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Jan 9, 2010




Divine Templates of Grace, Truth, Stillness and End of Karma
Dark Moon Solar Eclipse
Friday 15 January 5 pm local time

For those who have joined the Dreamers of the New World activations recently, would like to share some of the history of these activations which commenced in 2006 with Sister of the Rose with Lady Nada, Manifestations of Mastery with Lord Merlin, and Attitudes of Ascension with Lord Kuthumi.

Early last year the devic kingdom made requests of us to be the Dreamers of the New World, and we joined our energies together in group through many activations of personal transformation whose purpose was to achieve not only transcendence from our disempowering memories and karmic records and wounds, and restoration of our higher dimensional bodies of light - but the creation of new holographs through our personal transformation, to be shared with humanity and also with the Lemurian Grid.

The vision for the Lemurian Centre of Higher Consciousness Learning and Healing was given, from which community and the New Lemuria may build; beautiful land has been found in Bali and this project soon commences with the building of my house, also initially to be used as the Centre, and known as Temple of Heaven, taking its name from the Hindu temple close by. For photos

Many of us have worked tirelessly as portal keepers of the Lemurian Grid, especially in Bali, to create the New Lemuria, working with many portals to anchor and open these, clear them of memories of all dimensions, of ancient Lemuria and other times, and to activate and restore them.

Tremendous activity has occurred especially over the past 2 years from the Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation, working in force with the devic kingdoms. By joining our energies around the world as Dreamers of the New World, miracles are occurring, and catastrophic earth changes have been prevented, though likely there will be continuing intermittent devastation whose purpose is to assist the release of the distortions suffered by our beloved Gaia to allow her ascension, and also to awaken the hearts of humanity – for this is the path that many have chosen, ‘… only through disaster is it that man will change … requiring much suffering to release the ego and see through different eyes, different perspective’ (received by Corinne from Quetzalcoatl).

Archives of all of the past activations can be viewed on my website and


In 2010 and on this solar eclipse we reach the 5th activation of a new series which will conclude towards the end of the year. These activations are at the request of Lord and Lady Ashtar and the Galactic Federation, asking that we link our energies around the world as divine transmitters, with our role to anchor the templates of divine perfection to earth, for they form the basis of the new Universal Laws of truth and justice, freedom, love and plenty upon which the New World will build, recreating the foundations of physical life according to these new Universal Laws of Creation. And all that falls outside of these new Universal Laws, will no longer have any basis upon which to exist and will fall away. After each activation, I am visited by many dark energies and entities of darkness, angry and without a place of continuation, for now they are without the foundations upon which they have formerly focused and used as their livelihood and purpose for being, they literally have no place of existence … and these ones are taken to their individual place in God’s garden by the angels, so that their evolutionary path may be aided.

Lord and Lady Ashtar listed 130 new Universal Laws which will underlie ‘a new world order, focusing on harmony, peace and self-fulfillment - healing first from within, so that the outer manifestation of that self-healing will bring emphasis upon the reversal of society’s ails and ill ... and you will form a new world government based on principles of oneness and harmony and fulfillment, peace, simplicity, justice and sharing’.

This is what we are engaged upon as Dreamers of the New World, working alongside the devic kingdoms to receive gifting of the keys of manifestation to create the New World based on the common desire we share for peace, truth, equality, justice, fair trade and plenty for all.


Such strong energies have been experienced by many in past weeks, particularly the core group of Dreamers who play a key role for Gaia and humanity. Much of the sadness and desperation of Gaia has been experienced by them as her wounds and memories release. The wounds of Atlantis, and those of the masculine and of Ancient Egypt, those of last month’s activation, created such a heaviness and sadness as the wounds of Gaia and of humanity gradually released. We have called to the Galactic Federation to request an easing of the burden we have experienced.

After this month’s activation, there will be a lessening of the personal sadness and emptiness experienced – for the DIVINE TEMPLATE OF KARMA FREE will anchor, and also that of GRACE - and in the release of the karmic plane, such suffering will also release – and as grace returns to planet earth much lightness, and ability to manifest will result. The Templates of Truth, Acceptance, Acquiescence, Wholeness, Forgiveness, Progression, Mindfulness, Simplicity and Stillness of Heart, Stillness of Mind will also create great transformation in each of us.

The templates as they anchor have a flow-on effect on all around us – and those who are not living their lives within the tenets of full integrity and love are also affected – we look around in our community and it is especially the light workers who are being called to action, to live their personal lives according to the highest ideals of perfection – to become the Masters on earth that we are, and to achieve our fulfillment and personal satisfaction while living the life of our dreams in our highest ideals of perfection. It is our time for greatness.

You are honoured and revered – thank you for sharing this path as Dreamers in allowing the templates to anchor through you and to earth to create the New World, New Lemuria. May all of our highest and deepest dreams come to fruition with grace.

With all my love and all my gratitude,


We prepare for the first new 3 day The Path of the Mystic Sacred Mystery School 30Jan-1Feb – with many activations of light language, releasing core wounds of disempowerment and pain, and transforming the interdimensional bodies of light to original divine blueprint. There are spaces, if you would like to join us in Bali. Many photos of past mystery schools are on Facebook


On 1-3 August working together with the gifted Malika, there will be the first Japanese sacred mystery school.

Recently we had a very beautiful 2 hour workshop for a large Japanese group – Celestial sounds of transfiguration with the angels and Ascended Masters. The students opened and unburdened their hearts of all sadness and pain, and received a transmission of blessings, and activation of their angelic body and nature. A wonderful experience for us all.


’The night of the dark moon saw snow fall in Holland! Everything was completely white and it's still this way. Snow as a symbol for silent beauty! During the meditation I saw many geometric pyramids around me and all sorts of shapes and connections that were made through different layers of consciousness. I also saw the spirals of the mind. Looked a bit like blue DNA! I also saw many golden figures who kept playing out scenes, as if they were stuck and without emotion, I also saw rape. I think those people were me stuck somewhere in time and situations. They had no face or gender. They all went into the light and the scenes were lifted. Next I saw myself in the middle of a circle and around me were digital files (like in a computer). All those files were lifted and taken to the light. After that piles and piles of records are brought to me ... also gone now.

In the near future I saw my indian self, a strong woman near a clear pool of water and with her head in a blue sunny sky. Smile on her face. One with the coolness and clarity of the elements. The distant future was quite remarkable. I saw lots of sunlight (which was more like source light) through a roof of leaves of trees. My face was one with this light, the leaves and the trees. Shapes were sort of fluid … as if I was one with the particles of light. I could see through the leaves into the tiniest detail of light and structure … don't have a body anymore. At the end of the mediation a big group in white came to me. They lift the hood of their white robes and kneel down before me. The white brotherhood. I'm also dressed in white. I'm very moved with emotion. Ammatrisha, Holland

Wow, do I feel completely new from last night … was totally recalibrated and energy returned too! Now I feel, well, as though my mental masculine is here and now and balanced. The violet flame arrived last night for me, cleansing ...such clarity and real power I feel now. Tara, Bali

A lovely quiet meditation today, just enfolded in loving acceptance, surrender, and gratitude, feeling the lunar energies and connecting right through the portals of my being to the core of creation.....the silence within the heart. A beautiful word that sums up this tranquil experience, which has stayed with me all day; is ‘Santosha‘….contentment. Amora, UK

While in Drenthe, in the northern part of Holland, I visited some sacred places there … a church in Dwingeloo that is placed on a leyline, the energy around the building very soft and light … tuning in to a light city which came up from the heart of Gaia. It formed around the church, as it was once there. This was the city of light of the golden ones, a place of serenity and peace. These golden ones hold the energy now so this city of light can be anchored. Because I could not go into the church which was closed, my lightbody went inside and stood in the middle of the building. The dolphin star temple granted karmic absolution. A radiant light grid was formed around the globe and exactly on the opposite of the earth another city of light came up from the ground, where a physical temple was. Other grid points cities of light appeared also … more etheric in form. These churches are here to conquer peace.

While at the stone formations at Havelterberg at night when all was quiet we went through the snow … a church of light anchored around the stones. The place carried a deeply love energy. My mother called in her council of light and they formed a circle around the stones, forming a ship of light, and she followed their requests, blessing and making a special vow in honour of this place. Beautiful to do this together surrounded by snow and darkness.

And while joined in group energies with you and others in the Council chambers we travelled to, I was guided to help form a flower grid around the earth. All flowers of the earth were again connected with etheric flowers. So they all hold the light frequency that is necessary for the earth's ascension process. Seeds of light are held in these flowers, and never go lost even if the flower dies. In the heart of Gaia new heavenly flowers were planted, mostly orange and pink. They give the light codes to all other flowers. I assisted in anchoring the rose grid. Lots of darkness was released from me in the room. Amma’trisha, Holland.



It is Divine Mother with Gaia. Open your chakra column, and your being, and receive all that you desire in rejuvenation, replenishment, respite from the challenges of earthly life … open your eyes to receive the gift of cosmic sight … and your ears that you may hear the songs of the spheres, the original voice of creation … open your hearts and receive healing of the wounds and sadness of the heart that you carry, those of childhood and of later times, and those of ancient incarnations also where you gave your all for humanity but suffered so … open your mouths and have restored to you the gift of truth … that you may live your lives in this truth, and receive alignment with the highest sources of light. And open your minds dear ones, and know that you receive alignment with the mind of the divine … and the motivating metaphor for life.

As legions of angels from all levels of existence come to be by your side, sitting to your left and to your right and in front and behind, accept the angelic symphonies to flood your being and to relieve you of that which confuses and ails you, saddens and disempowers … as the angelic rays of all hues and rays are pulsed through each and every dimension of your being … restoring your chakras and your multi-dimensional bodies of light to their divine perfection.

All of the family of light gathers now, in honour of you and in reverence of your path of light, your perseverance and stamina, your bravery and courage. The White Brotherhood bows down before you for that which you are engaged upon in Dreaming the New World for humanity … and there is regret for any suffering or disturbance that is created in your lives … for indeed the suffering and pain of Gaia relentlessly dissolves through the manner of your group work … and gratitude and love is given you, and that which you request in easing of your physical life is given you, that you may receive fulfillment and joy and physical transformation from that upon which you are engaged.

The templates of divine perfection restore through the imposition of new Universal Laws of Creation … not based on the dualities as has been the fate of humanity for aeons … that which was begun in duality concludes in Oneness … and the templates of divine perfection bring to effect for the earth plane and for all realms the necessity that all areas of life be lived in integrity, truth, justice, and unconditional love for the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity and for all of her kingdoms and realms. And so, in allowing the templates to anchor through your beings, within your immediate neighbourhoods, and spreading out and extending around the globe of earth, new paradigms of truth and justice form the basis upon which all life, all abundance, all success, all ease and all grace stand as foundation.

Beloved ones, breathe deeply of Truth as it fills your being … and honour those areas of your life where you are in truth and purity. And where you live not in full truth, but in self-deception, and deceiving others … accept and acknowledge that this occurs … and with your intent that you be enabled and assisted to live entirely from your truth … accept release of the distortions of the throat chakra which crystalise as akashic records and blocks which result from your memories and experiences of earthly life where your truth received dishonour and you lost your ability to hold and speak your truth in honour and with acknowledgement … and accept Truth as your emblem and ensign … accepting the ability to know that which is truth … that which is knowledge of self, and trust of self … and freedom and confidence to speak of your truth, and to be heard and honoured and received in recognition of all that you are.

is required of you as the highest of initiates engaged upon the path of self transformation … and it is forgiveness of self which is most needed at this time, for indeed you hold yourself in harshness and misgiving, in blame and judgement of those areas of your life where you do not excel. Across all the aeons you have come to the aid of humanity in times past and, succumbing to the dualities of the earth plane have failed yourself, failed others, failed your mission … and these are the core wounds dear ones that eat at your heart and create in you such sadness and confusion and inability to move beyond the blocks and obstacles that the mind and the extensions of your soul place in your path.

With angels assisting you to open your heart to self, and to forgive self … receive karmic absolution from the Karmic Board for all memories, experiences, beliefs, programs, patterns and records of the akasha that hold you in shame and regret, self blame and disempowerment and sadness. The Lords of Time hold you steady as the timelines compact to allow the release across the aeons of all that distorts and disempowers you.

In self love, with your heart open to self, you are enabled to have an overview of all that has arisen through all dimensions and all lifetimes … to accept the nature of the dualities of the earth plane and of the distortions against purity which resulted … and to forgive all those who may have transgressed against you … and there are those who are karmic partners in your current life who have wronged you … and there is possibility that you may have wronged others … and you are asked to see these as the karmic righting of great wrongs that have occurred in ages past which have seen you come together in this lifetime to make amends and to create karmic balance … and knowing this is so, and for the purpose of your own release, and for all, you are asked to make forgiveness of all those who have wronged you and caused you pain.

As the records of the akasha release, and as forgiveness releases you from all that binds you to the ages past, and to current karmic partners … accept the cutting of the cords that bind you to your memories of disempowerment and pain as Archangel Michael severs the cords that bind you.

Acceptance of all that has occurred to you … in this lifetime … and in ages past … will set you free dear ones. Dwelling on the wrongs of the past, the failures and mistakes of self and others creates naught but pain and a binding to the suffering of the past. As you surrender and release all that holds you to the past, angels attend to every chakra, every dimension of your being to release from you all that has occurred that has saddened and pained you, disempowered and created obstacles and suffering in your life.

Karmic free – the Karmic Board enters, bringing your records of the akasha from the intervening aeons across all lifetimes and all dimensions … and as you ponder on the current challenges and initiations within which you walk in your physical path, all that blocks you from greatness and from stepping into the full-blown wonder of all that you are … surrender to that which is and that which has occurred … and offer for release all suffering, all anger, and shame and guilt, all regret, desire for revenge … allow the ego and the mind to let go, to not hang on any more to the events of the past … and to surrender up for release all that holds you bound from your greatness … as the karmic records release across all aeons, all dimensions, all time and space … as Divine Mother holds you in her absolute love … opening dear ones to receive the honour that is yours for all that you have endured, and all that you are.

Under universal law, we ask for the cessation of the wheel of suffering, the wheel of karma … calling for the annihilation of the karmic plane … for indeed we are upon that time of its cessation, having reached that time upon the wheel of time that the need and requirement for karmic balance and restitution has come to its timely end.

On behalf of humanity, as transmitters of the divine, allow the full flows of the cosmic pulse to flood through you, and to beloved Gaia and to her portals and grids of light … and with your intent and your acceptance, the karmic plane receives its annihilation. And within the new universal laws of creation, each who acts in harmony with the universe, living their life according to the principles of love, truth, justice, equality and harmony between all creation achieves the full flows of grace which bring their mirror … as peace, fulfillment, abundance, love and success in all of life.

You are asked to accept that Mindfulness, and taking responsibility for all of your actions will create empowerment within you. When conflict occurs in your life, you are asked to take responsibility for the part you play – for indeed, no-one can force you to feel wounded and hurt. You are asked to be willing to ‘own’ your own part in every area of conflict and to recognise that at a deep core level you have created each situation, each conflict and hardship and suffering in order to grow and to achieve overcoming of former levels of stubbornness and disempowerment and suffering, so that your greatness may make itself known to you … for each of you holds greatness at your core … and it is the personal path of transformation upon which each of you is engaged that brings to the fore the challenges and the conflicts … so that you may overcome your obstacles and conflicts and achieve your greatness.

As you open your heart and all of your being to receive assistance from all of the angelics and family of light in willingness and yearning to acknowledge, accept, and transform each distortion which lessens you and holds you from greatness, move forward in willingness to be mindful in every area of your life.

Allow the mental body to receive release of the limiting patterns and behaviours that seek to control and to manipulate … to take on the sacrificial and needy role … to blame and to judge … and accept assistance to be mindful of your emotions and your mind … and allow greatness to fill you as you surrender to the forces of light and the universal flow of All That Is … allow your god to take from you your fears and regrets, your doubts … the endless spirals of resentment and control and egoic need to always be right. Surrender to the All That Is that you may receive placement upon your path of light and be taken to your every destination … with all regrets taken and all fears and doubts dissolved. Breathe dear ones, to receive relief from the mind and the ego.

Progression to move on from the past is required of you … to make use of the accumulated wisdom and knowledge you have gained, rather than to hang on to the mistakes and the judgements and blame. As Dreamers of the New World, offer to the Halls of Wisdom and the Libraries of Knowledge the accumulated wisdom you have each gained, and honour yourself for your path and for the wisdom you have acquired through the transit of your challenges and lessons on your life path.

Accept Acquiescence to the divine plan as it relates to you. In perfection your life path is lit with golden lights which lead and guide, like a runway lit with synchronicities of grace and opportunity, synchronistically linked with networks which bring you to those who will benefit you and your life path and your higher purpose and to effortlessly bring you Home. The angelics hold you in love as your life path opens before you, the runway lit in splendour and flowing with grace and assistance from all realms.

Allow Stillness of heart to be experienced as Lady Nada offers her Dove of Peace within your heart, and the dove’s soft flutterings clear and purify to wholeness each dimension of your heart chakra, allowing your heart through all dimensions to its core to receive full healing and restoration. Feel the quiet and steady beat of your heart, stilled, relieved of its angst and pain … all pain released … as stillness washes over and through you and fills and thrills you.

Stillness of mind – where and when is your mind still and peaceful? And when not? Identify and accept that mindfulness and responsibility for the patterns of your mind will allow peace and clarity to be your constant guiding light.

As you surrender to your desire for clarity and for the stilling of your mind, accept assistance from the angels who repattern your mental body through all dimensions, releasing the distortions you have gained across the ages, those which you have inherited in your DNA, and those of the collective consciousness with its fears, angers, doubts, forces of ego … released from you beloveds.

Simplicity allows clarity. The clutter of the mind, the clutter and complications of your life … place such obstacles and sabotage, and prevent greatness from being embodied … the schemes and clutter of the mind, and of the life, the endless spirals of blame and judgement, of plots and plans, of fantasies and games of the mind … the clutter of your personal belongings, the untidiness of house, and mind … prevent clarity.

Are you able to acknowledge the passion of materialism with which you may be imbued, using the purchase of material possessions, and the act of acquiring, as a buffer to enable you not to listen to your heart and your higher purpose? The complications you create in your desire to have, to do, to experience – are they serving you - or are you serving them?

If you are willing to make your decision in this moment to simplify your life, to unclutter your mind, your life and your possessions … and to commit to a life which is simplistic in its clarity and ease, you are assisted by the forces of light to make the changes which will bring you such additional energy to use in achieving your greatness.

Wholeness – identify which areas of your life and your being are distorted and not whole, unfulfilled and not aligned with your path of greatness … is your heart closed and in sadness and pain … and is your image of self one who is powerful, capable, loving, gifted?

Surrender … and call for wholeness to be restored … as you are placed within a pyramid chamber of light, accepting restoration of each individual chakra and crystal of light within all diamond plates and dimensions of your being, crossing all timelines and all dimensions to fully restore you in wholeness to your original divine blueprint of perfection.

We call to the Keepers of Grace to transmit and to anchor the full flows of Grace from all dimensions to Gaia and to all humanity, that Grace be restored to the earth realm and able to be accessed by all who live within the principles and tenets of the Divine Templates and the Universal Laws of Divinity.

Accept and acquiesce to the divine plan for self, and allow your dreams to surface of that which you wish to achieve in fulfillment, joy, abundance, sharing and personal satisfaction … as the flows of grace are received through you, transmitted through every dimension of your being … and to Gaia, and to her portals and crystal grids of light … and spreading around the planet earth and to all beings … aligning the realms of Grace with the Universal Laws of Creation so that all those who live by these highest principles receive across all timelines the alignment of their personal dreams and projects with Grace that will enable success and fruition to be achieved in fulfillment of their personal dreams and those of humanity.

And we offer our combined dreams for life on our planet earth … in perfection … in harmony with all creation … in peace, and plenty, in joy, and sharing and equality, in fair trade and justice and harmony … and we ask that the realms of Grace fill us and our dreams for humanity.

In stillness of mind, and truth and power, in peace and in love … with all distortions transmuted and released … accept now the anchoring through your being of the new universal templates of creation, singing the mantras to allow these to anchor through you and to Gaia and her sacred portals and grids of light –

Divine Template of Truth

Divine Template of Forgiveness

Divine Template of Acceptance

Divine Template of Karmic Free

Divine Template of Mindfulness

Divine Template of Progression

Divine Template of Acquiescence

Divine Template of Stillness of Heart

Divine Template of Stillness of Mind

Divine Template of Simplicity

Divine Template of Wholeness

Divine Template of Grace

In deepest peace of mind, filled with Grace to allow your every dream to come to fruition, in perfection and harmony and beauty, in stillness and clarity and empowerment, share, with your voices, this anchoring of the divine templates of perfection, of forgiveness, progression, truth, stillness of heart, stillness of mind, mindfulness, simplicity, karmic free, acceptance, acquiescence, wholeness and grace … toning and sounding and making your Oms … to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms … and with humanity ... allowing with surrender and with purest intent that the karmic plane receive its annihilation … that the full flows of everlasting grace again return to the earth plane for the use of all who live within the universal principles of truth … for forgiveness to be made of all that has occurred since the act of original creation … and for mindfulness and acceptance and acquiescence to the divine plan to embody you … so that you are enabled to live, with grace, with joy, with fulfillment of all of your highest dreams in accord with your own highest life plan … and that all humanity receives the benefit of your higher gifts and love.

I am Gaia with Sanat Kumara.