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Jul 18, 2009

The Dream of Freedom from Pain - Dreaming the New World



TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Wednesday 22 July … 5pm local time

A beautiful activation on this powerful solar eclipse allows us to surrender our painful experiences, struggles and challenges and to receive release from the original core akashic records of the soul which result in the karmic mirrors they attract to us with their disempowerment and sorrow and pain – and we are assisted with newfound clarity to hear and to act upon the heart’s urgings which lead to our destiny openings and life path. Using the mammoth energies of this month’s two eclipses, we work with the energies to create change and transformation and to step fully onto our path of destiny.

With three activations in this series remaining, such great healing individually and for humanity and for Gaia has resulted from the combining of our energies with our hearts fused in common desire for peace and plenty, justice, honour, fulfillment and abundance for all. The faery and devic kingdoms with the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation utilise our heart openings and the influx of light that floods us during each activation to work with the blueprints of Gaia’s grids and much release occurs for all earth kingdoms.


Was so beautiful to make our pilgrimage to the temple high on the slopes of holy Gunung Agung volcano for a portal ceremony to conclude our recent The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school.

The last sacred mystery school 7 day intensive for this year commences on 10 October, a wonderful week of magic and mastery with the Ascended Masters and angels and holy ones of all the realms. If you are interested to know more, check this link

Next year I will offer additional 2 day sacred mystery schools, working now on condensing the 7 days into 2 days of activations using the language of light, and with an optional day trip to the volcano for a portal ceremony of keepership and life mission activation - such a blessing to take part in this sacred ceremony inside the temple, with offerings to the gods blessed by the Balinese priest – and to open yourself to commit to your life mission and divine purpose, offering the keepership codes drawn during the workshop to the portal so that all humanity may have access to the gifts of mastery you anchor and embody.

As more lightworkers align with their own destiny openings into their life path, it is sacred mystery school training which holds many keys – putting into place all of the processes required for embodiment of divine soul gifts and the higher dimensional bodies of light, with massive release of karmic patterns and behaviours, and gaining knowledge of keepership, connection with own Council of Light, and trust and knowledge of self as divinely connected and guided.

There will be one 7 day sacred mystery school next year commencing on 7July 2010, and I will again offer optional ongoing weekly activations for 13 weeks for those who are on a dedicated path of mastery.

I also offer keepership channels, with the title of keepership, galactic name and naming also the council of light who supports and guides your life path. High information is given of your particular divine gifts and abilities, that which you have embodied in many lifetimes … and this brings clarity and direction and knowledge to your life. Life is never the same once this remembering of your divinity is returned to you. Click on this web link to read more

Feedback from last meditation:
‘My dream of freedom has taken me into a strange space, yet a comfortable space, a unified complete space, an eternal space, an all knowing space, where there is a total acceptance, a letting go…… a space holding a newness, yet an ancient newness, as it is just a remembrance, a space filled with the peace and completeness that comes with surrender, a space containing ‘the sound‘, a space that feels like home, and the yearning I have long held to go back there, has slowly dissolved, because within this space, I know I am already there, I am home, I am free’. Amora, UK
‘Thank you again for the beautiful meditation of the full moon. I felt very relaxed and happy to do this meditation and around the text: "freed of the limitations of 3D, free to spread my wings in this place where my every desire creates my reality with immediacy"......... I felt so very touched by the Angels and I was lifted up and felt so warmly taken care of...felt so a part of it All, so close to Mother/Father God … love Shianca, Nederlands

Much love and gratitude,


Beloveds, I Am Divine Mother with Melchior of the Galactic Federation and with me are those of the angelic realms and those of the Ascended Masters who are from your own Council of Light.

Placed within a diamond chamber of pure white golden light, open your chakra column and receive connection with Gaia and the celestial realms, as your family of light holds you in love … and we call for the devas, elementals, faery kingdoms, nature spirits and ancestral guardians of inner earth and all realms to connect with you. Breathe deeply to receive the flows of restorative light which transform your energy body to diamond light and expand in this light and love which fills you.

We call to the emissaries of light from the higher dimensions to enter within the diamond portal of light within which you sit that your energies may receive their connection with and alignment to all realms. Calling to the lords of all realms to allow this connection to occur … connecting through the portals of your physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth … connecting through your own diamond body of light … connecting the portals of your light body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, connecting with the galaxies, aligning with the galactic portals, aligning with the Great Central Sun and with your planet of origin … and connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth … calling to the elements and to the directions that you may sit within balanced alignment … fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection … connecting with individual grid points of the Lemurian grid … with the Flower of Life … and with Gaia and her guardians and ancestral keepers of knowledge and wisdom … and connecting hearts worldwide, fully and divinely connected and aligned to the highest potential for transformation.

Feel the great expansion of your being as you surrender to connection with all realms of light … and you may hand over and surrender all that troubles and confuses, challenges and saddens and disempowers you. For the devas have called for assistance that there be relief from all suffering … and you play sacred role to assist by acknowledging all that is of disempowerment and pain in your personal life, and receiving release ... and in your unencumbered state of freedom from pain, you may share your freedom and peace with all.

Dear ones, you are asked to look within to all areas of your life, personally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually … in work, love, play, success, abundance … in all of your relationships … and your beliefs about yourself, and others … and as a citizen, living within bureaucracy … and your attitudes regarding nature and ecology. And dear ones, where there is pain, sadness, disempowerment, lack of affection and love, regret, disappointment, feelings of failure, inability, hopelessness, depression, love that is not returned, love that is not honoured, love with deception and lack of loyalty, powerlessness, victimhood, jealousy, personality clashes, trauma, sickness, patterns of recurring illness, lack of joy, lack of freedom, stuckness, stagnation, anger, frustration, inability to cope, unhappiness with life on earth, feelings of separation from god and wishing to return to god, loneliness, heartbreak, fear, lack of clarity and direction, poverty, feeling lack of support and having to fend alone without assistance, with not enough for your physical needs, lack of funds and resources and opportunities, lack of success and return for your efforts, anxiety, worry … acknowledge these within yourself with honesty … every area of your life that involves suffering.

Many angels gather around you and take from you all that is not of joy and fulfillment and you are enabled to expand, expand and for your heart to open dear ones that you may receive all that you require.

With your family of light all around you, gathered to be in your presence, the devas, faeries, elementals, devas, nature spirits and guardians of Gaia’s sacred earth portals join in desire to be with you.

As your energies transform to clarity and love, held safely and securely in assistance and in love of you, your own council of light, those who support you on your physical path, join to be with you and they pulse you with great love. As your open heart expands to receive this love which is always there for you, Divine Mother with Lady Nada and the Karmic Board bring to you the karmic records of your life experiences across the aeons which hold you in sadness and pain, disempowerment and without fulfillment and joy in your life. They offer the akashic records of your soul … those which have arisen from your earth experiences and particularly those of the ancient ages of Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt when as a lightworker you gave your all for humanity, and suffered great wounding as a result of your experiences within the dualities of dense earth life.

Beloveds it was in times of physical life as a worker of the light when you chose to descend on behalf of humanity and to bring great light to raise the frequencies and to assist humanity that you suffered so, for you gave your all, your heart, your body and your soul, and still there was the belief that you had failed, that your fellows had failed you, and that your family of light had not supported you as you had been promised, and so a crisis of faith has increasingly become embedded within your core, and the core of all humanity, from the cumulative experiences of man.

There is the belief that no matter your efforts, no matter how you work to clear your energies and to transform your attitudes to heightened frequencies of love … that all is lost, there is no possibility that life can ever change sufficiently to bring the peace, joy and fulfillment and freedom from pain that you crave … that humanity is lost and that there is no hope of change, no possibility of equality and justice, peace and plenty for you or for humanity.

Dear ones, there is the desire that you be freed of the karmic wounds and memories, beliefs, perceptions and behaviours which are held within your akashic records and which hold you so tightly in the binding of your energies in hopelessness and lack of freedom from pain through lack of faith and trust.

The Karmic Board, acting on the requests of the devas, offers full karmic absolution dear ones, that your karma may be annulled and that your incomplete initiations, those within which you are stuck and unable to move forward beyond, may be known to be complete.

Your earth experiences have created in you tiredness and pain and struggle and lack of faith and doubt and it is your priority to receive release from the karmic records which create such pain and hopelessness. The planetary alignments assist in bringing to the surface where they are able to be seen and known, the karmic patterns and behaviours that result from your painful wounds and memories of ancient lifetimes in life mission and in service to the divine and so, full use may be made of this lunar eclipse to allow the withdrawing and release of all this is of pain and struggle and disempowerment.

As you open yourself to surrender all that holds you in pain and sadness and disempowerment and confusion, Divine Mother and Lady Nada offer for release the akashic records of your soul, those which have as their core the original experiences, beliefs, memories, behaviours and patterns which result in patterns of struggle and pain and lack of clarity and joy.

As all which is of distortion releases from you, increasingly you are filled with higher and higher levels and frequencies of perfection, divine perfection … the planetary alignments and eclipses bringing their downloadings of frequencies and blueprints of perfection … releasing that which is distorted, and immediately replacing with higher frequencies and blueprints of divine perfection. And in your perfection, this is your role, to share your perfection with humanity, raising the frequencies and sharing with all, creating a great uprising of energy, of possibility for new creations of purity and of change.

As angels hold you within your diamond chamber of light, and at the request of the devas … all pain is taken from you as you surrender, surrender all that troubles and confuses, saddens and disempowers and creates suffering. Strong pulses of the heavenly celestial rays fill the diamond chamber of light within which you sit with all of the colours and radiance of the heavens and these pulse through every dimension of your being, transmuting your suffering and pain and transforming to light.

Ah, great relief is received as you continue to surrender all suffering and pain, confusion and lack of clarity, loneliness and unfulfillment with life, and all is transmuted to light.

Clarity fills you, with all distortions and suffering taken dear ones, as Lady Nada brings the Dove of Peace and places this within your pure hearts that you may know this peace she brings. And the gently fluttering wings of the Dove of Peace cast aside any remaining distortions … and the mind is stilled of its constant chatter and anxiety and wish to know, to do, to worry, to assert itself. Breathe deeply beloved ones to allow the mind to receive complete stillness, for all has been taken from you that troubles and creates suffering.

Lady Nada offers elixirs of celestial love and places these in your heart to assist your heart to open. Through every dimension of your heart all suffering has been taken and the heart is enabled to open and to expand and for its expansion of love to fill you and thrill you through every dimension of your being … placing celestial elixirs now in all chakras, and all bodies of light receiving their restoration to original divine blueprint … as you expand, expand with light, ablaze with light and radiant colour, for all distortions have been taken.

Allow now the planetary alignments to bring to you the destiny openings that will see you firmly placed on your path of destiny and life mission. Calling to the Lords of Time and the Keepers of the Planets to adjust the timelines to put in place the destiny openings, to adjust the codes and blueprints and flows of light and to bring into alignment with divine timing your path of mission and of highest heart’s dream.

Your heart expands in great hope and trust at the nearness of fulfillment, peace and success on your path of light … as the angels gently assist the heart’s dreams to be known, and to release. And you will assist by opening yourself to receive your heart’s messages, for your heart holds the wisdom of the ages and knows of your destiny path. With the disempowerment and sadness and pain taken from you, and with your mind completely stilled of its chatter … ah, the heart’s voice may make itself known and you may align yourself with those which are your deepest dreams … allow the mind to assist the heart to make its messages known to you … and open yourself to allow to emerge those which are your deepest dreams, that which would create such excitement in you to receive. What is it that would create most excitement in your life, that which would bring most fulfillment and joy? For that which makes the heart sing holds messages of truth.

Held by angels, allow your heart’s dreams to make themselves known … and calling to the angels for their assistance to align your dreams with your destiny openings, calling to the Lords of Time and the Keepers of the Planets to bring all into alignment with the timing of the divine … as you step forward now fully onto your destiny path and path of life mission.

You are held by angels firmly on your path and may make your requests now for that which you require, calling for the angels to connect you with the Flower of Life to bring its synchronicities and opportunities and destiny openings, to align you with those who share your destiny path, putting in place the meetings and opportunities with these ones who are aligned with you, those which are for healing and for love, for success in projects, those who will play their roles to assist your highest heart’s dreams to have their fulfillment. We call to Lord and Lady Jupiter to offer their blessings of luck and fortuity and to rain their blessings on the destiny openings and synchronicities to allow fulfillment of your deepest dreams.

And for those whose heart’s desires are buried deep and who have not the clarity yet to know of their direction, and who suffer for this lack of direction and clarity, blessings are sent on the wings of angels to allow the clarity to be received that will allow the heart to open and for its messages and urgings to be heard and known.

As you experience the alignment of your being with your path of fate, that which was put in place before ever you made your physical incarnation, accept this with gratitude and with trust that all occurs within divine timing and that always now are held on your path, firmly, and with love and complete support by all of your family of light.

Open yourself in surrender and give your pledge and promise to know and love yourself as divine, allowing the past to be put aside, moving forward and knowing yourself as perfection, as love, as divine. Surrender and allow yourself to be assisted and aligned with your path of light, assisted now to step fully on your divine path of life mission and to achieve peace and wholeness within yourself upon your contracted path of service.

With strength renewed, and faith restored, you are held and supported to continue on your path of light, walking serenely now and with joy as the karmic wheel makes its completion to wholeness, oneness with god and with all kingdoms … restoring all to oneness.

Greatly expanded by this great heart opening, in full faith and with hope restored, the love which overflows is offered to the nature and animal kingdoms and to the devas and faeries and ancestral guardians of Gaia’s earth … to assist these ones that they may again have faith in humanity and her path to the light.

As vehicles for the divine and as mediators between the realms, we call for the end of all suffering … for all humanity, all kingdoms, the animals of all realms, the nature kingdoms and devic, elemental, crystal and faery kingdoms. We call for this for Gaia and for her sacred lands and waters, for the release of the suffering and memories of bloodshed and tragedy held within the earth and within her sacred portals and grids and waters. We call for the release of the painful memories of the earth and of those souls who are lost, entrapped, stuck, calling for assistance that these ones may find their place in god’s garden and enabled to continue on their evolution journey back to wholeness with their god.

We call for an end to suffering that has at its core the karmic distortions between countries, races and religions. As conduits for the divine and mediators between the realms, we ask that the purity and transformation we now embody is holographically transferred and replicated endlessly, that all may share in freedom from suffering and pain.

We call for a cord of release to be connected with the core of Gaia’s heart to allow the release from all realms of all cries of pain and sorrow and disconnection and burden. We call to Maitri, Queen of Grace, to share her transmissions of grace, that all may receive their release from the karmic wheel, and from their suffering. We call to the Ascended Masters to encircle us and our world and all of her inhabitants from all realms and kingdoms, and to accept the release of all suffering within the chalice of light you hold, transmuting all to freedom, to peace ... to freedom and to peace … in perfect divine order and restoration to original blueprint.

We call for the balancing of the Teutonic plates and grids of Gaia’s earth and oceans with the assistance of the whales and those of the water kingdoms, offering our light and love to assist the deep balancing within these grids and volcanic lines of movement and unrest.

You are held with love as you accept all assistance to hold great levels of faith and trust. Every cell of your being is bathed in divine streams of faith and trust in the divine, and in your connection with every atom of the universe and all creation, all that you require is received.

And holding this love and trust and faith and honour of self and of god and of the family of light … sharing with all humanity now, with Gaia and her grids and portals and lei lines, her waterways and rivers and oceans, encircling the planet earth in love and faith and connection and freedom and trust in the divine. Held within divine plan, take your place upon your allotted path and receive all that you require for your destiny path and life mission.

And working with the code The Dream of Freedom from Pain … I acknowledge and surrender all pain, sadness, heartbreak, disempowerment, unfulfillment, failure, hopelessness, depression, anxiety, worry, illness, poverty, lack of love, lack of joy and freedom, loneliness, fear, lack of clarity and direction. I accept karmic release and fulfillment of all incomplete initiations, receiving clarity and heart opening to allow my highest heart’s dreams to surface and be known. I open myself to receive transmissions of grace, synchronicities, opportunities and destiny openings from the Lords of Time and the Keepers of the Planets to bring into alignment my highest heart’s dream and path of mission, enabling me to step into my life path of unlimitedness, fulfillment - the life of my highest and deepest core dreams


And tone and sound to anchor these realities for yourself and for humanity and all creation, anchoring deep within the love, light and power/creation grids of Gaia and to her portals, and flowing along her waterways, her rivers and oceans, encircling and holding our planet earth. Freedom from pain is achieved and we link and share this reality with all … as waves of freedom and peace, fulfillment and joy encircle the planet earth.
I Am Divine Mother with Melchior.
Sitting now within such great light and expansion, open your great hearts and share your perfection, sending love outwards in all directions to raise the vibration and frequency of your home, your neighbourhood, your country of residence, and of all humanity.

Accept honour from your family of light as they bow down before you for your willingness to step forward on your path of light and achieve your full potential within the divine plan. Honour yourself dear one for your physical path and for all that you have learned and experienced. Honour yourself for what you have endured and honour yourself for your greatness of heart. Know you, all who meditate this day, that you hold greatness and that your greatness is known and revered. Honour yourselves for all that you endured and all that you have before you as potential and greatness.


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more. Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

ARCHIVES of past activations, codes and voice transmissions

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Portals to be opened - as pathways to the divine
Disconnection with the divine - resisted and restored
Truth - reinstated, reformed, returned
Laws - unlocked
Insincerity - abolished
Unite all species
Crisis of faith - desists
Impoverishment of spirit - no longer
Return order
Honour all creatures - Great and Small
Honour innocence
Remodel all dualities
Relieve all suffering
Honour all creation
Reform restored – truth returned
Harness creation to the desires of the innocent and those humble of heart
Restore order and balance
Respect all creatures - Great and Small
Remodel religion to cease desecration of spirit and form
Disallow dishonour
Dalliance with the devil - denied entry, denounced, cease permission
Resist and resolve impeachment
Impeach the predators of the land of all elements of creation
Harbour the humble

FAERY LORE - 7 faery laws of nature for humanity
As you sow so shall you reap
Do unto others as you would wish done unto you
The path to wholeness is filled with good intentions
The path is steep, the incline divine
The scent of truth intoxicates
In Oneness, merged with the Divine, all is possible
The open heart serves as measure and indicator of deservedness and worth.

This series of activations will continue all of this year on Dark Moon and Full Moon
and important days of planetary alignment, based on the requests of the devas to us
as the physical beings who have the ability to intercede on their behalf
and to create changes in our own lives that will have repercussions for all of humanity,
opening ourselves to connect with these great guardians of our earth
who hold such wondrous keys for the unfolding of the New World.
Such a privilege for us to play this role to co-create such wondrous change.