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Oct 15, 2009

Divine Template of the Heart's Dream



Divine Template of the Heart’s Dream
Dark Moon Saturday 17 October 5pm local time

We link around the world on this Dark Moon – and here in Bali we conclude a week of magic and the last day of The Path of the Mystic sacred mystery school with a portal journey today to sacred Pura Pasar Agung on our holy volcano for a temple ceremony and activation of keepership and life mission.

All of Bali shares this week in the celebrations of Galungan with 10 days of joy and beauty, similar in importance to the Balinese as Christmas is in the west - with the beloved Hindu gods and ancestors present for 10 days, and with beautifully created penjors of woven coconut palm and flowers waving merrily from each household to greet the gods, and all household temples so beautifully dressed and decorated in altar cloths and temple umbrellas and flowers and offerings to the gods. Alongside the joy – there is also much stress and exhaustion in the Balinese, overwhelmed by the volume and cost of the offerings required and the many hours, days and weeks of preparation, increasing yearly because of peer pressure and the wealth that some families now enjoy – with new fashions and new levels of beauty and excess. There are many temple ceremonies, with music and offerings, flowers, beauty – wonderful synchronicity to share sacred mystery school in these heightened frequencies with the wondrous beings who have travelled from around the world in readiness to step more fully into their mastery.


Our first activation last Dark Moon in the new series of manifestation of the new world held a very different energy. We were in heightened levels of bliss and peace after the meditation here in Bali, unable and unwilling to move from our private pool of ecstasy. Some of our beautiful seers have graciously shared their experience of the templates so that we have knowledge of their effect.

There was opposition I experienced to this work, some energies unhappy with the new universal laws anchoring and it was with relief that the first templates were anchored – and we will continue each month.


The wounds of the heart – all that keeps us from the ability to experience joy, bliss, love, and a happy and peaceful heart – emerged for release and healing over the past month. And we step now into this month’s activation – of our life dream and life path … and the possibilities, the dreams, the higher realities of what we each embody on earth this lifetime to achieve … will surface and make themselves known. What is it that makes your heart sing?


Work with these dreams, and allow them to surface and to flow – go deep and trust that those which are your wildest dreams are indeed what you are here to manifest. But first we must know what is our authentic self, at our core – and what do we want to contribute. And the universe is waiting for us to decide what our new beginnings look like. Until we decide, there is no opening to our future selves. Once we make the decision to step into our mastery, to put the doubts aside, to allow the dream to be known - and step through that door – then all the heavens flock to be by our side and to assist in every way.


Allow the doubts and the worries and the blocks and obstacles to be put aside – for we will be releasing these month by month for the next year. In these coming weeks, put aside the obstacles – put aside the blocks – put aside the money issues – and delve into your deepest dreams. What is it that you would wish to do if money was not an issue, if time was not an issue, if freedom was there to put in place your wildest dreams? What do you need – what assistance – and which people and connections could help you – what are the tools you need? Just allow the dream and enlarge on it – knowing that it is your life purpose.


My own path began with Joseph Campbell and ‘following my bliss’ – but first I had to find my bliss, what it was for me where time just stood still where I was in a world of fulfillment and play that uncovered the wraps that had been placed around my bigger self. As children we come into this life knowing what it is that we are here to achieve – and so there are keys for us in what it was as children where we become lost in time and wonderment – and for me it was drawing – and I set about reteaching myself to draw – and the path opened and I found my bliss – and it took me to places I could never have imagined. The key is to find the bliss path – and to honour yourself enough that you make it your priority, beyond obligation and responsibility to others – but loving self enough to uncover your dreams and follow them.


We are the creators of the new world and how else to create, but to find our dreams, and to place them into action?


Ask that your energies be aligned with those of us in Bali to receive the templates of divine perfection … I will be singing the language of light to allow these templates to anchor through each of us and you may receive by asking that the timelines be aligned so that you are connected with our group in Bali and with others around the world who join hearts and dreams together.


Earth changes in Bali have felt very close and real and a group of us has been working to anchor the templates to the Lemurian grid to avert and reduce the need for loss and devastation – and we ask you to hold us in your hearts and your prayers, holding as a reality the highest outcome of peace, balance, harmony, equality, community and abundance.

May all of our deepest dreams come true.

With all my love and gratitude,


When I was singing the mantras for the new world I felt the frequencies of the templates very lively when I focused on them, especially happiness! I was connected to all sorts of realms (dots of golden light) and saw these huge mandalas in my merkabah field. They were moving and changing shape. Different colors, some bright, some white. At some point I saw an old indian and I was a little girl, drawing mandalas in the sand. I drew a cancer/crab many times, in a circle. Later on I was changing DNA strands for the new world or myself. Shapes changed, bubbles came in. … to do with 'the genetic order of things that I dreamed about - changing all to genetic order of the divine for the new world?
Amma'trisha, Nederland

I saw the hugeness of your templates as soon as I looked at them, I can see what lies between those clear spacious lines…. often what looks like the simplest of things usually turn out to be the most profound. The energies today felt different, heavier, but with a lightness held within this denseness, if this makes any sense. I used your templates as codes, as I know you said it was not necessary, but I heal with colour, images and words, so I went through each one, sounded its mantra and used it like a code. It did take a while to work through them all. The first code catapulted me through so many realities, I realised I was being shown the levels this code embodies. These templates are very powerful, I saw the vastness held within the spaces between these simple lines, and what is interesting, is once I had worked with each one for about ten minutes or so, I had no need of them again, which clarifies what you said about them.. Usually working with codes is ongoing, and working with them intermittently helps alleviate and eventually release whatever is being addressed, but these are different.
For me they felt different to your other codes, the energies were heavier, denser, and far more intense and powerful, perhaps reflecting the current energies we are all embracing and moving through this month.. The templates did not repattern like your other codes do, but triggered visions, and provided information about the location of various areas of resistance within me, shown to me within different areas of the template and then within my being … usually I just see it within my being. For example, one image showed me my masculine resistance to this template, in a certain area on the image, resistance held within my heart, yet tracing the circuitry from there through my field to where its core was held in a different part of my subtle anatomy and physicality. This was all shown within this template first, although I was feeling it simultaneously within my being and field.
Through working in this way with these templates, a couple of them triggered quick releases and clarified quite intensely a knowing. This realisation created a huge shift within me, a shift that I had been anticipating and working towards, but which needed this final jolt or piece of the jigsaw revealed, which was necessary to enable me to complete this cycle I have been working through for the past year, which in its completion takes me to the end of a cycle consciously begun nine years ago, its spiral down which I have moved and also embodied so many higher aspects. This cycle has almost ended now, catapulting me along a new spiral embracing this new transition, and embodiment that is now beginning to occur within me. Amazing.

After doing the meditation … I went back into meditation, intending just to relax and go with whatever was presented, and again immediately was plummeted through different realities, similar to when I was working with the first template. I then experienced all of the emotions that the templates embodied, bliss, happy heart, joy, love, ecstasy, etc …. my consciousness just flew me through all of these positive emotions, I came out of this feeling just sheer perfection, just enveloped in God consciousness, and this stayed with me, and is still within me....absolutely beautiful. Amora, UK XXXX

It was such a different Meditation from the last series, so light, I felt such joyful, energies surround me. I immediately found myself attaching to heaven then anchoring into Gaia, a willing worker and guardian first to create my hearts desires then for the New World’s manifestation to be brought forth. So totally on line for me as regards to where I stand today - on the brink of manifesting all my dreams and desires in total surrender and truth. What a change from the past months of struggle and confusion. Corinne, Australia

Thank you for all this beautiful info in love and light, you must have worked night & day. What beautiful plants and old trees on your land!! I am amazed it is so beautiful. The light is so much shown on these photos and what wonderful news they will commence soon to build your new house on this land! I will see this in future and enjoy being there. What great plans with the Lemurian Centre and the school for the new children. Thank you for the wondrous photos of this enlightened land outside of Ubud and thank you for all the new codes as well. Shianca, Nederland



Divine ones, it is Divine Mother who holds you with love and the family of light, the Ascended Masters and holy ones and the angelics from all the realms of creation gather around you in honour of your role as creators and manifestors of the new paradigms for humanity.

If you will open your chakra column and your energies, assistance is given to release the remaining distortions from these weeks past and to connect your energies to the Source realms and to Gaia, securely connected and receiving great pulses of heavenly light containing all of the rays and frequencies from many and varying dimensions, held within a pyramid chamber of light and receiving all that you need … to allow your hearts to open and for the love that you are, and the love of the angels and of the masters and holy ones to fill you and thrill you and transform you. The love current flows in its figure of eight pattern through and around your energies, to Source and to Gaia, expanding and filling you with love as your love body is generated and all of the streams of love from throughout the universe are received by you through the filaments which extend from your body of light and to all realms of light and love.

Breathe deeply and hand over your cares and concerns until all that remains is your core self, that pure and divine one, with all cares taken and all worries released. The angels gather and attend to your energies to free you from care and struggle and your energies are transformed to peace … to love … to peace … and to love.

In group energy we travel to your own planet of origin … and to that place from which you journeyed and descended to the earth realm. Held by the angels we travel the dimensions and timelines to that moment when you set your contract in place and chose your life path, chose your date of birth and the planetary alignments which would within divine timing bring the opportunities to heal your soul wounds of ancient lifetimes … and those which would open your soul gifts and mastery … and those which would bring opportunity and change and transformation. We travel back to that place and time and make reconnection. Held safely within your pyramid of golden white light, you are enabled to reconnect to the life path that was chosen by you in conjunction with your team of light.

And for some there is grief which arises now … for it is known that the path has been long and arduous and the nature of your path and the need to release the karmic memories and experiences of ages past has seen the falling away of many, unable to sustain the path in its harshness and the challenges that have been required of you. Such has been the nature of the path and the urgency within divine plan for your karmic wounds to be uncovered, and cleared … that for many there has been a falling into helplessness and disempowerment and tiredness and struggle and fear and doubt. But dear ones of the light, the relentless nature of the karmic cleansing you have passed through … sees you now in readiness to open to your higher gifts and to place yourself in readiness to open to your life path and to enjoy the fulfillment that is yours.

The path has been so long and tiring, that many realise not that they are indeed at the doorway to success and ease and fulfillment. The planetary alignments of these past years have brought so much to the surface and you have worked so hard and assiduously to find your release from all that saddens and grieves and disempowers.

Accept now from the angels who attend to your energies as release is made of your stuckness in the past, your belief that life will never improve, that never will you have your achievement and success and that never will peace, and mastery be yours … for indeed these result from the lengthy nature of your path. And there is joy this day from your family of light to assist you that you may know that you have climbed to levels unprecedented in possibility.

With your breath, allow to release the holding on, the holding on, because of the nature of the harshness of your physical path and of the nature of the powerful planetary alignments which have seen your transformation.

Know yourself as divine, dear ones, and accept and know that you have walked this day to a place unlimited in possibility … that your path has brought you today to this place where there is an open door of opportunity. You have reached that place of readiness to step into your higher gifts … standing at the brink of your life path and destiny.

Acknowledge your strength and endurance … and accept that you have reached a place of readiness to move forward beyond your travails and sadnesses and struggle.

The angels bring forward your keepership and your life contract in sacred honour of you in your divinity. Accept and receive in remembrance … and allow the knowledge to make itself known to you of those which are your heart’s yearnings and desires, your heart’s dreams for greatness which will see you taken from a small life of struggle … to one which is unlimited in possibility.

Accept reconnection of your heart’s dreams … and allow all regrets for opportunities lost, not taken, mistaken, mislaid … to be released. Allow your regrets and perceptions of failure to be taken from you, for all is divine, all was chosen along your evolutionary path … and accept now realignment with your life path, with all regret and failure taken from you.

Accept also the release of your doubts and your fears. Accept the release of the blocks and obstacles that have until this moment been in your path, those which have prevented you from stepping more fully into your mastery and empowerment. And name those blocks … and call for their release … those of money and time and lack of opportunity, the feeling that you are unassisted and without resources to join the dots and bring to fruition your deep and hidden dreams.

The nature of your path has for many of you seen an inability to reach that place of mastery and fulfillment. But dear ones, the timing and the nature of the planetary alignments have brought you now to this moment when all is possible. The moment is here dear ones to accept realignment with your path of light … and with all assistance given and all blocks and obstacles taken … for you to breathe deeply and to allow to surface those which are your deepest dreams.

Allow all thoughts of failure and inability to release … that the dreams may surface and be known. The angels take all resistance from you so that you may have this knowing of what it is that would make your heart sing with joy and with fulfillment. For it is with joy that you will bring to effect your heart’s dream … it is not that which creates struggle … it is that which you do with ease and enjoyment.

And for those who find that their life’s path is one which is arduous … dear ones you are in free will upon the earth plane and are free to ask that you be released from soul assignments which are creating struggle for you and pain. You may ask dear ones for an alignment of your life path … to ask for that which would bring most ease to your life, and most fulfillment.

You stand as creators and manifestors of the new world and it is with joy that you will create. You each hold a jewel of the patchwork quilt which brings into reality new paradigms of life to the physical plane … and it is that which brings you greatest joy which will give you the key to what it is you bring to humanity.

Hold the dream beloved ones … and ask now for what it is that you require in assistance. And though you may feel that your family of light must know what it is you require … because you are in free will upon the earth plane, it is required of you that you make known what it is that you need, to identify the lacks, the requirements … and ask now for the opportunities you require, the freedom, the inspiration, the funding, the assistance, the networking, the tools, the people, the soul gifts … which will enhance and bring to fruition those which are your deepest heart’s dreams.

Accept an alignment of your life path … putting aside all perception of failure and inability … placing you firmly once again on your life path … and as special dispensation putting aside the incomplete initiations within which you may sit, stuck and presently unable to move forward beyond … accept their release so that you may move forward.

The destiny doorway stands open before you … that one that was put in place for this very moment of your lifeline. Are you willing to move forward, past the regrets and the sadness of the past … into this moment of Now … and to move through the doorway of destiny … held by angels on your left and your right and led from in front and held from behind, with angels above you and below you … and to step through, bringing your highest heart’s dreams with you … and to accept all the transmissions of grace which await you, with beloved Maitri, queen of grace offering dispensations to hold you and assist you.

Breathe deeply and accept all that is given you … and continue to allow the energies of Source to transform and inspire and to fill you with the knowledge of your unlimitedness … as you receive alignment with your path of life mission and destiny, fully aligned, on track. And acknowledge the role you play as such an important and integral one to the future of humanity – for it is together that you will each add your individual dream to create such new paradigms of change and possibility for all.

In the coming months as we progress through the templates and activations, the new universal laws of creation will hold your dreams and allow their fulfillment – bringing together desire and fulfillment … dreams and achievement … aligning opportunity with beloved soul family members who will join with you … placing together your jewels of the patchwork quilt which is the New World … for all dreams are relevant, all play their role … and it is together that you will conjoin and share and bring change and heightened frequency, in pockets of light and of love … expanding out your frequencies and your creations … linking, sharing, in play and in fulfillment and deepest joy, using all of your abilities and gifts to the fullest … distortions released and overcome, their place taken by soul gifts and divine abilities, recalled magnificence from early times, undistorted now and in altruistic service to the divine and for all.

In heightened surrender to your path – accept now the anchoring through your being of the new universal templates of creation, singing the mantras to allow -



In deepest bliss and ecstasy, share, with your voices, this anchoring of the divine templates of the heart’s dream … toning and sounding and making your Oms – to share with Gaia and her portals, her waterways and oceans and with her animals and devas and realms and kingdoms … and with humanity ... allowing with surrender and with purest intent that you be enabled to live by these principles and new paradigms of life and living, surrender and creation, manifestation, fulfillment and joy to create and to live the life of your dreams.

I am Divine Mother with Melchior.

‘The earth changes may receive their culmination when a percentage of 30% of humanity is in heightened reconnection with the divine within, and the relentless nature of the continuing destruction-based onslaughts will, by the great heart opening that occurs in sadness at the continuing levels of huge pain and loss within brother and sister that results, bring heightened levels of divinity which may reach its timely commencement with the hallowed time of such speculation (2012). And so it is not the destruction that occurs that is the prime reason for the losses, but it is the heart opening and softening and love of one for another, one for all, that is the fulcrum which, in rising from disillusionment towards sad love of others, lifts all from the percentile reached, and indeed the fulcrum of love and hope propels all upon their journey Home.’ Lady Ashtar
We all play our role in this great heart opening that is occurring, sharing our love and our wholeness with humanity that the hearts of all may open, and we may journey Home.


The templates holographically anchor, received with intent through linking your energies with us in Bali, asking that the timelines be aligned to receive with us. You can work with the templates by downloading and printing these. While holding and looking at the template, sing or chant the mantra several times. Then, while looking at the template, slowly draw it into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete.

The Path of the Mystic Sacred Mystery School

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Astrea Aurora
divine copyright 2009

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