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Feb 20, 2012

Hologram from the Miraculous Realms - Acceptance

Thursday 2 February -10am


A great shift occurred after the last activation, the anchoring of Hope to earth – just as Lord Ashtar had promised – and it was as if a new dimension had been entered. During our group activation at the Temple of Heaven, great winds swept in and continued for a further 2 days and nights – and many, many dragons are known to have played such a role in sweeping, blowing away the distortions of the third dimension, the karmic plane, the dualities – to allow the Miracles to now be anchored to earth.

The light city that has been building in the area surrounding Temple of Heaven has expanded and moved right inside the Temple now – the energies so very high and beautiful. In the age of Lemuria the light cities and temples were removed underground in the face of so many distortions – and the Dreaming work we share creates the foundation of purity and wholeness to allow these cities of light to rebuild, re-emerge – and it is upon the foundation created by the light cities that destiny builds and nears, manifesting as the New World. Heightened days of possibilities now surround us.

The Star of Creation is now anchored to earth, and miracles are enabled through linking with us here. Using the Holograms from the Miracle Realms creates an inter-linking with these realms to allow manifestation of your deepest dreams to occur. Each month one of a series of 12 Holograms will receive activation.

‘The Star of Creation, all codes successfully activated and anchored to earth, transforms and transmutes all memories of creation – and all possibilities of new creation, based on the divine realms of god, the miraculous realms, are now centered within your Temple of Heaven – this is the base from which miracles may originate. Specific intents may be offered and using the Miracle hologram as facilitator, creations of original intent may now manifest into creations of miracles … to have a specific intent, and use the miraculous holograms to create outcomes … these form the basis and foundation of the new world.’ Divine Father God.


In Los Angeles great orbs of light were photographed during the activation offered by Michael Liss – so touching and beautiful to see the physical manifestation of the wondrous beings of light who accompany us in our Dreaming the New World. Photo attached


In this activation of Acceptance we are assisted to surrender into acceptance of all that has been, all that we have personally experienced – acceptance of the good and the not so good, the beauty and the suffering – acceptance of the path of humanity, the loss of civilisations and of species, the damage to Gaia, the oppression, injustice, lack of freedom, hatred and suffering - and acceptance of the experiences of personal failure that resulted for lightworkers, and for humanity – the suffering that resulted – the poverty, wars, hatreds and losses experienced across all creation.

In letting go of our constant resistance, complaining, judging, arguing, suffering – there is such relief and peace to just accept all of our life – and to accept that we have chosen all of our life experiences. In the acceptance – trust and peace enters and a window opens to a higher connection to the divine. Where we resist – is where we suffer. In being assisted to dissolve our resistance – and to accept – so many blockages also dissolve - and we are enabled to step to higher planes and frequencies which bring miracles within our life purpose.

All are welcome at the Temple of Heaven in Ubud, Bali to join the activations each month, or to link with us. If you would like to be specially named and called in, you can email me. Many around the world join with us in this planetary work, some sharing the activations in group meditations in their homes.

Activations in Los Angeles with Michael Liss
Level 3 Blueprints for the New Human Tuesday 7 February at 7pm
and Hologram of Acceptance Wednesday 22 February at 12 noon
– email if you would like to join the group.

May our dreams hold all humanity as the New World opens and builds.
Astrea Sri Ana


How to Work with the Codes of Sacred Geometry
Print the hologram. Holding the hologram at arms length, sing the mantra and look at the geometries. Sing the mantra at least 3 times ... and then while still looking at the hologram, draw it towards your body slowly until it rests against your third eye ... and hold it there until you feel complete. Repatterning occurs to the electro-magnetic field of your bodies of light. The process of restoration is ongoing and the holograms may be used regularly, daily.


Akashic record channeled readings
Astrea has a beautiful gift to find and release the original core memories and experiences you may hold as an akashic record which manifests as patterns of recurring disempowerment, trauma, pain and suffering. More information at this link


The Path of the Mystic Sacred Mystery School July 7-14 2012
7 day sacred mystery school at the Temple of Heaven – a wondrous experience to step into your life path and embodiment of your higher soul gifts – held in the embrace of the Ascended Masters and angels and family of light. There is much information on the sacred mystery school experience at this link

‘The Star of Creation, all codes successfully activated and anchored to earth, transforms and transmutes all memories of creation – and all possibilities of new creation, based on the divine realms of god, the miraculous realms, are now centered within your Temple of Heaven – this is the base from which miracles may originate. Specific intents may be offered and using the Miracle hologram as facilitator, creations of original intent may now manifest into creations of miracles … to have a specific intent, and use the miraculous holograms to create outcomes … these form the basis and foundation of the new world.’ Divine Father God


Beloveds, as you breathe deeply and open your hearts and your beings to the divine, to the divine plan and the roles you each play of perfection in placing to the divine plan and to humanity and to earth those individual gifts, talents and interconnections with beloved higher realms that you each hold – allow the realms of light to find their connection with your beloved selves – allow the angels to hold you within a framework of such love of you – as individual healing chambers from the miraculous realms are anchored around you – filled with all of the rays of the miracles of god.

As you breathe deeply, open your hearts so widely in love and acceptance of self – and in love and connection with the divine – as the rays of god anchor around you and through your being. Your bodies of light become ablaze with the rays of perfection which fill every dimension of your heart, your body, your being, your soul – and in expansion, breathe deeply to allow the energies of the divine to transform every individual level of your being – offering for surrender and release those which are your woundings, your suffering, your instances of desire for relief from the denseness of physical life of the third dimension.

As you expand in great light – your hearts open most widely – and your bodies of light expand and expand in highest colours of wonder to us who are your beloveds and who watch and observe your transformation to purest wonder and light – as that which is of distortion releases – that which is memory of pain, limitation, suffering – perception of failure, of wrongdoing – of hopelessness, lack of trust, lack of belief. The travails of earthly life in all manner of description – and across all of the timelines of your being – receive disconnection, release, healing, transmutation to purest light – as your suffering is taken – and as you are shifted to higher dimensions of godliness – those where there is no possibility of suffering – shifting you above the lower dimensions beloveds – while yet still anchored to beloved Gaia’s heart of purest crystal – that you may assist her raising in like manner – shifting, rising above all distortion, all suffering, all limitation.

You may hand over those individual instances of pain, fear, limitation, suffering, disempowerment – and they are taken from you by the angelic realms of light who surround you, who attend to your energies, offering their healing rays and colours of all of the wondrous realms of healing, empowerment, trust, truth, purity, love and divinity. Ablaze with wondrous light, every dimension, every atom of your being blazes with purest divine light – and those from Sirius, those workers of light technology, of the geometries and purest technologies of transformation and divine blueprint – open the geometries of your bodies of light that the individual circuitries that are missing, inaccurate, distorted, inactive, not yet embodied – are now restored to your original blueprint of divine creation and perfection. Accept the blueprints of creation beloveds, those which are of angelic heart – those which hold godliness and highest light of perfection. Cast aside are all and any distortions, any memories of those times of disempowerment, of pain, suffering, failure – overridden by the blueprints of the divine – those which are of your original divine state as sons and daughters of the One.

Encircled by the enlightened ones, those who are the masters and higher dimensional attributes of self – you are surrounded and held in such great love and esteem – as we travel now to the akashic library of Sirius where are held the records of all existence, all life – and to the records which are yours, those of your varying existences, those chosen by you and your council of light, for experience, for the embodiment of mastery and wisdom and love and understanding – and those which are your divine mission roles – where you have offered heart, body, mind and soul for the divine in varying earth lifetimes – and here we speak most particularly of those divine lifetimes upon Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt – for these are the lifetimes of most great suffering beloveds for our workers of the light, those of failure experiences, where civilisations were lost, though you had given your all, and so you have embodied experiences and memories of great suffering – of failure – personally, within soul family, among team members and peers – times when you were greatly endangered and found yourself without the assistance that had always been yours, promised to you as children of god who in lighted wonder incarnated to the earth realm to play your roles of intervention, of guidance, of assistance to humanity, yet received such suffering, lack, poverty, hopelessness, loneliness, disconnection from the love and guidance of god and the family of light because of the nature of your experiences, closing down your connections, losing your trust in the divine – and became disconnected in varying manner from your higher gifts, higher selves. These are the great and core wounds beloveds of our lightworkers – who failed themselves as they encountered the dualities, who were tempted away from their innocence – and who were betrayed by their fellows – for all succumbed to the dense qualities of physical life and to the distortions, the dualities – and to the karmic plane that resulted.

Beloveds, that which is ascension is the reweaving of all existence, beyond the suffering, beyond the memories – releasing all the memories of times of suffering and disempowerment and disconnection – turning back the timelines and reweaving existence backwards to original godliness, divinity, purity, love and empowerment. And wondrous and wide are the gifts at the disposal of the divine – to achieve that which is the goal of ascension. For in the winding back beyond the pain and suffering – to release, transmute all that which is distorted – that which is retained is the wisdom of all experience that has been gained by all of god’s children.

And so Lord Sirius with his beloved consort Lady Sirius greets you at the halls of the library of the akashic records of your soul – and with Divine Mother you are taken to the hallowed halls – for that which is to occur this day is the deletion of all memory of distortion, of pain and suffering, disconnection, lack of trust, lack of faith – all that you have suffered, all that is not of light and love – is deleted, dissolved – as if it did never occur – for these are the gifts of Sirius, the gifts of the geometries of light – and many are the beloveds who attend now to your energies to restore your personal geometries – as the akashic records of your soul, those which are distorted, where there is suffering of all and any manner – are taken, transmuted, deleted across all the timelines and all dimensions. And where there is vacuum, as the records are released – immediately the angelic ones from Sirius attend now to replace that which was distorted with geometries of purest and highest light – those which are your original divine blueprints of such magnificence and purity.

Breathe beloveds and hand over all suffering – hand over the recent and the ancient that has created suffering for you – and allow all to be taken – and transformed.

Breathe deeply to achieve deep healing and transformation – which will continue beloveds over many days and nights – that you may gracefully embody now your magnificence – and take your place in lighted wonder as the new world achieves creation – allowing your own individual higher gifts to be used in the manifestation of your highest desires, those which are held at your core, those which you brought to earth in deepest desire and love of humanity and of each other.

As all that you have experienced of suffering, of failure, wounding, hatred, hopelessness, addiction, enragement, faithlessness, torture, death, imprisonment, capture, entrapment, ill-use, betrayal, enforcement, mis-use, deep grief and sadness – is released from you – that which is left is purest innocence and trust.

Hope regained – allow your being to expand and expand in purest light – as the journey continues, beyond the akashic library – journeying with the beloved ones of your council of light in a merkebah of highest light – and alighting at the halls of higher learning and wisdom – where are accumulated the individual aha’s of wisdom, of experience, of higher mind and understanding – all gained from lifetimes of experience upon the earth plane – achieving and experiencing the mind of god in expansion through all manner of experience. And that which is regained, reclaimed by you beloved – is the higher mind, higher wisdom, higher understanding accumulated over all existence that god may know himself in expansion beyond light, beyond love and beyond duality.

All the gains that have been accumulated as wisdom, love, higher understanding – are given you – reclaimed – and enhanced even beyond your own understanding – containing the truth of the avatars and the bodhisattvas, those who achieved enlightenment and ascension. Receive beloveds as you breathe deeply – the truth and wisdom, love and transcendence achieved by the enlightened ones – as your own to receive and to embody.

All that has ever been experienced – to allow the mind of god to receive expansion and understanding within the dualities – is reclaimed by you and given you as that which is your due – that which was ever promised you – that the god who is you may expand in all manner of knowledge and wisdom.

Enhanced, and added, are the rays of love which encompass all understanding, all experience – which envelop you and transform you – as you reclaim your godly nature, beyond all suffering – as you flow in the godstreams – those which are of purest light – beyond all possibility of suffering or distortion – beyond all pain – as you flow in the arms of god.

In this expanded state, holding no distortion or memory of pain – yet embodying within your being the higher wisdom and understanding and love that has been gained from all experience – allow the Hologram of Acceptance to now anchor within your being – and you are enabled to Accept that the mind of god desired expansion beyond light and love into all manner of understanding – and that each broke away as an atom of the mind of god – to embody and to experience all manner of being. And much has been experienced – and now we turn again to god – and to enjoining our atoms of the mind of god – to return to god, to return to godliness – and to return to the abyss which is the love of god in endless splendour.

As divine ones who play role for the building of the new world, that where the distortions and dualities of third dimension limitation are transcended – you on behalf of all humanity, having embodied within physical vehicles for the purpose – offer up Acceptance of all that has ever been – that humanity likewise may receive the acceptance of their own lifetimes and of the roles all have played since the original creation – to achieve wholeness within experience, truth, wisdom, knowledge and love.

And so long has been the path back to godliness – yet it nears beloveds, it is so near – for each has played their role so assiduously – striving beyond the hopelessness, the fear, the loneliness and pain and suffering – for all that holds value with your deepest heart is the return to god – and this is the blueprint you each hold – which sees you strive for this return – for no love yet the love of god will suffice – and the journey will not end until the love of god is known and embodied.

And we sing the mantra for the hologram of Acceptance to allow this to be received by you – and to be anchored to earth as a reality – as a Miracle from the realms of god to enable all to Accept the path of embodiment within humanity – the path which has journeyed across all manner of experience, through loss and lack, poverty, impoverishment, war, hatred, ill health, and grief and suffering. Yet such individual glimmerings of true love and of rejoicing, of such gratitude and joy have been achieved, those which when seen from the duality of its mirror have been enhanced in the achievement of that which is possible – the enchantment of life, of living, held in the arms of god.

(sounded Kee Hee Tee Kee Hee-ee Tee Hee’ee Qwee Tee Hee Ar Tar Ar Har’ar Har)

On behalf of all humanity you allow Acceptance of all that is and all that has been to be received, and to descend through your being and to Gaia and to her grids of light - and to all of her sacred portals and along her dreaming lines, her lei lines and her oceans and rivers may Acceptance spread – to lighten the burden of humanity and of Gaia – and to allow all to traverse their journey of ascension back to godliness, held in the abyss of god’s love.

Breathe deeply as Acceptance anchors to earth, anchoring through you and to Lady Gaia and to her grids of light.

Open your purest hearts of light and love and allow the love of your being to widen, to expand and to fill your being in its expansion and greatness – and share your love in widening bands of perfection and of Acceptance – to fill your being in understanding of the path of humanity, the path of all experience – and expand further, linking with others around the world – linking your circles of light – linking countries of residence – and with your beloveds – naming these, those in countries close – and far – those who are your beloveds.

And linking with those who are Dreamers of the New World - and expanding further now as you link together, exponentially receiving great expansion as the frequencies of each receive connection – and expanding wider, deeper.

All Dreamers of the New World may now link and connect, sharing your frequencies and your love with all lightworkers – that all may receive the frequencies of Acceptance that will allow them to shift beyond suffering, beyond resistance and pain and suffering - into Acceptance of all that is and all that has been – Acceptance and trust that the journey continues and all is well, for the Galactic Federation assures we are on par with the successful path of return home in ascension with our god – and hold the frequencies for these ones, that they may receive these energies gracefully – hold them that they may sustain these frequencies of highest light.

And share now with humanity, those who have desire at the deepest core of their being, even though it be unknown to them physically - the desire for wholeness and Oneness with their god, and for ascension – and expand and expand to hold these ones of humanity who desire to return to wholeness and Oneness and to godliness.

And you may tone and sound and sing your Oms and your language of light – to anchor these deep energies of love – and the rays and miracles of Acceptance – that all may receive the miracle of Acceptance – restored to earth from the realms of creation.

You are beloved of god and the angels and masters and family of light for your Dreaming and for your love. You are held always in purest light – and greatness is achieved this day. I Am Father God.