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Sep 2, 2009

The Dream of Unity

Full Moon Friday 4 September … 5pm local time

Such peace we felt when the last meditation came to an end after our toning and sounding, blissed out and unable and unwilling to move. Pulled myself out of the energies momentarily to gaze in wonder at the god presences of the meditators in our group, and we had Japanese and Russian among us, English, Australian and Canadian … having achieved the goal of all light workers on earth … and smiling hugely sank into bliss once more.

This is the last activation in the series based on the devas’ requests where we have by examining and owning our dualities, received such great assistance in the release of so much which has disempowered us … and each time that we receive the lifting of these energies of sadness, doubt, fear, anger, disconnection … most of which are based on karmic memories and experiences of ancient earth lifetimes in service to humanity … within the vacuum that occurs as each distortion and karmic memory releases, immediately the Galactic Federation and their commands replace distortions with repatterning and restoration of our interdimensional bodies of light.

The trade off is that in our newly whole beings, we hold such great ability and power as the divine ones in physical form to act as intermediaries and to effect great change through all dimensions of the physical plane and to achieve the devas’ requests. So many new portals of the earth have been restored and opened, so many distorted earth memories of destruction and pain have found their release, and so many lost spirits have been assisted to continue on their evolutionary path and have found their way home. Such progress has been achieved with the faery and devic and nature kingdoms, allowing the possibility that they hold humanity in trust and to assist us as we turn now to our next journey within the divine plan which is that of manifesting the New World based on our own hearts’ dreams, individually and for humanity.

A new series of monthly activations will begin next Dark Moon based on templates of divine perfection, codes of sacred geometry which will anchor to earth through us on behalf of humanity ‘to recreate the foundations of physical life according to new Universal Laws of Creation’ upon which the New World will build. Each of us acts as the divine vessel through which these new templates of justice, peace, love, equality, honour and plenty may anchor. We will work closely with the devic kingdoms to receive gifting of the ‘keys of manifestation to create the New World, supported within divine plan by the universal laws as the fulcrum upon which the laws of creation may receive embellishment based upon love, altruism and the return of divinity for all humanity … to allow the ascension of planet earth.’ Lady Ashtar.

Lady Ashtar spoke of the earth changes and shared that these ‘may receive their culmination when a percentage of 30% of humanity is in heightened reconnection with the divine within, and the relentless nature of the continuing destruction-based onslaughts will, by the great heart opening that occurs in sadness at the continuing levels of huge pain and loss within brother and sister that results, bring heightened levels of divinity which may reach its timely commencement with the hallowed time of such speculation (2012). And so it is not the destruction that occurs that is the prime reason for the losses, but it is the heart opening and softening and love of one for another, one for all, that is the fulcrum which, in rising from disillusionment towards sad love of others, lifts all from the percentile reached, and indeed the fulcrum of love and hope propels all upon their journey Home.’

We all play our role in this great heart opening that is occurring, sharing our love and our wholeness with humanity that the hearts of all may open, and all may journey Home. And so we need not fear earth changes, but allow our love to swell to gift the world, and spread and spread.

With such love and gratitude to each of you who shares in this beauty.

Feedback from last meditation:
’What an amazing, powerful, magnificent Meditation - The Dream of Oneness with God.
As usual my energies and patterns had arisen in preparation for what was to come - such expansion, forgiveness and yes such amazing peace. What a journey these meditations have been and suddenly how clear one’s discomforts of life become. All the frustrations, hurts, discontent, judgements falling away as one’s heart opens and expands in total acceptance and oneness with all that is. Yes as humans we all experience "human failings" but it is only through these meditations through such diligence and commitment is one able to alter one’s vibration from dense energies of 3D to where only the "spark" of oneness exists.

I saw and felt my DNA change, my lightbody fully restored to its original divine blueprint. I was taken out of my body to travel into other dimensions in my "egg shell" transporting me to my planet home – Chiron - planet of God consciousness, where this "spark" filled my entire being with remembrance of who I am and from whence I came. Such peace, such happiness, such understanding on my return - for all the delays, the frustrations which actually supported me in bringing me this time needed to prepare, to bring forth the final release of last remnants of soul extensions. Such gratitude and love I offer to dear Astrea for bringing these meditations forward so that completion can occur. Corinne, Keeper of the Realms of Mastery, Australia

Much love and gratitude,


Beloveds, I Am Divine Mother with Melchior of the Galactic Federation and with me are those of the angelic realms and those of the Ascended Masters who are from your own Council of Light and all gather in recognition and honour of your wholeness and with gratitude for that which is achieved this day.

You are placed within individual diamond chambers of golden white light and receive assistance now to open each of the chakras in your galactic column of light, restoring and activating each chakra and body of light, connected through all the suns and moons to Source, and with Gaia, and held in love by all those of light from all realms who gather now – your family of light from the kingdoms of heaven and of earth. Breathe deeply to receive expansion of your being through all dimensions and open your hearts to connect with each other around the world, linking your great hearts and sharing your greatness.

And in the linking of your energies, the lords of light assist you to connect and align … connecting through the portals of your physical body with the parallel kingdoms within the crystal grids of the earth … connecting through your own diamond body of light … connecting the portals of your light body with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe, connecting with the galaxies, aligning with the galactic portals and with the Great Central Sun and with your planet of origin … and connecting and aligning also with the chakra points and portals of earth … calling to the elements and to the directions that you may sit within balanced alignment … fully calibrated and aligned to divine perfection … connecting with individual grid points of the Lemurian grid … with the Flower of Life … and with Gaia and her guardians and ancestral keepers of knowledge and wisdom … connecting hearts worldwide, fully and divinely connected and held with the highest levels of honour and love.

We call now to the interdimensional kingdoms to be with us, calling in all species, ancestors, ancient mothers and guardians, keepers and holders of ancient wisdom, animals, devas, elementals and faery kingdoms. On behalf of humanity, in our roles as divine ones on the physical plane with the ability to act as mediators between the physical and the divine, we call to those who have been dishonoured by humanity, abused and treated cruelly and without respect … and give our apology on behalf of all and offer our great hearts that you may know our purity and our desire for change of the greatest order. We ask that you look into our hearts and know of our greatest desire and dream that peace and plenty and equality be known again upon the earth and of our willingness to be the agents of change so that great healing may occur, sufficient that in our apology, and your forgiveness, new possibilities are created upon which the New World may build.

Hearts and energies linked together, we connect with those who are our brothers and sisters in physical life of all races, colours, cultures and religions and give apology for the transgressions and hatreds and wars, inequality, injustice, oppression and prejudice … and accept your forgiveness.

To beloved Gaia, and to our precious air and fire and water and earth, we are sad and offer our apology on behalf of humanity for the raping of our mountains and fields for oil and minerals and resources, demolishing our mountains and forests and lands, polluting our rivers and watercourses and streams, dishonouring, depleting and annihilating many species of animals and birds, insects, mammals and fish. We call to the whales and dolphins in sorrow and apology, asking for your wisdom to be made known to us.

To our sacred places of the earth, our portals and places of connection with spirit, we ask that these places of sanctity be restored to us.

To those of other cultures and races, those whose cultures and homelands and sacred places have been invaded and stolen, whose loved ones and families have been taken from them and who have lost their independence, freedom and ability to access their culture and religion, sacred sites and lands, secret places of ceremony and pilgrimage … as agents and vehicles of change and transformation and the possibility of creating new realities of union between us all, we make apology and ask for forgiveness.

We honour all religions, races, cultures, colours, and continents, those who are sick and weak and with disability, mental disturbance, differing intellects and ways of living and being.

We give our pledge and promise to see the divinity in each creature, each atom, each seed and plant and leaf and flower.

We call to Poseiden and to the star dolphins and the elements of water to restore our waterways, so that the water which gives us life is cleared of distortion and of negative energy and restored with light and life and love. We call for the new species to be restored to earth, and ask the star dolphins to assist you that the New World may build.

We call for the return of order between all realms and kingdoms and species in equality. We call to the nature spirits, devas, guardians, guardians, and keepers of rightful hierarchy and ask for connection and unity with you in mutual love and honour and trust and gratitude, and as our hearts open and expand in such joy for the reconnection and restoration achieved this day, our love spreads between us and around the world with wonderment at the possibilities for transformation and change of the highest order for our planet earth, with trust that the New World may build on those which are our highest ideals of love, honour and respect.

We offer thankfulness to all life forms in honour. We open ourselves to our soul family and call to you that we may be brought together to share our ideals and dreams, to work together to share our highest gifts to build the New World. We receive etheric connection with those who are our soul family, those who are of our own team of light … and we open ourselves to receive gifting of transmission of my next level of life mission.

And working with the code The Dream of Unity ‘I receive restoration and activation of each chakra and body of light, receiving connection through the portals of my physical body with the chakra points, portals and crystal grids of the earth and with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe,
aligning with the galactic portals and the Great Central Sun and my planet of origin, with Gaia and with the Flower of Life, aligned with all elements and directions in perfection, enabled to receive all that I require from heaven and from earth. Linking my heart with those of all others in purity and divinity,
I receive reconnection with my soul family who play role with me in the creation of new paradigms for humanity, receiving gifting of transmission of the next level of life mission that opens to me … and I wait in willingness, held in light, to know and find these ones and to resume our partnership of light to recreate the return of the golden age, New World, united in the dream for peace and love for all.


Accept honour from your family of light for your bravery and willingness to accomplish your all, and honour yourself for your physical path and for all that you have learned, endured and experienced. The gains you make individually, each of these, are stored in the halls of wisdom and higher knowledge within the galaxies, made use of so that all may share in the wisdom you have gained upon your path.

Accept now your interconnection with all beings and all realms. With the assistance of the Arcturians and those from the Ashtar Command, receive connection with the parallel kingdoms within the chakra points, portals and crystal grids of the earth … and with the diamond grid of light which surrounds the universe … with Gaia … and with the Flower of Life, enabled to receive all that you require from heaven and from earth. Receive reconnection with your soul family, those who play their role with you in the creation of new paradigms for humanity … these connections are now made within the etheric … waiting in willingness, held in light, to know and find these ones and to resume your partnership of light to recreate the return of the golden age, New World, united in the dream for peace and love for all.

Holding the highest ideals of love, equality, justice, truth in its highest ideal of integrity and love … we call for the release of all hatred, greed and egoic need for power and control … between man and woman … between man, woman and child … in government … in courts of justice … in bureaucracies … in religion … in politics … in business … in financial dealings … in ownership of our planet’s resources … between our world powers.

We call to the animal kingdom and open our hearts in love of these companions upon our earth and give thanks for their role. For the animals of this earth who are suffering and in need, hungry and diseased, in pain and fear … we call to the angels to assist them to be freed from their suffering … and as these ones receive the support they have been denied through our own disregard and the lack of honour and compassion of mankind, their great heart opening raises the consciousness of planet earth and mankind. On behalf of humanity we call for the end of the abuse and needless killing without honour of our animals and give our pledge of continuing love and care of these beloved ones, that mutual trust may be regained.

We call to our power animal and protector and ask for connection with this one, and guidance and assistance, and open our hearts to receive mergence.

We call to the Karmic Board with our plea that all karma be transmuted, dissolved and released … and that all are freed from the karmic wheel. We ask that all outstanding karmic debts be dissolved. We ask that the karmic experiences playing out in wars between nations and religions be dissolved, allowing peace to take the place of war.
We call to all women, and ask that they receive honour for their beauty, their grace, their caring and nurturing and ability to love unconditionally. And we make our vows that as women we will honour and love ourselves for our qualities of grace and love. We give our vow that we will hold all women in honour and gratitude for all that they do and all that they are … calling now for all oppression of the feminine to be vanquished, dissolved.

We call to all men, and ask that they receive the honour that is their due for their strength and grace, for their love of their loved ones. And we make our vows that as men we will honour and love ourselves for our strength and grace and love.
We align our divine feminine with our divine masculine

We honour all men and all women for their divine nature, and ask that all be restored to their divine blueprint, with the release of their karmic wounds which have been incurred across the ages and aeons of physical life.

We call to all children and honour their divine nature and innocence, their trust and childlike wonder at this adventure which is life. We offer our apologies for the wrongs done to our children in the past. And we make our vows to hold our children as divine and to hold them in their innocence, with our request that our children be allowed to remain in this natural state, free of the harshness which has led them to close their hearts and their minds to their own qualities of such beauty and intelligence.

We open our hearts and our beings and hold our highest ideals of truth, justice, peace, plenty, equality and love … accepting our transformation and pulsing from our hearts our love and interconnection with all mankind … and we call for the manifestations we have demanded.

And tone and sound to anchor these realities for yourself and for humanity and all creation, anchoring deep within the love, light and power/creation grids of Gaia and to her portals, and flowing along her waterways, her rivers and oceans, encircling and holding our planet earth. Linking energies worldwide, holding such great light and expansion, our hearts link with those of all others, interconnected in wholeness and in love with all beings, all creation … as unity and peace, fulfillment and joy encircle the planet earth.

I Am Divine Mother with Melchior.


Portals to be opened - as pathways to the divine
Disconnection with the divine - resisted and restored
Truth - reinstated, reformed, returned
Laws - unlocked
Insincerity - abolished
Unite all species
Crisis of faith - desists
Impoverishment of spirit - no longer
Return order
Honour all creatures - Great and Small
Honour innocence
Remodel all dualities
Relieve all suffering
Honour all creation
Reform restored – truth returned
Harness creation to the desires of the innocent and those humble of heart
Restore order and balance
Respect all creatures - Great and Small
Remodel religion to cease desecration of spirit and form
Disallow dishonour
Dalliance with the devil - denied entry, denounced, cease permission
Resist and resolve impeachment
Impeach the predators of the land of all elements of creation
Harbour the humble

FAERY LORE - 7 faery laws of nature for humanity
As you sow so shall you reap
Do unto others as you would wish done unto you
The path to wholeness is filled with good intentions
The path is steep, the incline divine
The scent of truth intoxicates
In Oneness, merged with the Divine, all is possible
The open heart serves as measure and indicator of deservedness and worth.


While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more. Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

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