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Mar 24, 2009

honour innocence, harbour the humble


Equinox Friday 20 March 2009 … 5pm local time

The Equinox in Bali will be an important one as it falls within such heightened energies of celebration, and so we ride with those immense energies of joy and love, sanctity and celebration.

All of Hindu Bali celebrates Galungan on 18 March, the holiest day of the calendar, and there is such joy as all of the Hindu gods and ancestors remain with us for 10 days. On the day after the Equinox and for the following month, all Balinese Hindus from throughout the island will visit the Mother Temple Besakih on the sacred volcano, Gunung Agung for a once in 10 years ceremony whose purpose is to purify the universe and be in harmony with all creation and which commences with a 150 km holy pilgrimage on foot, led by Hindu and Buddhist priests from all of Indonesia.

In today’s activation we build on these energies and add our group energy to facilitate the release of energies within ourselves and humanity, such that will increasingly allow the faeries and elementals and nature kingdoms their freedom, which then allows them to gift humanity with the keys they have for us as we commence our next task of co-creating the New World. We also each receive great personal healing and transformation in our participation.

The faery energies we experienced here in Bali during the last meditation were so light and wonderful. We became a little lost in fairyland and it took a conscious effort to return from such love and wonder. These great beings have so many keys for us and such love and trust and appreciation.

Thank you for your willingness to join energies around the world and link with us in Bali, for our group energy holds such power to create immense change and transformation.

'I am looking at the entrance of a tunnel, a huge black round space, its circular edge fusing into the most beautiful rainbow … I move slowly through the middle … these walls are starting to change form, and have become ancient beings, huge, some giant, with benign faces, slightly distorted, carved, chiselled stone people emerging out of the rocks. They emit a wisdom and a protective stillness … for they are guardians … am immersed in a huge golden diamond yet clear light, which turns into a crystalline orb of light … the rock guardian sculptures … have been replaced by a huge gathering of elementals, throngs of devas, faeries, elementals of every conceivable type, the atmosphere charged with joyous anticipation.

I move slowly along, immersed in this exquisite energy … they step back to make a pathway … showing me … an elephant grey coloured cloud, darkening and thickening … the elementals are showing me they cannot move along their ‘path‘, until this cloud is released. Their message … is this cloud represents the earth’s karma, seen as pockets of blackness scattered all over our garden planet, clouding and blocking the entrance and connections to many portals, inhibiting the release of so much trapped consciousness. These dark areas representing our earth’s karmic wounds is the karma of humanity; as we begin to heal ourselves and accept these elemental, and indeed all aspects of ourselves, then the healing and anchoring of these parts of us will free much that is bound and entrapped, and so we make our contribution to the healing of the light body of humanity, and that of our Mother Earth'. Aqualina Amora, Keeper of the Angelic Rays

… Outside suddenly became so quiet and still. I saw many trapped nature spirits and animals gratefully go home … faery sat on my right shoulder then flapped around me with many others, they were so joyful and happy.
Corinne, Keeper of the Realms of Mastery

Portals to be opened - as pathways to the divine Honour innocence
Disconnection with the divine - resisted and restored Remodel all dualities
Dalliance with the devil - denied entry Relieve all suffering
Truth - reinstated, reformed, returned Honour all creation
Laws – unlocked Impeach the predators of the land of all elements of creation
Dalliance with the devil - denounced - cease permission Insincerity – abolished
Restore order and balance Unite all species
Respect all creatures - Great and Small Crisis of faith – desists
Remodel religion to cease desecration of spirit and form Impoverishment of spirit - no longer
Disallow dishonour Return order
Resist and resolve impeachment Honour all creatures - Great and Small
Harbour the humble Harness creation to the desires of the innocent and
Reform restored – truth returned those humble of heart

FAERY LORE - 7 faery laws of nature for humanity
As you sow so shall you reap The path is steep, the incline divine
Do unto others as you would wish done unto you The path to wholeness is filled with good intentions
The scent of truth intoxicates In Oneness, merged with the Divine, all is possible
The open heart serves as measure and indicator of deservedness and worth.

This series of activations will continue all of this year on Dark Moon and Full Moon
and important days of planetary alignment, based on the requests of the devas to us
as the physical beings who have the ability to intercede on their behalf
and to create changes in our own lives that will have repercussions for all of humanity,
opening ourselves to connect with these great guardians of our earth
who hold such wondrous keys for the unfolding of the New World.
Such a privilege for us to play this role to co-create such wondrous change.

We call to the devas and the elementals, the faeries and elves and gnomes and to the ancestral guardians of inner earth and all realms to be with us. We align our energies with the directions and the elements and call to the angelic kingdom and our family of light to hold us in their love.
As you open your crown chakra and column of light and all of your being to the flow of Source light which floods through the sacred portal you sit within, your energies are revitalised and you are filled with clarity and joy, taking from you all distortion.

We call to Gaia to receive the flow of Source light which floods through us now, anchoring the energies which flow through us deeply into her crystal heart, grounding us safely, and connecting now with the realms of the devas, elementals, sprites and faeries, and the portal keepers and guardians of ancient knowledge and lore, and with the angelics and the emissaries of love from the higher dimensions. They have knowledge of you and of your role and await this connection with joy. We connect energetically with those others around the world who join us, energies aligned same place and same time … and the devas gather together in group energy also, many thousands working with us, such a privilege for us to play this role as vehicle of the divine and mediator between the realms.

On behalf of humanity we open our hearts to these dear ones who work with our nature and our air and water and fire and earth and we honour them for their innocence and for all that they do to create such beauty and harmony and plenty for us and for our mother earth. We share our sadness that they have received dishonour and abuse and call for the day when we as humanity may regain our connection with these loved ones, and that they may again share trust and love with us. We share our sadness for our mother earth for the abuses and disrespect we have shown for her beauty and her care of our every need. We open our hearts to the ancestral keepers of knowledge of our mother earth and her realms and share our sadness for the abuses of humanity that have created anger and lack of trust by you at our transgressions through greed, ego, war, manipulation and dishonour by those who have raped and pillaged our mother earth and her resources.

We call to the animal kingdom and open our hearts in love of these companions upon our earth and give thanks for their role. For the animals of this earth who are suffering and in need, hungry and diseased, in pain and fear … we call to the angels to assist to allow them to be freed from their suffering … and as these ones receive the support they have been denied through our own disregard and the lack of honour and compassion of mankind, there is a great heart opening which raises the consciousness of this planet earth and of mankind and we give our promise to hold our animals in our hearts with continuing love and support and assistance.

We call to all those who are innocent and childlike, to those who are different, outcast and do not easily assimilate in normal community … to those of genius, and madness, burdened by the pain of physical life and unable to cope … and honour them for the bridging role that they play between the divine and the mundane. To those who are disabled and in sickness … to those who are homeless and without family and friends … to those who are affected by natural calamities and by wars … to those who are hungry … to those who are lost to drugs and addiction … to the elderly who are without family and care … to those who are unsophisticated and simple and naïve in their culture and religion and way of life … we call to each of these ones and open our hearts in acceptance and love of their path and their life and give honour for this path and for the pain of physical life and for the roles that they play for us as humanity.

We open our hearts to the young ones, to our children and babies … and to the new children, so honoured that these ones gift us with their presence and love and the divine gifts they bring to transform and create the New World, new reality for humanity. To the Indigo children and the Crystal children and Rainbow children, the Christ children, Archangelic children, Dolphin children, Angel children, Stellar children, Psychic children and Unicorn children and all who as master beings bring Christ consciousness to earth, we honour and thank you.

We hold our hearts open with great love that you may connect with us and receive from us individually that which will hold you and assist you, offering our own achievements of mastery over adversity in physical life that you may have grace and ease and soft acceleration in bringing your mastery and your gifts to the earth plane.

To those ones who are different and do not fit within the normal grid … we offer our acceptance of you and our honour of you for your difference. We hold you in sustained love that you may connect with this always, to steady and assist you on your earthly path. In group energy we hold you and love you and you may connect with us when you are in need.

Our own child, our divine child comes now and receives honour for his innocence and beauty of heart. The angelics travel with us to the temple of our heart, to the lotus within the heart and we enter through the lotus to the pool within, the pool of the temple of the heart. The angels help us to throw off our clothes and to play in the soft turquoise waters lit from within with radiant light and to dive deeply. And here our divine child finds the wounds and memories and experiences of childhood which closed the heart and created an inability to love or to trust fully. The individual experiences are here, when our spirit was crushed as a child and innocence lost, forced to leave our childlike nature and made aware of the denseness of the human plane, the harshness of its people, our loved ones and family, teachers and peers who in their own woundedness and pain caused our spirit to be crushed and took from us our innocence.

The angels bring to us from within the pool the individual incidents of pain, abuse and wounding of the small child which held lasting harm and formed many of our behaviours and patterns and help us to identify each of those wounds suffered in childhood which broke and shut down your heart, took away your trust, caused you to freeze up, to mistrust, to fear … and the patterns of self-hatred, self-doubt and lack of self-love … how they started, and how they have played out in your life and limited you, not allowing you to love freely with trust and in certainty that your love would be returned. The angels show you how you learned not to trust the world, not to trust others. How you learned to fear … to fear others and their motives, their anger, judgment, ridicule and belittlement of you … fear of change, fear of mistakes, fear to start something new, fear to act from your heart, fear that your desires would not be in alignment with others ... and forced by fear to push down those desires of the heart and to follow the desires of another ... to conform to others’ desires, others’ need … stifling your individuality and spontaneity and love of all that is new and to be explored, creating a wall between your heart’s desires ... and the right to act on the heart’s desires.

Find in the pool of your heart each time when you were ridiculed, held as of no account, when your views, desires and needs were stepped on and abused, each incident in your life which has stepped and trodden onto your childlike nature and caused humiliation, belittlement, ridicule and caused you to close down your heart.

The angels show you the genetic and ancestral patterns and memories you have inherited within your DNA which have held you back from your greatness and wholeness and limited your willingness to explore all that life offers … those sadnesses and memories and griefs you have taken on from your ancestors.

And you are shown the heaviness and denseness, lack of love and collective fears and doubts and angers and confusions of humanity, the unwillingness to explore your divinity because of disbelief in self, mockery at the existence of God and of any existence other than that of earth. And find in the pool of your heart the experiences of responsibility, burden, seriousness, gloom and heaviness.

The star dolphins swim in concentric circles around you to release from you all distortion of your inner child. You are placed within grids of sacred geometry created by the sacred movements of the dolphins and as wounding and sadness and disempowerment releases, you become as light as air and emerge from the sparkling water, enlivened, rejuvenated, free and pure and filled with joy. It is in play and in freedom that your divine gifts are brought to earth and it is in play that you open yourself to your unlimitedness and walk beyond doubts and fears. The gifts you bring to earth are not solid and serious, but are those things which you do so easily and with joy.

Divine Mother comes now and holds you in her love, holding your feet within her hands and pulses healing energy through the chakras at the bottom of your feet. She holds your hands within hers and sends light through your hands. She kisses your third eye and pulses it with her love and she places her hand upon your heart with her other hand at the base of your spine, and sends rays of light and of love through your very being, breathing her love into your crown, activating again your divine child and restoring to purity and innocence, wholeness and divinity.

We call to all children and honour their divine nature and innocence, their trust and wonder at this adventure which is life. We offer our apologies for the wrongs done to our children and open our hearts to hold all children as divine and to hold them in their innocence, with our request that children be allowed to remain in this natural state of open heart and knowledge of their beauty.
As our hearts open in purity and innocence, we call again to the faeries and devas and nature spirits of all realms and ask that they make their connection with us individually. We call to those ones in our own home and garden and neighbourhood and open our hearts to them with our desire to make connection and through our love to offer them much healing. We ask what it is that they require from us … and offer our love that their needs may be met. We open our hearts that they may see our purity and love, and ask for the keys of knowledge and wisdom that they have for us.
We ask for the faeries and devas to return to our land, to our own gardens and those of our neighbourhoods and provinces and countries. With the opening of our group heart we offer our love and appreciation and ask for assistance now for our sacred lands, for our rivers and streams and oceans and mountains, our parks and gardens, our air and our earth.

With our highest ideals for ourselves in service to our life mission, and for humanity, we share our dreams with the nature spirits and faeries and devas and ask for their assistance to bring to fruition the manifestation of our deepest held dreams for humanity, and for ourselves. Our mother earth and all of her elements crave for the faeries and devas and we give our plea that they return.
I open my heart and align with the divine, with Gaia and the void, and with the elemental, faery, animal, plant, mineral and nature kingdoms, with the New Children, my own divine child, those who are innocent and childlike and burdened by physical life, and allow all dishonour, abuse, sadness and disempowerment to pass through this sacred portal and to release. In the purity of heart which results, I make connection with the faeries, devas and nature spirits and with love and gratitude for these great beings, my heart offers healing that their needs may be met, calling for their return and their assistance that they may gift us with their blessings of wisdom and knowledge for our sacred lands, rivers and oceans and mountains, our air and our earth and all of our creatures.

With our love we sing the mantra for the code to enable a great opening to occur, enabling our faeries and devas and elementals and guardians and ancient ones to return to be with us and to share their wisdom and love.
And tone and sound to anchor these realities through your own being and to Gaia, connecting in our sacred places around the world and sounding as the energies travel along her grid lines and lei lines and dreaming lines and to her love, light and power grids and encircle and hold our planet earth.
I Am Divine Mother, loving you so well.


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more. Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

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