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Aug 4, 2009

lunar eclipse meditation - Thursday 6 August - the dream of harmony and order



Lunar eclipse Thursday 6 August … 5pm local time

The activation for this lunar eclipse is based on the devas’ requests that the universal laws be restored to achieve harmony and order on the earth. To allow us to embody harmony and peace in our own lives, we are assisted to recognise and acknowledge all areas of our lives that are not in harmony and to receive alignment with higher ways of thought and action, those which are held as higher knowledge and wisdom from the libraries of light and universal law. We also find release of negative energies, particularly those of addiction and of heaviness and darkness, with negative forces and entities assisted to move on to higher realms.

So much activity by the family of light and by lightworkers has been experienced in the past weeks. We have climbed new heights of frequency which have created the platform from which great shifts were able to come about. Sharing a wondrous experience I had with Zarquin in Bali 2 days before the solar eclipse, almost beyond words to describe … as well as others’ experiences that occurred in parallel time.

’Acting on Zarquin’s strong impulse to go to Kuta to the site of the bomb memorial where many perished some years ago, because of the energies sensed there needing assistance, we found ourselves staying at a hotel very close to the memorial site and planned to wake up early next morning and have a ceremony at the site when there were no people around.

As soon as we went to bed, we began to be bombarded with information. Was shown a scene of chaos and of people running and people in authority holding them back and directing them, such terror. We were in the future. A series of visions came, and as each scene was shown, we were able to change the reality. We saw almost every instance there could be of the need for karmic cleansing and balancing, not only in Bali and Indonesia, but in other places in the world. With each vision of a karmic misdeed, we averted the need for karmic balancing by calling for karmic absolution for the deeds, and we forgave these ones on behalf of humanity. Karmic absolution, forgiveness, and then the karmic cords could be cut. Where there were atrocities, we called to those who were acting in distortion and told them that though we forgave them, it is required of them from now that they act in a higher and more conscious way. We travelled to the higher halls of wisdom and learning and the libraries of light on Sirius and asked that higher realities be superimposed on the current reality, and holographically downloaded and replicated endlessly upon humanity. We then called to the Karmic Board and family of light to release the need for karmic balance. We asked that ascension columns of light be anchored to allow souls to be assisted to find their place in god's garden, and for soul fragments, and nature spirits and faeries and devas and others trapped and unable to move on, to be assisted to ascend and to continue on their evolutionary journey. Earth memories were released, trauma, bloodshed, terror, fear etc. The energies were releasing through us – we were the ascension columns of light through which the energies and memories and souls released.

For some hours the visions just kept on rolling, and always we were shown what needed to be done. Some went back to the Japanese in Indonesia and the Dutch and beyond. We were directed to Australia, to Aboriginal memories and acts against them, and other places, North American Indian and indigenous cultures and land memories and animal mistreatment worldwide of trauma and bloodshed. We were getting tired, it was the middle of the night and we began to just have the intent that every incident received the same action. One of us would see the distortion, and the other saw the created new reality - we were crossing timelines past, present and future. At the completion, were in an amazing and wondrous reality of such high frequencies where all was lit with faery lights of amazing colours - the results in humanity of what had just occurred, overwhelmingly stunning and such a privilege to experience.

It became clear that there is a karmic balance required for every act of distortion and that those of humanity have reached such a state that there has been the need for huge cleansing by Gaia to balance the misdeeds and errors of judgement. If humanity and our world is suffering, it is because of the collective misdeeds of many, over aeons. We were shown so much, on so many levels.

However it is possible for all of us to be the mediators on the ground, the humans on the ground, who are able to request that the karmic wounds and memories receive forgiveness, healing and release and the need for karmic balancing through catastrophe to be averted, through following the above steps. Happy to connect with anyone who feels called to karmically clear earth memories and distortions - such a privilege, this work.’

Amora in the UK had a parallel experience … ‘I was not shown the past, or the future, like you both were, but the now, the present … in the sharing it brings the energy of what occurred to yet another level, and gives an acknowledgement, and gratitude, as this experience involved so many beings, so many animals, so much of what makes up this living planet, part and parcel of our unified consciousness, and our stories, containing both polarities, the darkness and the light, of which we all carry.

… started to feel great discomfort, through my lower four bodies. I had been feeling uneasy, lethargic and was experiencing great downloads of energy, which I put down to the influx of higher frequencies due to the impending eclipse. … I found myself observing… watching the ‘me’ who was becoming increasingly more unsettled, distressed, agitated, and just plain uncomfortable. The middle of my chest seemed to be splitting in two, the physical pain this caused was unbelievable, yet simultaneously I, or my higher self was just quietly watching the little self of me reacting and playing out this scenario, observing this process almost in a quizzical way, aware of everything, feeling all that occurred, yet out of it. If this makes any sense, it is the only way I can describe this experience.

I was shown scenes of such sadness and devastation, war torn countries, the horrors endured by peoples ravished by torture, by terror, by war, by famine, by natural disasters, the suffering and grief caused by loss, no love, too much love, lost love, unrequited love, the fruitless search for love, the twin flame love. Then the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, showing me the distress caused by the mindless brutality and violence inflicted by humanity to so many, and then the lands and seas of this planet, and the crystals and mineral kingdoms, pillaged, abused, used and devastated, with some areas on this Earth even destroyed beyond repair.

Each scene would enfold separately, and then pour like a liquid fluid film reel through my heart chakra causing me to convulse with the pain of it, and shed many tears, as it released through me. After each downloading and release an incredible thing would happen, an open heart would merge with mine. Always a different open heart, related to whatever sequence of events had poured through me, offering this healing, cushioning and soothing. An unspoken outpouring of liquid golden diamond light, would stream throughout me, as another open heart would unify with mine. So many did this, dolphins, whales, children, animals, forests, the waters and oceans of this planet,, the lands, devas, people who I did not know, higher energies, the etheric heart of my twin flame, so many different energies,, all offered me such unconditional love, healing and comfort, as I experienced this immense birthing and clearing through my system.

And so this continued for what I later found out to be nearly three hours … I observed the space within my heart, as this all concluded, and there I was shown the solar eclipse in its totality, as the lunar and solar energies were joined in perfect unison, I was actually looking at them held in that space within my heart.

I came out of this state almost euphoric, totally blissed out, probably caused by the intense light increasing within me, and the relief at what I had just achieved and witnessed. There are no words to fully describe this experience, a lot more occurred which is beyond description. Witnessing from a higher perspective the illusion of my lower self, actually participating in this experience at the same time on this level, was just beyond comprehension. I know on an energetic level I had just completed and partaken in something absolutely amazing.

I linked into the Dreamers meditation on the 22nd, and experienced just pure peace, pure bliss, pure freedom as I embraced that dreamtime space within my heart for I knew I had already completed my work the previous day.’

Amma’trisha, Nederlands - ‘... the dolphins took me to the beach of Lovina in Bali for a special anchoring of light. It started with a butterfly essence that was part of me, the wings spread from my heart out in soft colors of yellow, orange and red. They absorbed the shiny sunlight - then I went into the ocean of Lovina beach and 2 dolphins came close and hugged me in the water. One kissed my forehead and a new mark appeared, a white cross with special markings on the side. So this was going to be another initiation! Then I felt my column of light connecting with the crystal heart of Gaia and source, I rose up from the water and a cross of golden light appeared and I formed also a cross with my body hanging in this cross of light. It connected heaven and earth in a strong way. Dolphins swam around in circles beneath me. After some time I got down and the dolphins took me deep in the ocean, whales swam beside me all the way down. I went deeper and passed several light cities in the ocean. Half way I met my guide the white wizard. Eventually we ended at the crystal heart of Gaia. I span around with my arms wide and a vortex of water and light was created. The whales swim on the outside of the vortex in circles. I pull the cord of light that was attached to the cross through a ring in the essence of Gaia and then we are sent back up (with the other end of the golden cord) again with the speed of light. I think this was the centre of Lemuria. I take my cross position on the cross of light and the cord shoots all the way up to source. Then I am taken to a healing chamber in the realms of light together with the wizard. Another cross shape forms beneath me when I'm lying inside a pyramid chamber. After the healing is done I pull the ring out of the heart of Gaia, like it is some sort of stop you pop out of a wine bottle. A strong column of light breaks free and shoots all the way up to source (a new portal of light in Lovina Beach).

The days before the maya out of time day were quite heavy … lot of confusion and conflicts around me. The dark moon activation was again surprising for I lost consciousness several times like the one before. There was also lots of lightning during the special parts and then I shook up and heard my own voice on the tape. I went through the timelines with flashes of light …
The cross was the central theme. I think the energy coming through my column of light
at home is getting so strong that I can't focus on the activation all the time. It sweeps me
off my feet!’ Amma'trisha

Aang, UK - … amidst all this chaos, I am still having some of the most amazing experiences. At night I see energy so clearly, everything just sparkles, and lately I have been seeing holograms - I have seen this about 10 times at night since the solstice, it first started as little leaves, actually tiny leaves, they were all over as far as the eye could see, the next day, I could see it larger, like it was growing into something, something being created, then it was grass, and now it is plants. It is absolutely beautiful and I see this as an energy without colour. I really believe it is here on earth, a new world being born on a different energetic frequency.

Corinne, southern Queensland, Australia - We had an amazing meditation today. I felt huge energy shifts as all my pain, struggles and confusion left my body and I saw many rainbow colours swirl around me and felt the room full of Angels, Masters, Faeries, and Devas. Right at the point when we were connecting with the elementals etc. the wind sprang up causing the wind chimes to play loudly, something they never usually do, many birds tuned in with their songs of connection and gratitude. Many thanks for your beautiful channel. Q'A was attuned to her core wounds and able to acknowledge them.’

Tahlia, northern NSW, Australia - ‘It helps me to learn about what's available, happening... and to feel more comfortable when different, yet similar but simpler, things happen. This morning, when I tuned in during my meditation, I found myself above the earth with rays of light coming from my being and concentrating like lasers onto specific points on the earth. At the same time there was an overall light embracing Gaia. It's not that I initiated this on a conscious level... it just occurred. It's all so interesting and wondrous and beautiful....... and feels that it's just meant to be.’

Shianca, Nederlands - Thank you again for the beautiful meditation of the full moon. I felt very relaxed and happy to do this meditation and around the text: "freed of the limitations of 3D, free to spread my wings in this place where my every desire creates my reality with immediacy"......... I felt so very touched by the Angels and I was lifted up and felt so warmly taken care of...felt so a part of it All, so close to Mother/Father God.’


With love and gratitude to all who share in this Dreaming work,


Dear ones, it is Divine Mother with Lord Melchior of the Galactic Federation, in love of you and in gratitude for the restoration you achieve of your wholeness in this work of Dreaming and Co-creating the New World. That which you receive for your dedication and willingness to achieve your all is shared with all humanity.
You are asked to breathe deeply and to receive assistance within the diamond chamber of golden white light within which you are placed as your chakra column is opened, activated and receives connection with the Source realms and with Gaia. Within the diamond chamber are your own Council of Light, Ascended Masters and angels from all realms and dimensions. We call to the faeries, devas, elementals and ancestral holders of ancient wisdom and knowledge to make their connection and for the emissaries of light from the higher dimensions to align you with all realms of light. Aligned to perfection, the golden white light fills and thrills and transforms each dimension of your being to purest light. Your divine hearts connect and interconnect around the world and with the eight pointed star of creation and with the individual grid points of the Lemurian Grid, all aligned same place, same time.

The keepers of all the realms bring now the Universal Laws from the halls of wisdom and higher knowledge from the higher realms and you are enabled to open yourself in willingness to receive your alignment with those laws – those of Equality, Justice, Freedom, Love, Peace, Honour, Creation, Truth, Grace, Karma, Resonance, Bliss and Divinity.

Breathe deeply and surrender in willingness to let go of all in your life that is not held within the universal laws.

The Universal Law of Love – identify each area of your life where there is lack of love – where there is sadness and pain and neediness and loneliness, jealousy and bitterness. Bring to your awareness your acts of unkindness and dislike, intolerance, impatience, hatred and judgement … and allow the Universal Law of Love to fill you as you surrender your distortions and dualities of love.

As your heart opens and expands the emissaries of light connect your heart flame through all dimensions with the interconnecting pathways of light that link all in love … and a great wave of pure love floods through you and throughout the universe. All those who are in need of love receive this connection with you, and are lifted and held in this love.

The Law of Karma – is energy coming into balance within your life. Karmic wounds manifest as patterns of behaviour which seek to bring to your awareness the nature of what you hold as memory of distortion.

The Law of Reflection – all that occurs to you is a mirror of what you hold. Whenever you react in pain, emotion, fear, anger, irritation, judgement, jealousy, hopelessness, loneliness, rejection, abandonment, mistrust of self or another, you are being shown a karmic ‘mirror’ which under the law of reflection brings to your awareness the nature of that which is requiring release from your energy body.

It is particularly in your lifetimes of service as workers of light in ancient lifetimes in Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt that deep core wounding has occurred to you and these have crystallised within your chakras as karmic records. You have chosen to incarnate in this lifetime with your priority to release these deep core disempowering wounds, for you have chosen a path of ascension and these wounds which have been incurred on the earth plane require their release within this earthly lifetime.

It is asked of you as high initiates that you acknowledge the karmic nature of your physical life and that you become in the habit of observing and acknowledging your emotions and patterns of behaviour … and each time you identify a pattern of reaction and pain, to call to the Karmic Board to release the akashic records of your soul that are creating in you the emotions that you have acknowledged … for until the akasha of your soul is emptied of distorted memories and records, you will continue to draw experiences into your life which seek to continuously bring to your awareness the nature of what you hold.

You are asked to surrender and to identify the patterns you hold … those that create in you powerlessness, pain, anger, lack of trust …………………………….………….
and, in the presence of Lady Nada and the Karmic Board, to request release of the original core akashic memory, wound, record, experience, behaviour, belief, program and pattern that result in these patterns you have identified

And working with the code of sacred geometry ‘Karma Code’ …. I call to the Karmic Board and request the release of the original core akashic record, memory, experience, behaviour, pattern, belief and thoughtform which results in the limiting and disempowering pattern I acknowledge in myself with complete karmic absolution across all time, all space and all dimensions. I forgive myself and all who are involved. I breathe now and release the karmic records from the chakras of my energy body where they are held as memory which has attracted into my life experiences which will now allow their release.


Breathe deeply as the records release .. you have released the akashic records of your soul in only identifying, ‘owning’, your patterns … and requesting assistance for their release.

On each occasion that you are troubled by emotion in daily life, it is important that you ‘own’ the karmic mirror you are being shown, and to request its release, for you will progressively empty your akasha of all negativity and pain … and life will become peaceful as core patterns of pain and confusion leave … and your life will transform.

The Law of Forgiveness – allows the release of all energies. Under universal law, once forgiveness has been given, the karmic cords are allowed their dissolution and all issues are resolved.

You are given opportunity to bring into your heart space all those with whom you have unresolved issues … and those who have grievance with you … and to open your hearts to these ones and to offer forgiveness, for this will set you free. Open your hearts to receive forgiveness also … allowing Archangel Michael with his sword of truth to cut the karmic cords that hold you bound and pull you back continuously to the past. Forgiveness is that which is required to free you of all which pulls you back in memory and disempowerment and grief and pain.

You are asked to forgive yourself dear one, for it is this which is the core wound of many, that you have perceptions that you have erred and fallen from grace and hold yourself in such judgement and feelings of failure. In the eyes of your family of light we see only your light and divinity and hold no perception of you as having fallen from grace. Forgiveness of self will set you free and allow the cutting of the cords which hold you bound to ancient regrets.

Law of Truth – acknowledge the areas of your life which are not lived completely in accord with Truth – with blind spots, white lies, not living completely in integrity in your relationships and in your life. You are given opportunity, held by your own council of light, with angels pulsing you with love, to make the decision in this moment to take higher paths of being and doing … and to realign every instance of your life with that of truth, personal truth, and integrity … opening yourself to receive from the halls and ashrams of higher wisdom and knowledge that which has been acquired as higher truth, holographically received in transformation of your energies.
Law of Grace – is the ever present gift of god which sanctifies and fuels the universe. Each time we open to a higher way of thought and action and deed, it is grace which flows to us in assistance. Each time we are in need, and ask for assistance, it is grace which flows to enable us to continue on our earthly path of initiation, by offering the balancing flows of love which bring increased ease and the ability to continue and to endure, and to achieve. Each time you align with your highest path of light and of mission, it is grace which touches you with its gift of the divine, aligning your path with the synchronistic opportunities governed by the Flower of Life to bring opportunity and circumstance to enable you to achieve your mastery and your highest heart’s dreams.
We call to Maitri, queen of grace and offer to her our requests for that which will bring ease and purpose to our lives, and to touch us with brilliance and divinity and to remind us of our core of light … as we open in surrender to receive alignment with the flows of grace and love and light that encompass the universe, and to bring us to our destination of wholeness and oneness.
Law of Creation – the linking and interconnecting and weaving pathways of co-creatorship of your reality. You are asked to acknowledge that you are the creator of your own destination and reality, and that which you focus upon becomes your reality … letting go now of feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness … allowing your highest heart’s dreams to be known and pulled towards you … as you surrender and receive assistance to align yourself with the creation streams that link all realities … taking your allotted place upon your pathway of light and of life mission.
Universal Law of Divine Bliss – allows all to experience the god presence of their soul and reconnection with Source. Open your beings to receive this reconnection, as an immense wave of bliss fills you and all energies within are harmonised.
Universal Law of Sacred Resonance – magnetises and draws all back on their path of oneness and wholeness, allowing all energies within the universe to resonate to original soul signature. Allow yourself through the gift of the open heart to reclaim all parts of yourself that are out of alignment, connecting with the pathways of all dimensions as all soul fragments and aspects of self are brought home to oneness and a wave of wholeness fills you and thrills you.
Universal Law of Divinity – the recognition that you are divine, and that all are divine, no matter what has occurred. Allow yourself to forgive the past and to acknowledge your true divinity … and allow divinity to fill you and encompass all of your being.
As you receive alignment with the Universal Laws of Love, Karma, Reflection, Forgiveness, Truth, Grace, Creation, Divine Bliss, Sacred Resonance, Divinity and of Manifestation and Expansion … accept a flooding of divine light and divine truth through your being, as you receive your restoration to original soul signature and divine blueprint and restoring you to harmony and order.
We call for the restoration of the Universal Laws of Freedom, Peace, Honour, Justice, Equality, Altruism and Plenty … and open ourselves to receive our alignment with the flows of interconnection with all realms of light and of love, of freedom, peace, honour, justice, equality, altruism and plenty.
Embodying divinity and in alignment with all universal laws, the devas have requested that you act as mediators for all, acting as agents both of humanity and the divine, and to share your alignment and wholeness with all creation that order may be restored and that there may be harmony, balance and equilibrium within all realms.
We call for an end to all realities that are not based upon universal law. We call to all energies which are of the satanic and of darkness and give you notice that acts of misuse of the realms of creation, those which have not love as their fuel, are denied access … and all which subverts and seeks to transgress against universal law is denied access. We call to the Family of Light and all elements and realms to acquiesce to our demand that love and truth, justice, equality and honour and respect in alignment with universal law are required as the fuel to achieve creation, magic, to create reality and to give cause and effect.
We call for assistance from the Family of Light to release from the forces of darkness and manipulation those who are from the faery realms, the devas, nature spirits and the animal kingdom and all those who are used by others against universal law. To those who seek to abuse and manipulate in darkness and in desire for power, we give you notice under universal law that you are now denied access.
Bridging heaven and earth as conduits for the divine, instruments of change and the Dreamers of the New World, we demand that all that is not based on universal law be released as a reality … and that all be restored to order universally.
We call to those who are of darkness and those who seek to live from the energies of others, to those entities which are lost, confused, and in darkness seek to confuse and destroy, to meddle and to sabotage and to manipulate, and to feed from the sufferings of addicts … we call to the family of light and to the Karmic Board for assistance … and under universal law we give those who are lost and in darkness notice that your entry is denied … for any purpose.
We give the universe notice that negative energy is denied access to our own energies, or those of humanity, for any purpose … and we ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords that karmically bind all energies across all timelines and all dimensions. We call for karmic absolution for all concerned, with forgiveness, to allow the cords to be cut and for there to be an end to any need for karmic balance or retribution. We call for the dissolution of all karma. We call to the angels to offer these ones assistance to align with the universal laws and to continue upon their evolutionary path back to wholeness and oneness with god.
For those souls and fragments and aspects which are lost, caught between the dimensions, those who in torment and in trauma are lost, caught, blocked … we call to the angels to hold these ones tenderly and to assist them to find their place in god’s garden.
To the guardians and ancestral keepers of the portals, those who feel trapped and unwilling to leave, we give honour for your role of service to the earth and we call for leagues of angels to free you and to lovingly take your place, that you may continue on your evolutionary path.
We call for the celestial rays to be received by all, to transmute, to heal, to karmically absolve and overcome all resistance and to fill with all the colours and rays of the celestial spectrum … restoring to peace, wholeness, justice, equality, honour, love, freedom and plenty for all.
And working with the code The Dream of Harmony and Order ‘I I surrender all sadness, pain, anger, disempowerment, intolerance, lack of trust, lack of truth.
I surrender to forgiveness of self and all others, receiving karmic absolution
and alignment with the Universal Laws of Love, Karma, Reflection,
Forgiveness, Truth, Grace, Creation, Divine Bliss, Sacred Resonance, Divinity, Manifestation, Expansion, and those of Peace, Honour, Justice, Equality, Altruism and Plenty. I accept connection with the pathways of light, love, grace, divinity and truth which flow through my being, restoring to original soul signature and divine blueprint… restoring to harmony and order and divine perfection


And tone and sound to anchor these realities for yourself and for humanity and all creation, anchoring deep within the love, light and power/creation grids of Gaia and to her portals, and flowing along her waterways, her rivers and oceans, encircling and holding our planet earth. Universal law is restored within all realms and we link our hearts and as transmitters of the divine we share this reality with all … as waves of harmony and order, freedom and peace, equality, justice, fulfillment, abundance and joy encircle the planet earth.
Sitting now within such great light and expansion, open your great hearts and share your perfection, sending love outwards in all directions to raise the vibration and frequency of your home, your neighbourhood, your country and your planet earth.


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more. Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

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Portals to be opened - as pathways to the divine
Disconnection with the divine - resisted and restored
Truth - reinstated, reformed, returned
Laws - unlocked
Insincerity - abolished
Unite all species
Crisis of faith - desists
Impoverishment of spirit - no longer
Return order
Honour all creatures - Great and Small
Honour innocence
Remodel all dualities
Relieve all suffering
Honour all creation
Reform restored – truth returned
Harness creation to the desires of the innocent and those humble of heart
Restore order and balance
Respect all creatures - Great and Small
Remodel religion to cease desecration of spirit and form
Disallow dishonour
Dalliance with the devil - denied entry, denounced, cease permission
Resist and resolve impeachment
Impeach the predators of the land of all elements of creation
Harbour the humble

FAERY LORE - 7 faery laws of nature for humanity
As you sow so shall you reap
Do unto others as you would wish done unto you
The path to wholeness is filled with good intentions
The path is steep, the incline divine
The scent of truth intoxicates
In Oneness, merged with the Divine, all is possible
The open heart serves as measure and indicator of deservedness and worth.

This series of activations completes on on Dark Moon and Full Moon
and important days of planetary alignment, based on the requests of the devas to us
as the physical beings who have the ability to intercede on their behalf
and to create changes in our own lives that will have repercussions for all of humanity,
opening ourselves to connect with these great guardians of our earth
who hold such wondrous keys for the unfolding of the New World.
Such a privilege for us to play this role to co-create such wondrous change.