep within our heart to release all suffering, all blockage – allowing our heart to expand to full radiance and magnificence and to become magnetic to the munificence of the universe, with the ability to manifest heart’s dreams. It is by shifting into gratitude that we become radiant to the miracle realms and the blessings of the universe. No matter what is occurring in your life, no matter how challenged – if you will find those things for which you may be grateful – and focus on those – and shift into gratitude – then you will also make a very subtle shift into joy – which lifts your frequency and vibration – opens your heart – and makes you magnetic to the blessings of the universe. Your own joy will bring you more joy. A simple universal law.

If you focus on one thing for which you are grateful – even if it is chocolate, or coffee, or a good book, or a glass of wine – or nature, a flower, a pet – or spending time with a friend – or music, a movie, a DVD – or looking back on the progress you have made in your life – and focus on the simple joy – and then call to mind all the things that are good in your life ~ and for me it is gratitude for the way I live, in nature and in beauty – grateful that my electricity is working, and water is running – that I am able to walk and jog and be inspired by beauty, and with organic vegetables abundantly available – that I have come through and beyond so many challenging times - that I have work that I love and beloveds around the world ~ then you will become radiant. Think about what would make you feel grateful, and if it is chocolate, or a perfect apple, then become joyful in the anticipation. No matter how challenging life may be, there is always one thing for which we can be grateful – and if we become in the practice of focusing our energy on gratitude – shifting above any challenge, any struggle or fear – then the subtle shift allows our radiance to reflect back to us the answers to our prayers – and for us to be surrounded in a force field of positive energy. It is for us to now be masters of our own energies – for this is important in the days ahead – to allow us to take up and receive all our needs met – and to manifest our heart’s dreams and our destinies.

Life continues to have challenges for many – this is after all a very strong year, 2012 – and the timelines are assisting all distortions to be brought to the surface so they may be faced, healed, released.


A miraculous code of sacred geometry has been given – which activates the crystal of disengagement – and I would like to share this again. The method is to take your awareness up and above the third dimension, above any struggle or challenge or suffering or fear – to the godstreams, where there is only peace and perfection. In activating the crystal of disengagement you are given immediate reprieve from the struggle and suffering. You may continually use this method, until you are totally free of the emotional and mental stress which is occurring. The code is attached.

As high initiates of light, our path is not one where we are to remain immersed within third dimensional collective density and suffering – for we are not effective on our path as way-showers if we fall into chaos and desperation - and we are given many tools and much assistance to achieve our natural frequency which shifts us higher out of this force field of negativity. This is our path, to achieve this frequency where there is freedom from care – able then to attract our needs gracefully and with ease.


Body of Light Utube video – Astrea singing the language of light to restore the individual crystals and chakras of the bodies of light – visuals of stunning orbs as Lemurian holograms of love anchored by Michael Liss and Amma’trisha at a waterfall in Bali Thank you Melchizidek for creating this beautiful video.


We had a most beautiful Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school – a quite awesome group of wondrous beings – who hold the Christ consciousness – evident in their graceful mastery and generosity of spirit and heart. After 7 days of intensive activations with wondrous frequencies and energies, we gathered for a portal ceremony, led by Justin Dreyer, Al Shante.

Stairs have appeared at the entrance to the light city at Temple of Heaven and as a group which holds Lemurian connections we were able to enter the city and to bring with us our dreams for the new world, joining our dreams and gifting them. We each brought back a gift from this ancient Lemurian city, now surfacing and re-emerging – bringing to the earth realm these wondrous gifts of ages past - and these seeds of the new world form its foundation. Justin and Novara Wakuha, gifted healers, blessed the group with many miracles of assistance.

Photos of mystery school are available on this link:


As we shift frequencies, and embody radiance, we allow the blessings of the universe to shower upon us, as Miracles – and we bless all humanity with our radiance – that they too may receive with us.

Astrea Sri Ana


Blueprints for the New Human workshop 27-28 October 2012
With Novara Wakuha, offering a new workshop at the Temple of Heaven – journaling to acknowledge and release all current disempowering sadness and distortion – and receiving all of the Blueprints for the New Human in a series of activations. Astrea will offer individual repatterning of the bodies of light singing the creation language of light.


Japanese Sacred Mystery School - The Path of the Mystic August 1-3 2012
with Malika and Astrea


In Singapore Cezann Tan is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each Wednesday at 7.30pm. Contact her for information if you would like to join her group:

In Los Angeles Michael Liss will be offering activations at the Shahr Salon & Wellness Centre. Contact Michael for more information: michaelmmlc@yahoo.

In South Africa, Germiston, Gauteng region, the beautiful Matsela Mariet Manaka is offering the Dreaming the New World activations each Monday at 7pm – alternating with meditations to release the core wounds of the soul. If you would like to join her groups you can email her


You can use this activation at any time and as often as you feel to. In tuning in with the group in Bali, asking and intending that you be aligned same time, same place, you will receive especial acceleration. In Bali all are welcome to join the activations each month at the Temple of Heaven in Ubud.


How to Work with the Codes of Sacred Geometry
Print the hologram. Holding the hologram at arms length, sing the mantra and look at the geometries. Sing the mantra at least 3 times ... and then while still looking at the hologram, draw it towards your body slowly until it rests against your third eye ... and hold it there until you feel complete. Repatterning occurs to the electro-magnetic field of your bodies of light. The process of restoration is ongoing and the holograms may be used regularly, daily.

Akashic record channeled readings
Astrea has a beautiful gift to find and release the original core memories and experiences you may hold as an akashic record which manifests as patterns of recurring disempowerment, trauma, pain and suffering. More information at this link


‘The Star of Creation, all codes successfully activated and anchored to earth, transforms and transmutes all memories of creation – and all possibilities of new creation, based on the divine realms of god, the miraculous realms, are now centered within your Temple of Heaven – this is the base from which miracles may originate. Specific intents may be offered and using the Miracle hologram as facilitator, creations of original intent may now manifest into creations of miracles ..…… have a specific intent, and use the miraculous holograms to create outcomes … these form the basis and foundation of the new world.’ Divine Father God

From The Miraculous Realms Of God

Breathe beloveds as you open your column of light – connected with the Source realms –and with the crystal heart of Lady Gaia - breathing deeply as each of the chakras is assisted to open – as we welcome those of your own Council of Light who gather now around you, holding you in great love. And those who are the angelics, and the Archangels, the faery and elven kingdoms, the ancestral guardians, those of middle earth, the starry ones of light, the Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, emissaries of love and of repatterning of the higher dimensional bodies of light – all those who support your path now stand with you – and these ones know of your path – they know of your mastery, they know of that which disempowers and limits you – and they know of that which is there for you as gift, and as destiny.

Expand as your heart opens in joy – as energies of love and of expansion flood through your open column of light – radiantly filling each chakra of your rainbow bridge galactic column of light – safely and fully connected between heaven and earth - and in its flow of radiance, casting aside distortions – and allowing repatterning to original blueprint to be received – of each crystal, chakra, diamond plate, meridian, vortex and gateway of your multidimensional bodies of light.

And that which you are within the higher realms – that one who holds magnificence – is accepted by you as you breathe and allow all to be restored – opening yourself to hand over and release the small and large concerns of daily life – and receiving release of the original akashic records that lie at the core of all that holds imperfection, pain, suffering, sadness, limitation, lack of faith, disempowerment – and allowing to be dissolved the beliefs that limit you, those of capability, of trust, of self-love. And as all that is not of original divine blueprint is cast aside by the brilliant flows of golden rainbow light from the Source realms – your radiant heart glows so brightly – as you hold these frequencies and accept them – those which are your natural state in the higher realms – and those which today are given you in an acceleration of your path.

The heart, beloveds holds importance – for in its radiant perfection it holds the ability to reflect and bring to you your every need. When the heart shines brightly and with clear radiance – then you are magnetic to the munificence and plenty of the universe.

Allow the angels to guide you within your own heart – to your heart temple, your crystal diamond heart – as you breathe deeply and journey deeply inside the heart. And observe the state of your heart temple, whether it is glowing with light and beauty – or is dusty and in darkness. Accept the help of the angelics who care for your heart temple, attending to every corner and floor and ceiling and wall – to cast away that which is dross, detritus, that which you have accumulated over all the course of your life as limiting sadness and suffering and pain – allow all to be swept aside – replaced with a radiant influx of Source light which fills your heart with divine energy – and as your heart temple is rebuilt – and you may enjoin with the angels – to refurbish your heart temple, creating beauty with flowers whose perfume thrills with divine ambrosias – and as lights, chandeliers of beauty are installed – with lustrous wall coverings of radiant colour and beauty – and mosaic floors of translucent crystal – and there are clear turquoise pools of transparent warm waters, with crystals within and elixirs of radiant life from which you may sip and bathe – and there is beauty within – and radiance and lightness and joyful gratitude at the beauty of your own heart – for indeed you are beautiful to behold – for this heart is your radiant heart, untouched by suffering, limitation or pain. And you may at any time enter your heart temple – and attend to the state of your heart – to release sadness and pain – that your heart may be restored to your state of radiant beauty.

Your frequency shifts, rises – as you expand further – the heart now filled with light – and your heart radiating such love – for your natural state is love – and you have been shifted to this frequency that you recall and remember – one that is unaffected by physical cares and concerns.

Beloveds, as you continue to hand over the struggles, the challenge, sadness, disempowerment – all that has limited you in recent and past times – breathe deeply as you are given the Crystal of Disengagement – the angels anchoring this within your energies that always this is available to you – with its ability to shift you above lower dimensional suffering and the consciousness of the wounded collective of humanity - for your natural state is given you, that you may achieve success in your life and in your mission and life contract – to enable you to be effective – and to be without suffering from the denseness of the lower earthly realities.

Always this was promised you, to enable you to shift out of and above the lower dualities which seek to imprison in doubts and fears – as you open now to receive the ability to activate the crystal of disengagement and detachment from physical distortion and pain. Open your heart and take your awareness up and above the third dimension and its cares and concerns and struggles of fear and suffering – and connect with the godstreams – experiencing disengagement and detachment from lower reality suffering and pain – and bliss, peace and freedom from care – as safely you flow in the energies of the divine.

As you shift and enter the godstreams, flow so sweetly and lightly in these streams of unlimitedness – and take your fill – for these realms are natural to you in your unlimitedness – and will enfill you and enthuse you – and lift you far above all human concerns of suffering and angst. And always you may shift your awareness, should you be troubled by lower realities, by conflict, lack, confusion, fear, suffering, pain and sadness – and flow far above these realities – this gift is given you to give you reprieve from the human condition – to allow you a reclaiming of the natural radiance that is your birthright – and promise of the ever present radiance that is your goal.

Flowing in the godstreams, radiant heart ablaze with love and trust – you may now ask for all that will bring increased grace and ease to your life……………………………………


With acceptance of all that is occurring in your life that saddens and limits – just acceptance – without bitterness – or thought of failure – let go of personal slights from people and circumstances – where this is injustice, where you are not honoured – let go of frustrations, limitations, wrongs and slights – allowing to be taken from you any struggle or confusion – allowing fear to be dissolved.

Acknowledge and accept the recurring patterns, behaviours, fears and struggles that take you over – that sadden and bring pain and suffering – and where you are without success, without opportunity, where you are blocked and there are obstacles in your way – accept all that is occurring – without bitterness – and let go of any beliefs of failure or incapability.

For you are flowing now within the realms of unlimitedness – and as you continue to accept and acknowledge all that saddens and limits you – cast these aside – as the angels assist to take from you all that is not of original divine perfection – as you expand and expand into freedom from care – for the frequency so beautiful and high disallows anything but love and peace – and you are flowing in these energies of such peace and love – unlimited – as you continue to surrender and hand over all suffering, fear, pain, doubt and all beliefs which hold you back with obstacles and blocks – and all is dissolved by the brilliant flows of Source light.

And all that you have gained as wisdom, each ‘aha’ of inspiration and truth and wisdom that you have ever gained over all experience – is reclaimed by you – as the angels restore your truth and your wisdom to you.

And that which you have incurred as karmic record – is dissolved – taken from you – as gift of love and blessings from the divine – as you hand over the recurring patterns and behaviours of disempowerment and grief and pain - as you continue to expand and to shift into higher frequencies of unlimitedness.

Without distortion, without limitation or blockage or fear – flow in these realms of the godstreams – your radiant heart ablaze with trust and love – and open further and wider your radiant heart – as the angels align you with your mission path – and as you step upon your mission path – obstacles and blockages cleared from your path – and the path glows brightly, straight and lined with light.

The angels and Masters know of your path and your destiny – and your radiant heart holds knowledge of that which you have chosen as your path. Aligned with your destiny, and your heart attuned to your heart’s dream – you are enabled now to ask for the Miracles that will bring you the fulfillment within the life of your dreams.

Ask to be shown what it is that is your heart’s desire for fulfillment in this lifetime – what it is that makes your heart sing with joy.


Ask to be shown what it is that is your particular gift to the world – and how it is that you will bring this gift to earth – and in what way you will make use of this wondrous gift.


And who are your destiny partners – those who will play role with you in the life of your dreams, using all of your gifts, abilities, talents and skills? Ask to be shown these ones who will play role with you – and what are their own roles – which roles will you play together – and what is the outcome of your joint dreams?


What are the personal attributes that you have to gift the world? And what are the blocks to bringing these gifts to earth?


As you acknowledge and ‘own’ the blocks that prevent you from stepping forward fully into the full use of your power and gifts – name these – and allow them to be taken from you by the angels who attend to your energies – always shifting higher and higher in frequency – and allowing to be cast aside by the flows of light all that holds you in lower dimensional denseness and limitation.


And what are your personal dreams – those that to date have been unrequited, unable to be pulled to you and known and enjoyed? Your radiant heart is in resonance with that which you have chosen as your life and your path – and knows of the divine path that awaits you.

Feel into this dream – and feel if it is in resonance with that which was chosen by you – or whether you have become drawn in by the physical dimension and succumbed to the desires of the flesh and of humanity.

And if your dream is for love, for physical love and intimacy – and a divine partner – then fall into your heart – to find if your dream holds resonance with that which you have chosen as physical path. For some of you hold high paths, of importance – and have chosen in this lifetime that you hold a separate and high path which does not include the normal physical and domestic delights. And if you desire a domestic path – feel into your radiant heart to find if there is resonance there – for this path – or whether you have aligned yourself with humanity, and the typical human desires.

And if you find that your heart’s dreams have become lessened by your physical nature, and you have succumbed to the desires of the mass consciousness, and forgotten your divine nature and of the differing path that you hold – then allow the angels to hold you in such love – as a cocoon of healing love is placed around you and within each of your chakras and your bodies of light – to take from you the human grief that you hold, to be denied the physical intimacies of a domestic life – and a partner – and the support and love and care of that one who loves you. There is such grief beloveds to see you denied that which aligns you with your humanity – and all care and love is given you to allow to be taken from you the sadness you feel to be denied that which you yearn for.

Offer up for surrender your sadness and grief – to be denied that which is a normal human entitlement – and align yourself with the path which you have chosen – that which holds not normality, but which sees you on a heightened path of brilliance and of mastery – of interdimensionality and in the use of your magnificent gifts – to share with humanity your divinity, your love.

And acknowledge and accept that you have chosen your path, wisely and well – and the fulfillment you will achieve is in the sharing of your love with a wider field – and accept and acknowledge that your path may be different from the norm, and that you come from a place of magnificence – and play your role on behalf of the great shift within humanity – such times of greatness.

And hold your greatness to you – and hold your divinity to you in acceptance and in brilliance – and allow the angels to release you from human bondage and suffering – to allow your brilliance to be undiminished by grief and regret – and to allow you to take up your role, in fulfillment, without suffering – but with such joy and radiance – that your heart may share with all humanity its love – unlimited, not held back by the normal conflicts of domestic life – but free to share your love, your gifts, your magnificence with all.


And feel into your heart if your divine path holds resonance to bring children into the world – feel this, if this is that which you have chosen. And if you find that this is not your path – yet you feel grief to be denied this gift of children – then allow the angels to take from you this grief – allow it to be taken from your energies, fully and permanently – that you may be freed of this grief – and feel the resonance of the life of mission and of fulfillment that you have chosen – and allow to be shown those you will reach, and the extent of its reach – and accept and acknowledge that your role holds importance – and accept the honour that is there for you in this role – and shift in frequency to align yourself with all that you have chosen – without grief, without regret, without bitterness and feeling denied that which is normal in human terms – and align yourself with your full divinity – and accept this path which is yours – as one which holds importance.

Accept that your path is one of ascension – that you have given over this lifetime as one which will release from you all manner of suffering of previous lifetimes – and restore you in fullness to your divine perfection. Acknowledge and accept this is your path – and allow all opposition, all dissatisfaction, all regret – to be annulled, diminished – and taken from you – that you may be freed of all that blocks you and limits you from your full magnificence – and all that holds you from perfection in your life path, that which was chosen by you.

Grief and suffering taken from you – discontent at that which you are denied dissolved – your radiant heart is enabled to expand in gratitude – for the life that you have – as you name that which brings joy and gratitude to your life – the small and large pleasures – grateful for human life, for its beauty, its range and complexity – the pleasures of the body, of exercise and dance – of music – of food and the enjoyment of favourite meals – the simplicity of small pleasures that bring contentment and peace – the love of friends and beloveds and the sharing together and the support and care of others at times of need – the beauty of this earth – and its animals and plants and rivers and oceans, mountains and ravines.

As you ponder on all that brings gratitude to your heart – observe how your heart radiates in fullness and joy when you are in gratitude – and feel the force field of such power and love that emanates from your heart and your being. It is in this moment that you are radiant to the blessings of the universe – and have only to utter a request – and its miracle returns to you. Continue to expand in this force field of love and gratitude – as you become radiant to the blessings of the munificent universe.


And that which is the life of your dreams beloveds – name it – and describe it – visualise and embroider this which brings joy to your heart in that which you will achieve. And feel the resonance of this which is your heart’s dream – and allow the Hologram of Miracles to bring to you that which you yearn for, and that which is your heart’s dream – that which you will achieve and enjoy in peace, joy and fulfillment.


And as you flow in the sublime energies of the godstreams, undiminished, without limitation, all distortions taken from you – allow the Hologram of Miracles to be anchored through you – to bring you your heart’s dreams – and you are able to accept this Pathway of Miracles – and to traverse this pathway – to allow its opening for humanity that all may receive the gift of Miracles to create ease, grace, joy, peace, justice, equality, abundance and plenty upon the earth plane.

And we sing the mantra for the Hologram of Miracles to allow this to be received – and to be anchored to earth as a reality – as a Miracle from the realms of god that all may live in radiance, peace, grace, ease, fulfillment, joy, health, justice, equality and the life of their heart’s dreams.

Ki‘ii’ii Hi Ii’ii Swi I’ii Hi’ii’ii Qwi’ii’ii Ti Hi Ii’ii’ii


Ke-ee-ee He Ee’ee Swee Ee-ee He-ee-ee Qwee-ee-ee Tee He Ee-ee-ee

On behalf of all humanity you allow the Hologram of Miracles to anchor through you, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light - and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may Love spread – allowing Miracles to be brought to earth – and the Miracle Pathway is opened for all to traverse - that life may be filled with Miracles for all those who hold radiance of heart – and that Gaia may receive that which will lift her burdens and bring increased radiance and frequencies of the highest order.

Breathe deeply as Miracles anchor to earth, anchoring through you and to Lady Gaia and to her grids of light.

Open your radiant hearts and allow the love of your being to widen, to expand and to fill your being in its radiance – and share your love in widening bands of radiance and joy – and expand further, linking with others around the world – linking countries of residence – and with your beloveds – naming these, those in countries close – and far – those who are your beloveds.

And linking with those who are Dreamers of the New World - and expanding further now as you link together, exponentially receiving great expansion as the frequencies of each receive connection – and expanding wider and deeper.

And Dreamers of the New World as you link and connect, expand your radiant hearts to connect with all lightworkers – that all may receive the Miracles that will bring them peace, grace, joy, ease, fulfillment and freedom. Hold the frequencies for all lightworkers, that they may receive these energies gracefully – hold them that they may sustain these Miracles of radiant love.


And link and share with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being, even though it be unknown to them physically - the desire for wholeness and Oneness with their god, and for ascension – and expand your radiant hearts to hold these ones of humanity who desire to return to wholeness and Oneness and to godliness – that Miracles may be received by them to lift and shift them to their highest potential.

And you may tone and sound – to anchor Miracles to earth that all may receive the ability to journey upon the Miracle pathway of ascension which has been this day restored to earth from the realms of creation.

You are beloved of god and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love. You are held always in purest light – and greatness is achieved this day. I Am Father God.