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Jan 22, 2009

Lemurian Holograph - Solar Eclipse 26 January 2009


Solar Eclipse Monday 26 January … 5pm local time

A three pointed pyramid and template of holographic light was recently anchored in Pejeng in Bali, a place of ancient sacred rivers and beautiful temples from antiquity. Sitting in meditation a small group anchored individual grid points of the Lemurian Grid at the temple at Pura Samuantiga and two places of nature, forming a pyramid. One of the grid points was anchored at what is called ‘two rivers’ land, discovered while looking for a place on which to build a spiritual centre and community, beautiful land of such a high frequency. An interdimensional portal discovered in a river cave led us to work as a group worldwide with the guardians of the land and with the faery, devic, elemental, nature, animal and middle earth kingdoms to assist these ones and to release many of those entrapped in the earth.

When we returned recently for our ceremony, the energy in the ‘two rivers’ land was so amazingly clear and light and beautiful we did not want to leave. Already a place of such high energy, the clearing work that had been received to free the memories of the land of Lemuria and Mu, and the work with the faeries and devas had lifted it to such a height of frequency that we felt lifted to another dimension. There were so many beings showing themselves of all types, from all dimensions, Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters, angels, faeries, devas, elementals. Such love for us they were pulsing, just so very grateful for our presence and the group work that is being done.

We were sitting within the original divine energy of Lemuria, recreated in its innocence and perfection … the perfection of the energy of that place was irresistible and bathed in its energy there was no possibility that anything could go wrong, sadness was just not possible, nor anger. We received a taste and memory of perfection on earth and received from the Masters that a holograph of divine perfection had been created.

Going next to an area of relatively untouched land in nature, the possible site for the community, the energy of this place in contrast was so heavy but we received that it was possible for this land to be holographically transformed to the same perfection. Imbued with the holograph, we expanded our energy out so that it filled this nature land, and have continued since in extending the holograph to fill the three points of the entire pyramid. The Ashtar Command and Galactic Federation continue with the holographic transfer to complete the blueprints within the pyramid ... recently was shown the triangles replicating geometrically, like building blocks, each triangle has another joined, forming geometrical shapes … and the energy can then holographically expand outwards and replicate itself endlessly.

By meditating as a group around the world on this solar eclipse, we each receive an anchoring of the Lemurian holograph of perfection, able to transform ourselves, our homes and neighbourhoods and extending out beyond endlessly.

Much gratitude for joining your energies with us,

'i was shown from an aerial view a huge gathering over this area … of literally thousands of elementals, consisting of every imaginable type, as well as devas and faeries. This gathering was enormous, it reminded me of huge congregations of religious pilgrims … and this gianormous etheric elemental gathering emanated this very same energy, the energy created by huge masses of beings coming together in unification, giving off a phenomenal powerful quiet expectation, of patient reconciliation, the magnitude, silence and intensity of which can only be generated like this en masse.’

Amora, Keeper of the Angelic Rays

Check out the website to have a look at the many beautiful photos in the new Life in Bali section.


Open your hearts and your beings to accept the ascension column of light which floods through your sacred space and accept the energies of the angelics who flood to be with you and to release from you any distortions held within the individual crystals and chakras of your rainbow column of light and of each dimension of your energy body.

As those from all the realms of light flock to be with you, receive assistance to align yourself with the directions and with the divine and with Creation, with the Flower of Life, and with Gaia, making connection with all the realms … spirit, earth, nature, animal, devic, elemental, faery, earth and inner and middle earth, air, water, fire, and the creatures and beings of these realms … all guardians and holders of sacred knowledge and wisdom … the ashrams of the divine ones within these realms and with their powers and resource … the ashrams of the ancient ones … and with the void. Align yourself with the divine … and with Gaia and the void … and allow your consciousness and your being to be taken from the collective wounded consciousness of man to a higher plane of reality and unlimited possibility, securely connected between heaven and earth and all of the realms.

Placed within a cocoon of golden rainbow crystal light, each dimension of your being receives its repatterning to original divine perfection and you may offer for surrender and release those sadnesses, fears and challenges within which you find yourself. Each time that you surrender you take yourself out of the mind’s endless spirals, and handing over your challenges and the issues of daily life that trouble and confuse, you align yourself with the divine plan and the part you play, and in this alignment all comes to you with grace and ease, without obstacle.

The angels take from you that which confuses and disempowers as you continue to surrender your fears … and synchronicities are put in place aligned with the perfection of the divine to bring you all that you require.

The wondrous ones of light from all the realms assist to connect your energies with each other and with the eight pointed star of all creation and with the morphogenetic field created by your group work. Breathe deeply and open your hearts and all of your beings and allow connection to occur with the three grid points of light and energy which form the triangle and pyramid of sacred land in Bali … the Lemurian Hologram and Template of Perfection.

Open your beings and your hearts to receive the hologram as the blueprints of original divine perfection and innocence of the Lemurian age are restored to you, bypassing the distortions and all that occurred in later ages and restoring your innocence, childlike wonder and ability to love unconditionally. Surrender into freedom as all that is not of purity and innocence is transformed by the holographic transfer of the blueprints of divine perfection.

Receive repatterning of each of your chakras and each of the diamond plates of each dimension of your energy field to divine perfection. Receive your reconnection with the Flower of Life and its bounty. All that you need is here for you, the unlimited and bountiful flow of all munificence available once more. Open your being and receive transmissions of grace as you surrender in willingness to embody your full magnificence, to put aside the challenges of the past and to have restored your rightful acceptance of all assistance, releasing you from all that prevents full empowerment and light and joy. Make your connection with the Flower of Life and telepathically offer your requests for direction, for assistance … and open yourself in willingness to receive and to act upon the synchronicities that now open to you.

As you soar in golden rainbow prisms of holographic light, connect with the wondrous ones from all the realms of earth, air, fire and water, the faeries, elves, gnomes and devas, elementals, nature and animal kingdoms, of earth and inner and middle earth, and with Gaia and with her ancestral guardians and portal keepers, holders of sacred knowledge and wisdom and keepers of the mysteries of our planet earth … and expand your holographic form to these ones that they too may receive their freeing from that which has caught them in darkness, entrapment and memories of distortion at the hand of man. Open yourself to connect with these ones and to hear from them what it is that they are requiring and to ask for this … to act as the mediator between the realms, one who has physical form, and able to request on their behalf what it is that they require.

In oneness with god and all beings … calling for angelic assistance to connect the pleas and desires of those entrapped, enslaved, powerless, with the realms that will manifest the results of their desires, all brought by the Lords of Time into alignment, linking realms within realms, placing answers with questions, placing results with requests, linking the realms of thought and desire of the enslaved within these realms with those of manifestation and form, waived all allocation of karmic retribution, concluding the grand experiment of form … releasing now all from enslavement, entrapment, separation, abuse, dishonour, injustice, bondage, cruelty, impoverishment, lack, abuse, ill health, loneliness and pain … the experiment concludes, all brought home to their alignment again wholly with the divine … the achievements added to the libraries of light in the halls of wisdom as everlasting and eternal realities.

The Karmic Board offers for release the karmic records of Gaia’s creatures of all realms, with all outstanding karmic debts dissolved … and these ones receive the release of their memories and experiences of darkness and disempowerment, separation, isolation, terror and entrapment. On behalf of mankind, open your hearts in great love of our valiant holders of the earth’s wisdom and magic, and offer your apologies for the desecrations and abuse to Gaia and her nature and animal kin ... for this is asked of you as her earthly mediators, to make this heartfelt apology to allow the karmic cords to be cut, and for freedom for all to be achieved. The creatures of all the realms receive great release with gratitude.

As your dreams for peace, purity, contentment, plenty, equality, joy, unconditional love and respect for each other and for all creatures are offered … add these to your holograph of perfection and to the eight pointed star of creation and to the morphogenetic field you create with your love and your dreams.

Connected to all of the realms, to all of the elements and to the creatures of all creation … expand your holograph to the animal kingdom in love of these companions upon our earth and the great flow of love allows them to be freed from their suffering and a raising of consciousness of earth and of mankind for all animals.

Expand your holograph to all children, honouring their divine nature and innocence, trust and childlike wonder … enabling our children’s divinity and beauty in its natural state to be enjoyed and honoured by the expansion of this great love you share.

With your heart expand your hologram to encompass your own home … and neighbourhood … and country … to those places of unrest and poverty and lack … and to those places playing out karmic experiences in wars between nations and religions … and allow the holograph of divine perfection to expand and expand and replicate to encompass the planet earth.

With your highest ideals of truth, justice, peace, plenty, equality and love expand your holographs, allowing the planetary alignment to bring the possibility of transformation for all.

Singing the mantra for the code of sacred geometry to connect and align with the divine, with Gaia and with the void, with all of the realms and elements and all creation, receiving reconnection with the Flower of Life and repatterning of each dimension of my being with the Lemurian holograph of divine perfection. I expand the holograph and templae of divine perfection with my highest ideals and dreams of love, peace, purity, fulfillment, equality, unconditional love and respect for all beings and all creatures ... all is transformed to the highest potential of love


And toning and sounding to send the holographs of perfection to manifest the creations of your desire.

You are so loved for your planetary work, given all that you require for this service.



While holding and looking at the code, sing or chant the mantra ... 3 times or more. Then, while looking at the code, slowly draw the code into your field, resting it against your forehead and third eye, and hold until it feels complete. The code repatterns your electro-magnetic field and the chakras and crystals of the diamond plates of your light body. Continue to regularly work with the codes as the healing is ongoing.

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