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Mar 12, 2010

Divine Template of Support, Guidance, Opportunity

The Dream of the Divine Templates
of Support, Guidance and Opportunity

Dark Moon – Monday 15 March - 5 pm local time

In today’s activation we join with Amma’trisha in Nederland and with Malika in Bali, in the beautiful work they offer to Gaia and to humanity in creating healing in those iconic places around the world which hold humanity’s collective consciousness – many of them places of pilgrimage to which so many journey, and connecting humanity in the memories they hold. Amma’trisha, Keeper of the Celestial Mysteries, was shown that the Flower of Life grid has been damaged in many places which are icons and I was later given the names of many of these icons and places of public pilgrimage upon which humanity focuses such energy – and many of these are marked by memories of hopes and dreams dashed, aspirations lost, faith destroyed, of trauma, grief and hopelessness – from war, grief, loss, bloodshed and inhumanity. These icons and places of pilgrimage hold humanity’s collective hopes, dreams, grief and memory – and their earth-bound memories link and connect the grid of the collective pain matrix of humanity.

With Malika, Keeper of the Flower of Life, we join energies to restore the grid of the Flower of Life to those iconic places – and in this way a great web of healing and of interconnection will now anchor the Flower of Life, enabling this love grid to be restored, and for all who visit these places of pilgrimage, these icons of the collective, to receive reconnection also through the Flower of Life.

Halfway now through this series of activations of Dreaming the New World activations, we receive today the alignment of our lives and our life path - held in the support and love of so many whose role is to guide and care for us – with the fields of resonance, attraction, opportunity, grace, providence, synchronicity and luck – and connected fortuitously to all realms. In this alignment, we may with trust open ourselves to take the leaps beyond all doubt and fear of limitation and inability – to our higher path of destiny.

Such shifts are occurring and our frequencies are enabled to rise higher and higher – and though there is discomfort as is cast aside all that no longer sits within the higher dimensions we now embody – there is the stirring within of hope and excitement – for we have worked so long and hard to release ourselves of our pain, limitation, sadness and confusion – and the path stretches ahead, in view now – and clarity increasingly is enjoyed.


With Joseph, Jean Manuel and Malika – we will be hosting a most beautiful 7 day non-profit retreat, Yoga 2 Peace, on Tiger Island, off shore from Jakarta from 19 – 25 June this year – crystal clear waters, beautiful reefs, organic food, gorgeous accommodation, rustic and inspiring. A synergy of energies to bridge the physical and the spirit – through 7 days of yoga, breathing, meditation, light body restoration, divine sound transmissions, and sessions to bridge the soul, body and mind - awakening the flow of the body’s own potential for healing.

Click the image for more information. You can contact me for more information if you are interested to join us for what will be a wonderful retreat, and the profits are used to sponsor under-privileged children in need.


Am still a little bedazzled at the wonder of the recent ceremony on my land at Temple of Heaven, when a very large group of us joined together, our Bali group joining with beloved Qala and her group at the conclusion of their Self Mastery retreat. We walked through the rice paddies in single file, stretched as far as the eye could see, and held a wondrous ceremony in which great clearing of the lei lines of Bali occurred, and a multi-dimensional portal was anchored and activated through all dimensions, with a pillar of the Divine University also anchored. Many crystals and codes of sacred geometry and celestial language were buried to anchor this wondrous portal – and so many shared their mastery and their love. A day I will remember with joy and wonder for all the days of my life.
Click here for photos CLICK HERE


Shianka of Nederland, Keeper of the Streams of Celestial Consciousness, an artist who draws to earth many of the Archangels in her creations of beauty, has painted a beautiful work of art for Dreaming the New World which is attached.

’Light finds its way into this world
Light is a forerunner of the New Age
A place in which mutual human respect
as well as respect for animals is normal again
A New World in which we come home’.


In Bali we ready for the new year celebration of Nyepi tomorrow, a day of silence and of meditation – when all roads are closed to even pedestrian traffic, our airport is closed, and our busy shops and cafes do not open for business – for all, including tourists in their hotels, stay inside – and no electric lights are used – for the darker energies, released through ceremony and much noisemaking – are encouraged to depart for other territories, as no-one in Bali is home!

It is a great privilege to be in Bali for this sacred time – and to watch the madness, gaiety, noise and uproar of the Ogoh-Ogohs, papier-mâché creations of demons which the young men parade around the streets, gathering up all the discordant forces in their wild play – and these release through ceremony tonight.

We have a day of silence tomorrow (though if you listen closely, you may hear the quiet hum of DVD’s being watched by families inside their compounds) - and indeed, the energies are transformed overnight and there is such clarity and peace for all to enjoy.


We prepare for the next The Path of the Mystic, a 3 day intensive sacred mystery school, on 3-5 April – and for those who feel this is the time for their path to open and to blossom into full mastery – you are so very welcome to join us in Bali for this. I am happy to help in any way I can.

You can view some beautiful photos taken of our February mystery school by clicking this link


In next month’s activation we move towards our life’s dream, life path, life mission, highest heart’s dream – and success. Am being asked to channel more and more keepership readings, as many reach this stage and level of readiness to know more about the sacred nature of the particular gifts of god they hold. In reaching this level of readiness, the heavens open in assistance to reward your willingness to become your all and your council of light gathers closely about you, to support your heightened path of life mission and fulfillment.

You can find more information on my web site

With all my love and all my gratitude,

‘The meditation was good last night… Years ago I heard that I was a torchbearer. In the meditation when we could see our greatest gift, I again saw myself with a torch. But I was shown that it had to do with showing others the light cities and new world on the other side of the veil. With the torch I can shine through the veil and show others what else is there.

This morning I realised it's Valentines day and last year the unicorn kingdom got anchored this day! Again the energy felt very soft and I felt lots of light around me. I began to connect with the icons around the world. I was shown Gaia and dark spots all around the world where there are also icon places. I'm being guided away from this image to the Statue of Liberty, the torch is burning and I lit my torch on her flames. All places around the world that resonate to this issue become burning flame spots. Through merkebahs of light, the dark energies are taken up to the angels and they take
care of it from there. Some dark energies don't go up and are attached to worldwide contracts. I don't recall all the contracts. One of them said that it was forbidden for me to remove the energies with lots of manipulating words in it. I cancelled, tore up and burned the contracts for all. At the end there is a grid of fire that connects all the icon spots, also connected to a contract. I clear the contract.

Sphinxy gargoyles fill the planet with water and wash away the fire. The planet gets filled with the celestial dolphin consciousness and all feels very loving. Cords of fire that attach Gaia to other dark realms or entities dissolve, they just cannot be any more. All is dolphin love on the former icon spots.

I'm being shown that the flower of life grid is damaged on the places of the former icon spots. Malika is needed to fully repair this. The grid needs to be anchored there again and be confirmed. The love grid flows through the planet again and all feels softer. Then the Lions of Life form fire around the water. I call on the keepers of the Christ light. White globes of light fill Gaia and form one big white shiny light. The icon places only connect to the celestial heavens now. I'm being asked to bless Gaia and call on all of my guides and councils of light. The angels guided me through everything. I was not alone at all. Amma’trisha, Nederland


It is Divine Mother with Gaia and the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and the emissaries of light and angelics of all realms, and the star dolphins and unicorn kingdoms, Lions of Life and the Keepers of the Christ Light, and those from all realms join us this day in joy and in assistance.

Open your chakra columns and your beings and accept the energies of love and restorative healing which flow through you and to every dimension of your being as the angelics attend to you within the pyramid chamber of light which is anchored over each of you in your sacred places.

With your breath, allow your hearts to open and to shine great love, which expands your light quotient and creates such expansion and joy and connection with the family of light who gather closely around – and connecting your hearts together around the world, inter-linked and connected with each other and with the individual grid points of the Lemurian grid, aligned same place, same time. With your breath, receive the assistance that is given you, as your interdimensional bodies of light – and your physical bodies – your chakras – all of your being receives that which is most required for peace, restoration, transformation, fulfillment and joy.

As great waves of peace fill you and thrill you – Lady Nada places the Dove of Peace within your heart – allowing your heart to widen, to open, to fill with streams of highest frequency love, capable of healing your every wound and regret and heartbreak and doubt. Breathe the frequencies of love and allow them to wash through every dimension, every chakra, every atom of your being, as you accept all that you require which will bring ease and grace and peace to your life.

And in peace, bring to your awareness knowledge of those which are your highest heart’s dreams, those which make your heart sing with joy. And the angelics from the realms of creation flock to be with you, and to attend to your heart, to allow those which are your deepest dreams to emerge, and make themselves known to you – those which are aligned with your life purpose, life mission. And it is those dreams which bring the greatest joy – which point direction to your destiny – those dreams of the use of the gifts that come most easily to you –where your higher gifts need not be struggled with – for when they open, they open effortlessly, as though they have always been present – as indeed they have – awaiting only that time of activation, that moment of time agreed upon within the plan of the divine – that time when those which are your blocks and wounds have received their clearing and healing through the benefit of the planetary alignments, those which so often seem harsh and severe, and which shake you around – for it is these planetary alignments that were chosen within the timelines of destiny – and once having moved through and beyond that which is of obstacle and block – then the life path opens before you and awaits you.

And you receive in this moment assistance to allow your heart’s dreams to open and to commence to be known to you – to receive the glimmers of that which excites and stirs your heart – for indeed it is the gift of your great heart that it holds all knowledge of your destiny – of your past and of your future – and your heart in this moment receives its opening, sufficient to allow the glimmers to be made known to you. And you will be held in this, and increasingly will become aware of that which you would most love to be doing with your life – having no regard for limitation, for money and opportunity – for dear ones, these are aligned within timelines and brought to you by the planetary alignments – and by the Flower of Life. You are given assistance to put aside the doubts of the mind, the inabilities, and the hesitations, and the memories of past opportunities lost, failed – and to step again onto your path of unlimitedness and of greatness – and to take the great leap of faith which will see your dreams come to fruition.

Holding knowledge and trust and faith in your dreams of that which would most inspire you, that which you would most love to spend your days within, we call for the support of all realms to be received, put in place to bring to fruition your heart’s dreams.

Divine Template of Support
Open yourself to receive the blessings and love and support of the beloved family of light, through all dimensions – receiving that which was put in place before ever you agreed to incarnate in this lifetime – that which was promised you as support for your path of light.

Divine Template of Guidance
Your crown chakra and your higher celestial chakras are assisted to open, that you may know of the inspiration and guidance that is there for you to receive. Your heart is assisted to open, that you may receive the messages of guidance of the angelics, the Masters, those who walk by your side and who are available for guidance and assistance. The gift of knowing, that of intuition and inner knowledge – is activated. Your interdimensional bodies of light – receive that which they require to allow you to hear the words of wisdom, the insights, the knowledge, wisdom - the aha’s of inspiration.

Open your being to receive the putting into place of all processes which you require – and know that these processes continue incrementally, and exponentially – and your ability to receive is broadened and activated – by use. You are asked and reminded to remember to ask of the family of light their assistance – and then to open yourself to receive – and to trust that which you receive, and in this way to gain confidence in your abilities to commune with the divine, and to receive the guidance and support which is your due as one who gives so much for the divine, and for humanity.

Divine Template of Luck
Accept apportionment of the duality of Luck – and receive a release of the duality of Lack of Luck, that which you may have apportioned at the earliest of ages as that which you desired to experience in physical life – for all dualities were apportioned and there was the desire for some to be blessed with luck, and some to experience its lack. And never was it known that such deprivation and hardship would result across all the aeons, and that the experience of the dualities would then incur exponential degrees of the need for karmic retribution, and of struggle and harshness and powerlessness.

We call to the Lords of Karma and the Lords of Time – we call for the annihilation of the duality of ‘No Luck’ – and ask that the divine template of Luck be available to all who live from the open heart, in altruistic regard for all, and without desire to own and control the gift of Luck.

Divine Template of Opportunity
Open yourselves to receive that placement upon your destiny path which aligns with all opportunity you will require to bring to effect your higher purpose and life path. May all destiny partners of benefit to you and your higher path be brought forth – and may you now commune with these ones, and make your desires known for that which you wish to achieve – and calling again to the Karmic Board and the Lords of the Time, and to the Keepers of the Planets – to align you again, fully, on your life path with your destiny partners, and opportunities – as you open yourself to receive that which you require.

Divine Template of Attraction
Allow your energy bodies of light to be assisted that they may resonate with the highest ideals of love and desire, of purity and excitement and joy – as all that is of distortion and lower frequency is released from you - that in your mirror of love may be reflected, and brought to you, under the laws of attraction – that which you hold in dreams and desires and goals of purity, of passion, of fulfillment and sharing and joy within the divine plan.

Divine Template of Resonance
Bring to your heart your dreams for your life path – and allow the resonance of purity and truth and love to be imbued within your heart, and to fill your dreams and your hopes for your life – that you may resonate with that which is of the highest of frequencies, that which holds the highest possible potential for you.

Divine Template of Fortuitous Connection with All Elements, All Realms –
All kingdoms, all dimensions – all beings of light from all realms now receive their alignment with you and your own path of light – that you may receive the benefit of their gifts and connections with all realms – accepting their keys and gifts – to allow manifestation to occur – for magic to align with your heart’s dreams, that creations of perfection may be brought to earth in support of the divine plan, and of your own role within that plan of the divine.

Divine Template of Providence
Gaia embraces and holds you in love – as interconnection occurs through her grids of love and light and power and of creation – interconnecting with the kingdoms and the beings of all realms – interconnecting also with the Flower of Life – that divine providence, that which is the gift of the divine, is enabled to be received – as you open to receive – and to make your requests of that which you most require to bring to effect those which are your highest and deepest dreams.

Divine Template of Synchronicity
The synchronistic opportunities are put in place within the timelines of the divine – as you open yourself to receive aligning with the pathways of synchronicity – those which will bring divine partners, lifetime opportunities, chances and gifts of the divine – those which you require to bring you to your life path, and to allow you to receive the highest assistance within the plan of the divine.

Divine Template of Grace
That which is grace, the fruit of the divine, that bank of infinite, limitless splendour – is allowed your access – that you may dip freely of grace, added to your heart’s dreams of such splendour – to enable the coming to fruition and completion of your heart’s dreams and life path.

And hold your dream beloved, and embroider and add to your dream in details, in concept – expanding and expanding in belief and in trust and in possibility – in excitement, and joy and in passion - as you accept now the anchoring through your being of the new Universal Templates of Creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –

Divine Template of Support

Divine Template of Guidance

Divine Template of Luck

Divine Template of Opportunity

Divine Template of Attraction

Divine Template of Resonance

Divine Template of Fortuitous Connection with All Elements, All Realms

Divine Template of Providence

Divine Template of Synchronicity

Divine Template of Grace


And now we focus our hearts and our love and our beings, connected together in full alignment and safety – on the individual icons and places of pilgrimage which hold the collective’s dreams and aspirations, hopes and heartbreaks - and those memorial places which mark places of importance around the world – focusing also on the Flower of Life – and we ask that the negative energies through all dimensions that are held within each icon be released with much support from all realms of light.

We call to the Lords of Time and the Lords of Karma and for the family of light from all its highest celestial dimensions for their assistance, so that any contracts that are connected to these iconic places of collective consciousness may be released, annulled, abrogated for all time. We call to the devic kingdoms and the realms of the ancestors, the faeries and of inner and middle earth – for their assistance to clear the records of distortion and of pain, heartbreak, lost dreams, bloodshed, of hopelessness, hatred and inhumanity through all dimensions.

And we merge our energies now in group merkebah, and travel to each icon on this sacred earth – and with our great hearts and all of our beings we share our love and understanding of all that has been, all that has been created in suffering and hardship – and with our full trust and faith in the clarity and peace and inter-connectedness that results from our merging of our hearts together as one, we offer our love for a mass healing and clearing of the earth memories at each sacred site.

We travel to each place as vehicles and transmitters of the divine, with Malika and with Amma’Trisha, and we offer our love to allow great healing to be effected, using our grid of love, interconnected around the world, linked together throughout the sacred flames of our hearts as one sacred flame, to effect this healing and clearing of the distortions, memories, pain and suffering from the grid lines and lei lines of and between each iconic place of pilgrimage, with the release of those souls who are lost and confused, that they may receive assistance to find their place in god’s garden - and assisting in the full restoration of the Flower of Life to each place, connecting through the Great Central Sun, and anchoring through Gaia’s crystal heart and along her grid lines, lei lines and love, light and power grids of her sacred earth…….

Central Station, New York, United States
Sphinx, Egypt
Great Pyramid, Egypt
Luxor, Egypt
Uluru, Central Australia
Macchu Picchu, Peru
Borobudur, Indonesia
Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom
Nelsons Column, London, United Kingdom
Mayfair, London, United Kingdom
Statue of Liberty, New York, United States
Kings Cross Station, London, United Kingdom
Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
Grand Canyon, United States
Angels Landing, Utah, United States
Great Lakes, Canada/United States
Mississippi River, United States
New Orleans, United States
Niagara Falls, United States/Canada
Sydney Opera House, Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australia
The Bridge of Sighs, Venice
St Marks' Square, Venice
Vatican - St Peter's Cathedral, Rome
Thera - Santorini, Greece
Times Square, New York, United States
Empire State building, New York, United States
Burma Railway site - Thailand/Burma
Panama Canal
Luxor, Egypt
Lake Nasser, Aswan Dam, Egypt
Suez Canal, Egypt
Little Mermaid statue, Copenhagen
Great Wall of China
Nuremberg, Germany
Anne Frank's house, Amsterdam
Auschwitz and other prisons of war
Belle Isle Park, Detroit – and memorial sites of the race riots of 1943 and 1967
Virginia, Louisiana - and other well known slave places in the south of the United States

Those places in Africa where slave ships departed with slaves:
Mozambique, Zanzibar, Madagascar, St Louis, Dakar, Senegal, Bissau, Freetown, Sherbo, Accra, Assinie, Dix Cove, Komenda, Komantu, Christiansborg, Whydah

M.S.S. Missouri battleship, Hawaii
Navajo reservations, United States
Fort Knox Bullion Depository, Kentucky, United States
Battleground of Little Big Horn and memorial to Chief Sitting Bull, Montana,United States
Laramie, United States
Sydney Harbour, Australia
Westminster Cathedral, London, United Kingdom
Notre Dame, Paris
Seine River, Paris
Madelein Church, Paris
Montsegur, France
Rennes le Chateau, France
Forum - Italy
Catacombs, Rome, Italy
Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy
Hiroshima, Japan
Flanders, France
Killing Fields, Cambodia
Vietnam, Phnom Penh
Cleopatra's Needle, London, United Kingdom
Trafalgar Square, London, United Kingdom

And we travel together also to those places around the globe of the earth to those places which hold humanity’s collective hopes, dreams, prayers, aspirations, grief, hopelessness and heartbreak – to those memorial places which are special to us, and our country of residence – places of worship and memory – where humans died for a cause – sites of sacred significance to races and ethnic groups – all places where humanity has placed its hopes and dreams – and to memorials and grave sites – each place where one of humanity has placed a prayer, and made an altar in memory of a beloved – and each place where the anniversary of death is dedicated and remembered with a memorial - places of remembrance and mourning for those who are well-known and loved … and all waterways that have received the prayers of humanity.

And with our hearts merged together, we offer our love in release of the memories and heartbreak of these places – enabling now the Flower of Life to be restored and reconnected through all dimensions.

The star dolphins swim within the etheric grids to cleanse and restore these, with the Golden Lions of Light and those from the higher celestial kingdoms, and angelics from all dimensions attending to the release of all which is of distortion, clearing ancient contracts which are now enabled to be annulled, and for the detachment of all forces of darkness which seek to hold humanity locked into the insanity and darkness of duality and pain, suffering and disempowerment of ages past – all the forces of the heavens combine – to release these ones of darkness and to assist them to find their place in god’s garden, and to the astral plane that best serves their vibratory rate – and to restore them upon their evolutionary path of wholeness and completion.

The elements and the devas are called to annihilate all that is of darkness – that all may be filled with light – and for all that is of fire and destruction to be washed and cleansed with gentle waters of heightened frequencies – and for the air around each icon to be sanctified – so that each pilgrimage point is a place of enlightenment, harmony, peace – and of connection individually, and for mankind, with the blessed and beloved Flower of Life.

As the celestial dolphins swim and flow through our own energy bodies, we receive now our full reconnection to the Flower of Life – and as transmitters and vehicles of the divine, we allow our light and our love to be shared with the Flower of Life, that she may be fully restored to light – and we interlink our energies with the divine, and with our beloved Mother Gaia, and anchor to the earth in our sacred places around the world these energies which have been restored today – and our grid of love connects around the world – and the Flower of Life is joined, linked, and anchored between heaven and earth – and to those places of iconic remembrance – and to all sacred places - and within our own beings - our neighbourhoods, our cities, our parks and gardens, our mountains and rivers and fields - as we receive from her, and from Gaia – all that we require for our planetary path, our life work, for our peace and plenty – and for that of humanity.

And as we anchor this sacred light, the Keepers of the Christ Light link with us as glorious globes of light fill Gaia, and join as one magnificent ball of shining brilliant light.

In deepest peace of mind, filled with Grace to allow your every dream to come to fruition, in perfection and harmony and beauty, in stillness and clarity and empowerment, share, with your voices, this anchoring of the Divine Templates of Support, Guidance, Luck, Opportunity, Attraction, Resonance, Fortuitous Connection with All Elements, All Realms, Providence, Synchronicity, and Grace - toning and sounding and making your Om - to share with Gaia and her icons, her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms - and with humanity - allowing with surrender and with purest intent all blocks to the successful fruition of your life plan to receive their release - and allowing your heart’s dreams to fill you now in confidence, in truth, in joy, in hope and trust and faith and clarity - allowing the realms of Grace to bring you your dreams, in alignment with fortuitous synchronicities, resonance, luck, support and guidance - accompanied and assisted by those heavenly ones who await you in service.

I am Divine Mother with Gaia.

‘The earth changes may receive their culmination when a percentage of 30% of humanity is in heightened reconnection with the divine within, and the relentless nature of the continuing destruction-based onslaughts will, by the great heart opening that occurs in sadness at the continuing levels of huge pain and loss within brother and sister that results, bring heightened levels of divinity which may reach its timely commencement with the hallowed time of such speculation (2012). And so it is not the destruction that occurs that is the prime reason for the losses, but it is the heart opening and softening and love of one for another, one for all, that is the fulcrum which, in rising from disillusionment towards sad love of others, lifts all from the percentile reached, and indeed the fulcrum of love and hope propels all upon their journey Home.’ Lady Ashtar

We all play our role in this great heart opening that is occurring,
sharing our love and our wholeness with humanity
that the hearts of all may open, and we may journey Home.


The templates holographically anchor, received with intent through linking your energies with us in Bali. Ask that your energies be aligned with our group to receive the Templates of Divine Perfection. The language of light is sung to allow the templates to anchor through each of us and you may receive by asking that the timelines be aligned so that you are connected with our group in Bali and with others around the world who join hearts and dreams together.

You can work with the templates by downloading and printing them. While holding and looking at the template, sing or chant the mantra several times. Then, while looking at the template, slowly draw it into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.

The Path of the Mystic Package includes:

Full tuition, activations (choose from 7 days or 3 days intensives)
Life mission activation portal ceremony at sacred Gunung Agung volcano
Lunch each day
Blueprint elixirs
Manual of daily tools, sacred geometry codes

6 days activations and 1 day life mission activation portal ceremony
at sacred Gunung Agung volcano

7-14 July 2010

2 days light activations and 1 day life mission activation portal ceremony
at sacred Gunung Agung volcano

3-5 April 2010
1-3 August 2010 (Japanese)
9-11 October 2010

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Astrea Aurora
divine copyright 2010