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Apr 17, 2009

the dream of connection with the divine


Full Moon Thursday 9 April … 5pm local time

~download and print the code of sacred geometry attached~

Incredibly intense energies continue, not only in Bali but globally, as extraordinary downloads of electro-magnetic light codes transform our very core. We have been riding these energies for weeks now and the heightened frequencies taper off following full moon and Easter.

In this meditation we call for ascension portals to be anchored to allow the release of earth bound spirits, the lost ones who hold the darkest memories of our earth, to allow in their release a great upliftment for Gaia and for humanity.

Elisabeth shared a vision ‘…to help release earth bound spirits into the light to ease the general suffering level on earth, to cleanse whole cities and vast areas of lower energy … erecting huge columns of light portals as ascension points for earth bound spirits, fearful, unhappy, angry or reluctant earthbound entities into the light, cut unhealthy etheric cords. Seeing many spirits weighing Gaia on so many levels. Working in group energy around the world, have ability to call for a huge cleansing and shielding particularly on critical areas, clearing all lower energies and filling with healing light and protection. The unicorns are returning in greater numbers … they want people whom they trust and who believe in them to call them back … they need and wish to hear our call and request the making of more portals.’ Elisabeth, Norway, Keeper of the Particles of Light

So blessed to connect with so many dedicated lightworkers around the world who share the dream for personal and planetary peace. Thank you for your willingness to join energies around the world and link with us in Bali. Astrea

Feedback from last meditation:
’Received much healing, encased in a bluish white diamond light, watching and feeling it pulsing through my energy field, so gentle and beautiful …. The code of the Dream of Truth became third dimensional, was looking down on its geometric structure, standing in it, its framework encased me and projected through my field, The complex of geometries of this code emitted primary base energies, of bright pillar box red, streaming across each line drawing my energies into the earth, like a magnet, grounding me fast. I began to download and release a phenomenal amount, held in a huge vortex of fluid ice cold energies, swirling and gushing round and through my system, punctuated with golden light spirals almost hurtling and winding through it all, as it anchored through me into Gaia. I was shown part of the elemental matrix … found my consciousness taken to a huge beacon of crystal diamond yet golden light way, way outside above my field, pushing this cold negativity down to release and anchor through me, dissolving and dissipating everything negative (on this level) in its path…This light emits so much unconditional love and compassion, which fills my being and makes me strong with a certainty that I have come home, for when I look into its face I see the face of Christ.’ Amora, United Kingdom

Beautiful Angel... the meditation on Friday last! We were doing the show (Jua is a gifted performing artist in Paris) and made it our intention to sing every note to the group ... letting every vibration be of a freeing to brother and sister elementals of earth air fire water... erasing even the memory of their entrapment and misuse. The next day we visualized that cloud that blocked their freedom busted up like melting snow with ice … singing to Earth the Divine can be done from inside her crystal heart ... so now that is where I do the show from.
Jua, Keeper of the Deities of Love

Through my column of light many unicorns and wisdom came down. I asked for forgiveness for all humanity of bringing down our frequency which resulted in the leaving of all unicorns on earth … asked if they would return to walk side by side with men again … I saw a glimpse of a golden white light city and when I tuned into the globe I saw that in the middle of the earth was now a big shining unicorn heart … I felt my own heart struck by lightning and my own unicorn heart returned. On the south and north point of the earth, light cities were formed and 2 on each side of the globe … together they made a simple geometric form. The cities were bound by rainbow light in a pattern of that geometric form. It softened the entire earth. I felt that although the unicorn kingdom had definitely been anchored on the earth again and its heart was one with Gaia, it would take some years for the people to feel and notice the unicorns … because of our frequency. But with them here now, the ascension of the earth would happen faster and smooth. The earth felt so light and it was for sure the day of love, the day of the return of all unicorns and their kingdom to the earth. I see masses of them running around my car, whole flocks!’
‘… in the pool of the heart temples ... I received my love body back, a soft pink energetic field, very warm and feminine. With karmic absolution and according to original divine blueprint the love body of Gaia was brought back and anchored around the globe. I asked that all humanity receive their love body, that it was already there for them … it makes everything melt into oneness …’ Amma’trisha, Nederlands, Keeper of the Celestial Mysteries

As we open our energies to the Source light and love which floods through us, our heart and chakra column and body of light opens and transforms and the angels and the Ascended Masters and emissaries of light and love from the higher dimensions connect with us, holding us in love.

We call to the devas and the elementals, the faeries and elves and gnomes and to the ancestral guardians of inner earth and all realms to be with us, aligning our energies with the directions and the elements and held in the embrace of the love of our family of light, we are placed within a pyramid of golden light which reaches upwards to the heavenly realms, and a pyramid of golden light which reaches down to Gaia and to the inner earth realms, sitting within a golden diamond of light, receiving such love energies from Source and from Gaia, transmuting and restoring any distortions of your being to original divine blueprint. We open our crown chakra and column of light and all of our being as the flows of energy and love and light flood through our sacred portals and our energies are transformed, filled with clarity, light, truth, purity and joy.

Connected safely with heaven and earth, we call to the devas, elementals, sprites and faeries, the portal keepers and guardians of ancestral wisdom, and with the angelics and the emissaries of love from the higher dimensions. Connecting energetically with those others around the world who join us, aligned same place and same time … many devas gather to work with us.

Angels in their thousands travel to our sacred places on earth, and to those places which hold memory of abuse, those places of war and bloodshed, annihilation of civilisations and races, of rape and pillage, of terror and great fear and dread. In our own countries of residence our energies are directed to those places which hold earth memory of great distortion … where freedom has been lost in war and in bloodshed and fear, when indigenous peoples have been overtaken, manipulated, cast out, annihilated, and their sacred lands and peaceful existence lost … where murder and violence has occurred … and purity and innocence lost.

As we open our hearts in sadness for the transgressions of humanity, the force of our great love and desire for peace and harmony for all creatures is utilised by the angels and the emissaries of light, the forces of thousands who co-create with us, to allow ascension portals of purest light to be anchored in those places on our planet earth which will allow the release to Source and to the void of all earthbound memories of distortion and violence. We hold the force of our love constant as we send our energies to those places in our own lands which have memories of darkness, of ancient times of unrest and war, of slaughter, disease, poverty, suppression of freedom and innocence, hopelessness and sadness. The Ashtar Command hold this great flow of love, and portals of ascension are created.
Angels fly to the lost ones, those souls which are in confusion, lost in their memories of fear and terror, unaware and unable to find their release … as we act as mediators between the earthly realm and that of the divine … requesting that each of these lost souls receive assistance to be taken to their place in god’s garden, enabled to continue on their evolutionary journey back to god. To those lost ones who are angry, hesitant, unwilling … angels cocoon them with softest love and hold them, and the force of this love allows the release of all earthbound memories, and they are carried aloft to their place in god’s garden, no longer cast adrift, disconnected and alone.

Where the abundance of our earth has been plundered wrongfully for greed … and our nature spirits and elementals and devas, faeries and unicorns have left our land in terror of humanity, where trust was lost, and the keys of co-creation taken from humanity because of our lack of honour and respect for all creatures in equality … as we open our hearts in sadness and in love for all that has occurred, and offer our regret and apology … the angels and emissaries of light use the force of our love in the creation of portals of light upon our sacred lands … and the memories of abuse and plunder, of manipulation, distortion, entrapment, slavery, abuse, trickery and deprivation of freedom receive their release.

We call to Gaia and give her our love and gratitude … and in the great raising of frequency which results, as much lifts from her sacred rivers and lands, mountains and valleys … the deepest held earth memories release … and the entrapment of elementals and faeries and devas concludes … as legions of angels assist these ones who have been caught, entrapped, lost, disconnected and in great fear, terror, anger, mistrust … rising aloft with these ones to allow their ascension and the continuation of their evolutionary journey back to godhead.

We call to our trees, our sacred holders and guardians of such wisdom and knowledge and we thank you for standing guard and giving witness to all creation. We acknowledge that which you have seen and known and observed and held as sacred knowledge and witness … and with great love and appreciation for all that you are and all that you give … the memories you hold of abuse of your guardianship are allowed their release.

To the guardians and devas of the rocks and mountains, our great sentinels of truth and knowledge, we are in gratitude to you for your witness and holding of humanity’s truth … and in our love for you we ask that your memories of distortion be allowed their graceful release.

We call to the portal keepers and guardians of our sacred lands, our earth and our inner earth, and honour you for your aeons of service in holding in safety the memories and the wisdom of all creation, all ages, all beings. We honour you for holding the records and ask that you look around to see the forces of light which stand ready to take from you the responsibilities and burdens you have carried so admirably and for so long. The force of the outflowing of our love for you enables you to accept the release of your responsibilities and your vows which have seen you holding fast to your role of guardianship and responsibility far beyond that which was ever asked of you. Legions of angels come to your aid with such love and appreciation for all that you have given … and your vows find their release … and you may hand over guardianship to those of the light, surrendering in trust to the divine plan in its magnificence.

We call to all nature spirits and devas, elementals and faeries and keepers and guardians of our portals and sacred lands … we open our hearts that you may see our love and our regret on behalf of humanity for all that has occurred across all ages and aeons of use of our sacred lands which has resulted in the degradation of our earth and of her creatures. In our mass outpouring of love and our desire for harmony and peace and plenty, justice and honour in equality for all … the deepest and darkest memories receive transmutation and release … and the karmic board so willingly offers the akashic memories and records of all distortion for their release, absolution, crossing all time and space and all dimensions, absolving the records of the akasha, and releasing all karmic partners … with Archangel Michael and his legions cutting the karmic cords between all … unburdening the hearts of all, releasing the deepest held core memories of abasement, abuse, humiliation, disregard, injustice, mistrust, fear, hatred, revenge and anger.
We call to the unicorns to forgive humanity for our transgressions, our greed and ego … and to return. We open our hearts in love and honour … and call for you to bless us with your gifts and your love. We open ourselves to receive our reconnection.

We call to the angels and emissaries of light to allow the colour rays of love and healing and restoration to flow continuously into our earth, to restore to original purity and divine blueprint. We offer ourselves as vessels of the divine to accept this love and healing through our own beings, receiving our own transformation as the flows of light and purity and healing love flood through us and into our sacred portals and to Gaia and her grids of light and love and power.

We call to all humanity, all races, nationalities, religions and colours … and again we open our hearts in love and in acceptance of all that has occurred across all ages. Humanity has desired experiment of form and duality. Never was it considered a possibility that we would experience all form without the possibility of the everlasting knowing of god’s love, and such suffering has occurred from this disconnection. We hold our hearts open as humanity reaches readiness for its return home to godhead … in acceptance of all that has occurred, without judgement or blame.

To the animals and their entrapped spirits, lost and confused at their time of passing by fear, heartbreak and dishonour … we open our hearts in sadness and love of you and call to the angels to assist you to have your release and to allow your evolutionary journey to continue with grace.

We acknowledge the existence in equality of all beings under our common creator god and call for restoration of our alignment in co-partnership with our god, calling for the release of all distortions of religion and belief, of race, culture and colour … and the cutting of etheric cords between all karmic partners which have evolved from distortions of religion and belief, race and colour, with karmic absolution for all that has occurred across all ages, all dimensions.

We honour Gaia and our planet earth and open our hearts with a great outpouring of gratitude for our earth and our water, our air, our fire, our sacred lands and rivers, oceans and mountains … and all of her creatures, great and small. On behalf of humanity we call to the nature spirits and devas, fairies and elementals in our own gardens and homes and neighbourhoods ... and to those in our countries of residence … and ask that they make their connection with us. Our hearts open in great love and regret for all and every distortion that has occurred between us and we offer our deep desire that we may gain your trust. We call for the return of our nature kingdoms with yearning for the return of the harmony between all worlds, all creatures. In our pockets of love around our own homes and neighbourhoods we give our pledge that we will acknowledge and honour and work in harmony with our nature spirits … and ask for their co-operation and return. We bless and honour the devas of our plants and flowers and give thanks for their co-creation of our plants. We bless our food and water which allows our nurturing and survival and joy.
In acceptance of all that has occurred across the ages, we call for the release of all fear and disconnection with the divine, honouring and owning the divinity we each hold, and honouring the greatness within each. We acknowledge the greatness in ourselves and each other, and see the beauty we hold, the courage and the love of each of god’s children. We flow in our love and honour of ourselves, in acceptance of all that is and all that ever has been. We walk towards completion, as humanity inexorably returns to the end of the karmic cycle, back to oneness with our god, ourself. Our hearts overflow with joy and gratitude for this experience which is life … and we link our hearts around the world and share this great love in a circle of beauty and light, that all humanity may partake and share.

We sing the mantra for the code of geometry … I open myself as a vehicle of the divine to allow the colour rays of love and restoration to flow continuously into Gaia, restoring to original purity and divine blueprint, allowing ascension portals of light to be anchored to allow the release to Source and the void of all earthbound memories of darkness, pain, fear and distortion, and enabling the release of earthbound spirits with assistance upon their evolutionary path. My heart opens with great love to allow the release of all fear and disconnection with the divine, honouring my divinity and the divinity in all.


And we tone and sound to anchor these realities through our own being, connecting in our sacred places around the world and anchoring deeply in Gaia … sounding as the energies travel through us and to earth and along her grid lines, lei lines, dreaming lines and love, light and power grids … encircling and holding our planet earth.
I Am Divine Mother. You are so loved for your planetary service.


Portals to be opened - as pathways to the divine
Disconnection with the divine - resisted and restored
Truth - reinstated, reformed, returned
Laws - unlocked
Insincerity - abolished
Unite all species
Crisis of faith - desists
Impoverishment of spirit - no longer
Return order
Honour all creatures - Great and Small
Honour innocence
Remodel all dualities
Relieve all suffering
Honour all creation
Reform restored – truth returned
Harness creation to the desires of the innocent and those humble of heart
Restore order and balance
Respect all creatures - Great and Small (repeat)
Remodel religion to cease desecration of spirit and form
Disallow dishonour
Dalliance with the devil - denied entry, denounced, cease permission
Resist and resolve impeachment
Impeach the predators of the land of all elements of creation
Harbour the humble

FAERY LORE - 7 faery laws of nature for humanity
As you sow so shall you reap
Do unto others as you would wish done unto you
The path to wholeness is filled with good intentions
The path is steep, the incline divine
The scent of truth intoxicates
In Oneness, merged with the Divine, all is possible
The open heart serves as measure and indicator of deservedness and worth.

This series of activations will continue all of this year on Dark Moon and Full Moon
and important days of planetary alignment, based on the requests of the devas to us
as the physical beings who have the ability to intercede on their behalf
and to create changes in our own lives that will have repercussions for all of humanity,
opening ourselves to connect with these great guardians of our earth
who hold such wondrous keys for the unfolding of the New World.
Such a privilege for us to play this role to co-create such wondrous change.

An additional sacred mystery school The Path of the Mystic will start on 5 May. 2009: May 5-12 July 7-14 October 10-17.

While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more. Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

ARCHIVES of past activations, codes and voice transmissions and

DOWNLOADS of many free tools and activations of energy healing




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